Greg Oden Has A Dog Mode

By Jason Priestas on June 18, 2007 at 7:00 am
odendogmode.jpgDog Mode, Yo.

Jason Quick, the Trail Blazers beat writer for The Oregonian, conducted an interview with future Blazer Greg Oden last week. The interview (direct link to MP3) featured many great soundbites, including the disclosure that Oden asked Matta to red-shirt him when he was first injured. However, nothing topped Oden's response when asked if there's anything he wanted to say to the fans in Portland:

"I'm going to be in Portland on the 19th. I'm probably going to go up and get something to eat. Don't be afraid to say 'hi' cause I'm gonna be going in there.. I'm gonna be able to meet people and see how the people are in Portland, so don't be afraid to say 'hi', just uh.. if I'm eating, you might not want to come over there, cause that's when I get in my dog mode and if you come over there you might walk back missing a limb."

Oden is rapidly ascending the list of all-time favorite Buckeyes. It's just a shame that fans only got to experience one year of him.

Blazer's Edge has a full transcript of the chat.