Shocker: Dog Mode Has An Old Man's Back

By Jason Priestas on June 21, 2007 at 7:00 am
gregfreeman.jpgPortland bound

Various media outlets are reporting on the medical evaluations of top prospects for the NBA draft and the big talk centers around reports of some minor health issues with projected top pick Greg Oden.

Keeping with tradition, pro scouts, this time with the NBA, are looking for chinks in the armor of the top dog(s). The NFL had Vince Young's Wonderlic results to kick around and now the NBA chatterati are abuzz with feigned concern over Oden's still not 100% wrist and a bulging disk in his back. For good measure, there's even word that one of his legs is shorter than the other one. Chad Ford is practically bouncing off walls over at the WWL with speculation that Oden's health issues may even have Portland looking more seriously at Kevin Durant ($) with the first pick.

I don't know. Kevin Durant is a fine player and will probably make a great pro, but I'm sticking with the guy that dominated against one of the better college basketball teams of the past 25 years. Short leg and all.