11W Mix Tape: Blue Chips And Blasphemy Edition

By Chris Lauderback on December 26, 2007 at 7:00 am
11W Mix Tape

Pryor Earns Top State Honors In a not so shocking announcement, All-World QB Terrelle Pryor was named Pennsylvania's Class AA Player of the Year after leading his Jeannette squad to 16-0 record and a state title. The 3 time all-state selection accounted for 58 TD's this season bringing his career total to 125 touchdowns. Sick.

Still no word on where he plans to play next season, but at least Buckeye recruit (and early arrival) OL Michael Brewster will get one last crack at persuading Pryor to commit to Columbus. Brewster has long been lobbying undecided blue chippers to join the Buckeyes impressive 2008 incoming class and DeathRattleSports claims Brewster is rooming with Pryor at the upcoming US Army All-American Game. Godspeed, Brewster. Godspeed.

Crater Preparing To Lead Matta's Offense In 2008 Mlive.com caught up with Buckeye signee Noopy Crater producing an excellent piece on Matta's next true point guard. At Matta's (and others) behest, Crater left his hometown of Flint and Southwestern Academy after his junior season in search of a more challenging scene, both academically and on the court, in addition to providing him an environment with no drugs and gun play.

Enter Brewster Academy, a basketball factory in the middle of New Hampshire. Crater is now reaping the benefits of a structured schedule, college prep classes, and the opportunity of playing with and against fellow D-1 recruits in a league that offers a 36 game schedule, before playoffs.

Crater has responded favorably to the increased competition leading Brewster to an 11-1 record averaging 8.5 assists and 9.0 points. He's turning heads with his basketball IQ and ability to find the open man. For icing on the cake, he's also growing tired of his lame nickname "Noopy". Thank God. (HT: Bob Baptist)

Sick Of The Buckeyes? That's what Matt Tullis of the Columbus Dispatch wants to know. He's looking to interview folks who just can't stand what's been going on in Buckeye land the last six years. I would like to give him benefit of the doubt by assuming he was assigned this piece by his editor, but I can't because if my editor assigned me a story like that, I'd take a dump on his desk on my way to the unemployment line. So, who wants to call this guy and pretend they hate OSU? Wil? Hal3?