Bubble or Not, It's Almost Bracket Time

By Jason Priestas on March 10, 2008 at 2:00 pm
Eleven Warriors Steak KnivesSteak knives!

Depending on the ability of your personal eight-ball, the Buckeyes are either a win or two away from getting themselves into the dance. It's still a tall order, but you're going to fill out a bracket (or twenty) either way, right?

We've opened the Eleven Warriors Steak Knives group on ESPN and invite you all to create an entry and battle it out with us. The winner will be getting free stuff from the 11W stash (more on this later) and although you can't fill out your bracket until Sunday night, if you don't get in early, all of the creative entry handles will be taken.

    Group Name: Eleven Warriors Steak Knives
    Password: woody