Mix Tape: Dirty South Edition

By Jason Priestas on March 12, 2007 at 8:33 am
Mix Tape

That Recurring Rodney Dangerfield Theme
The Dispatch delivers the verbal wood with not one, but two pieces taking aim at the selection committee for giving the Buckeyes the 3rd overall seed despite the team rattling off 17 straight wins to close the season (including a pretty lopsided victory over team that has been a top-5 stalwart for most of the season). Give 'em hell boys!

The South Regional: It's Heritage, Not Hate!
Pfef takes a look at the South regional, including a spot-on comparison of potential foe Acie Law of Texas A&M to Gilbert Arenas. Hibaggie!

Elsewhere in the Buckeye universe, Keith has the early goods on Central Connecticut State.

Idle Minds..
Michigan Fan is finding suitable ways to keep himself amused in light of yet another NIT invitation.