We May Not Have A Playoff Yet..

By Jason Priestas on January 21, 2008 at 7:00 am
# Team Rating
1Southern Cal112.8
3West Virginia109.0
6Ohio State108.0

.. but at least we can have a good indication of who would win one.

Las Vegas Sports Consultants, the company that makes the opening lines for every sporting event wagered on in the state of Nevada, has released their final top 30 poll of the season. They're ranking teams solely on how they'd set the line and the results are interesting.

They have the Buckeyes at #6 in a tight bunch with Georgia and Oklahoma. We're given no clue how their rating correlates to an actual spread for a game, but the .1 difference between the three schools must surely be a pick 'em.

Where would that leave the line for a USC/LSU matchup on a neutral field?

(Via the fine Georgia blog Get The Picture)