Tressel Says Team Wasn't Mentally Prepared

By Jason Priestas on January 18, 2007 at 8:58 am

In his first public comments since the national championship game, The Vest told 1460's Kirk Herbstreit and Bruce Hooley that a lack of mental preparation contributed more to the team's defeat than anything else.

I think the fine line and the edge in games is always the mental part. I'm not so sure --and again, that's why you start with yourself -- if we had our team as mentally prepared as we could have had it.

On the fourth and a yard gamble:

I felt that at that point in time we needed to step up and make a yard when a yard was needed if we were going to ultimately be the ones who got to put the big ring on this time. We didn't get that done. … You have to make decisions. Some of them are the right ones, some of them end up being the wrong ones. But ultimately you have to look and say why was it or why wasn't it the right decision, and go from there.

In somewhat related news, the Ohio Department of Commerce is saying that 2006 marked the eighth straight sales record for statewide spirit sales. No doubt the first week of 2007 has the state well ahead of pace to break that record once again.