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Does Ohio State football have a secondary rivalry in your eyes?



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ri·val·ry - noun - competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.

YES - By definition, but also as a practical matter with Wisky* & Sparty winning the last two B1G championships, Penn State is trying to get there, and Nationally with the usual suspects. 

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"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I said yes only because I refuse to let m*chigan think it means that much. 

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TMAC has the right of this. We only have one Rivalry (capital R), but a handful of other rivals. USC was another program with which we've had a healthy rivalry over the decades due to the Rose Bowl connection. Wisky and Penn State are there, and Sparty has potential to become a good rivalry as well for obvious reasons.

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I know its been an awful game lately but I think Illinois, we had the battle for the Illibuck. I also think back when we split the two games with Texas and Miami created a pretty healthy rival leaving both teams wanting that 2 out of 3 scenario

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I'd say that one team...what's it called...won like 7 straight NC games...oh, the SEC, I don't like like that team

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I think with a not-terrible year this year, Michigan could be worthy of that secondary rival status. Obviously Michigan State is the only relevant rival right now.

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Every other rivalry is secondary.

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I agree.  All B1G are important, but one matters most.  Ask John Cooper this question!

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Since UFM has taken over the program you can't say that we've developed a 'rivalry' with MSU. That game will never ever ever be as important as The Game but I think that game, at least for now, means more to the season. I know people say beating Michigan is everything but I'd take a loss to Micjigan for a spot in the playoff. 

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I'd say Penn State and Wisconsin and more recently Michigan State.

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I want to say Wisconsin but without Bert I just dont see it. He was everything that I hated about Wisconsin all wrapped up in a 300# package.

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Exactly.  Two years ago I would have hit yest in 10 seconds and then immediately listed Wisconsin.  But when he left, so did all those feelings...

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We were ramping up with both but now Wisky in another division and obviously PSU got hammered. Hopefully Franklin gets PSU respectable and we have a nice battle with them, in division, for the next couple decades while Mich is terrible. 

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Yes: Penn State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and anyone in the SEC.

All of these are Secondary Rivalries

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When you're the top dog, everyone treats you like a rival.  There's one rival, and everyone else in the B1G is a secondary.

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Gonna go with a NO. All the other secondary rivalries come and go.

Long live the southend.

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Penn State. No matter how much we beat them, it's darn near impossible to deflate their egos and it's mildly annoying to me. 

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Go ahead and laugh, but I am saying Purdue. Name another team that you get a little nervous whenever we play them. Regardless of records or talent, Purdue always plays the Bucks tough. 

And of course, Wisky, Penn State, Ill, and MSU in-conference 

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Does Ohio State? Maybe.

Do I? Absolutely...

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I voted yes.  Perhaps I am (personally) defining rivalry too loosely, but I *despise* losing to Wisconsin and Penn State.  However, if having "hatred" for a team 365 days of the year is a prerequisite for a rivalry (of any type), then there is only one team that qualifies.

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Agree 100%. I clicked yes and then thought about it for a second....Who? Wisconsin, not with Gary Anderson running it. Penn St, as much as I hate to lose to them I think they consider it more of a rivalry than we do. SEC, sure but can you really wrap a whole conference up into one rivalry (would you consider it a huge rivalry to play KY or Ole Miss)?

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For me it's been Wisconsin. For the last couple of decades the Wisky fans have not only relished taking the Buckeyes down but the team has done just that, and at critical times.

PSU with Franklin will be rapidly climbing the chart.

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Wisconsin & "up north" State

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Wisconsin, but that lost some of it's luster with Bert's departure. I'd say the current #2 rival is msu.

I refuse to acknowledge penn state as a rival, just because they want so desperately to be our rival and they get all pissy when you claim there's no rivalry.

I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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I hate Wisconsin, but I haven't considered them a rival.

I do Penn State, due to friends and family who are fans (I went to undergrad school in PA, my father in law is a PSU alum).

OSU-PSU has been an entertaining series since they joined the conference in '93.

Wouldn't be right not to mention I can't wait to see the good guys formally welcome James Franklin to B1G football come Oct. 25.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I definitely consider Penn State a secondary rivalry. I'm looking forward to Urban vs Franklin.

Michigan is obviously the one and only primary rivalry.

I look forward to Wisconsin and Michigan State (and Nebraska since they joined) more than I do other B1G games, but I don't put a rivalry tag on it.

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I like the way you phrased this. I wanted to name Penn State. I have a looonnnng memory, and Penn State has been a perennial football power* as long as I have been following the Buckeyes.

But since I live in PA, I hate to grant them that status and inflate the ballooning egos of their fans even more. But calling them "secondary" rivals serves to acknowledge the program's stature while simultaneously, and subtly, dissing them. 


*I have to add that this is more based on historical performance before joining the B1G. I had always maintained that their impressive W/L record prior to joining the conference was due partially to having a fairly weak schedule most years, as an independent in the East. Their fans called in the Cleveland sports radio station I listened to, and pissed and moaned about joining the "lowly Big 10", how it was such a step down for PSU, and boasting how they'd be in Pasadena 4 out of the first 5 years of their conference membership. 

I predicted that their fortunes would tend in the opposite direction, and have seldom been so gratified in being proved abundantly correct. 

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Our rivals are everyone that's not Ohio State. Our coaches have to recruit against everyone else, not just the team on the other sideline.

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Wisconsin, for sure.

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I said yes because I think Wisconsin, MSU, and Penn State make one collective rivalry. It's almost guaranteed that I despise one or another on any given season. 

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In the TP days, it was Penn State. Now, I would say Wisky and Sparty are getting up there with TSUN. I know the poll says Ohio State football, but Wisconsin, MSU, TSUN, and Ohio State are always fighting for B1G championships in basketball as well.

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To be honest, I think we have two  Being we don't play Wisky every year now I'm not sure that game is much of a rivalry anymore.  I'd have to think Penn State because it's always a hyped up game with so much national attention.  The next game is Michigan State, but I'm not sure how much of a "rivalry" game it is right now.  But in the coming years, I think it's going to be BIG games.


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Quit saying Penn State.  I love the fact that they consider us a rivalry and we just don't consider them.

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'Little sisters of the poor' according to Gee lol

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These rivalries are well below Ohio State v. Michigan, but Penn State and Wisconsin followed by Sparty; once they are consistent over a decade and no longer "Sparty done Spart" they will be a good rival.

Sparty NO!

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!

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I find it absurd that a lot of people have voted "yes."  The answer is assuredly no, particularly if one can't agree on who that 2nd rival is...because you can't have 5.  Look, conference games are conference games, and you grow to dislike pretty much everyone you play every year.  But rivalry?

I'd say the only other team that could come close historically is Illinois, but the Michigan thing got out of hand maybe 80 years ago?  So, yeah we still do the turtle thing, but Michigan is too much an arch-rivalry that all others simply don't measure up.  We compete with Michigan on every single level of our pointless lives, from football games and recruits to whose city sucks less Cleveland or Detroit.

Wiscy and MSU are competitive teams and those have been entertaining matchups over the past half decade - 15 years or so.  But go back to the 80s...Iowa was a big matchup every the 70s it was only the 60s Michigan St. was a big game...beyond that you're getting into the area when people don't remember.

So, no.  No 2nd rival.  Penn State is our doppleganger that we are trying to avoid.  Eventually we may acknowledge them as a 2nd rival, but I can't say when that will be.

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+1.  The variation in the comments here clearly demonstrates that we do not, in fact, have a secondary rival.  As you point out, if we did, then there would be a consensus.

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The dropoff from Michigan to any other team is just huge.  I voted no.

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I want someone else in Ohio to step up so we have a better instate rival, but until then, it's a solid no.

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I vote no because no other game matters for itself. We want to beat Wisconsin, Penn State, and MSU to win the B1G title. We want to beat the SEC to beat ESPN and win the national title.

On the other hand, we want to beat Michigan because FUCK MICHIGAN.

Beating Wisconsin didn't save the 2011 season. No one really cared by the time we lost to Florida. But losing to Michigan mattered. That's what a Rivalry means.

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Thank the Maker that I was born in Ohio, cradle of coaches, US Presidents, confederate-stomping Generals, and home of The Ohio State University Football Buckeyes- 2014 UNDISPUTED National Champions!

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Yes, in the 2000s I'd say it was more PSU & I'd say it's trending towards Michigan State.

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Dont know about yall but i have a hatred for UF!


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The Skunkweasels are my most despised Rival by far.  But compared to all of the rest of the B1G, Penn St and Wisconsin feel a lot more heated.  Sparty is getting there.  Outside of the Big Ten, the schools I would most like to beat are USC, Miami, Notre Dame and Team SEC, but because we face them infrequently, I can't consider them to be rivals.

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I said "no", only because you really can't point to one consistently.  Historically and traditionally, it's been Illinois, but that has been from the number of times we've played and not due to any real rivalry on the field, at least recently.  Wisconsin has been the most formidable opponent that last 10-15 years, but we don't play them every year.  We've dominated PSU lately and they have been a bit down.  Right now, I think it's Sparty.  They've upped their game, and in my mind, have our B10 title.  They are in our division, so we will play every year.  I think that sustains if Dino can keep the program on top.  If not, it will continue to move year by year.

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Secondary rivalries are MSU and the SEC

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I would say to a lesser extent Wisconsin and PSU. They are usually good games and they bring out night games/lights for them almost every year. i mean, we do lose to these 2 teams more than Michigan after all...

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Without reading 46 comments ... I would say Ohio State has a kinda of "Cold War" with Notre Dame.

Other than that some find Wisconsin to be a Rival, fans in eastern ohio understand the Penn State - Ohio State rivalry better than the rest.


1) Notre Dame 2) tie Wisconsin/Penn St. 3) MSU

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Notre Dame could be a rivalry. But you have to play a team more than 4 times in 50 years(I don't know how many times we've played them exactly, but I know it isn't a lot- chickenshits) to have a rivalry. F*ck ND.



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In  MY eyes, no. All hatred is directed toward blue. In the everyone else's eyes probably yes. With Penn State, the trophy game with Illinois used to be a lot bigger, and could be a budding one with Sparty, but I'd rather lose to all three of the other teams in the same season than to that team up north.

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Iowa just because no one said them. Hehe!

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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If you go by Urban's definition, many of the B1G games are rivalries, but I may be reaching in interpreting his idea of rivalry so simply by saying that it's traditions vs traditions on the gridiron.  That said, the B1G has arguably the deepest and most rich traditions and rivalries in college football.  Others being Army-Navy, Notre Dame-USC, Alabama-Auburn, Texas-Oklahoma.

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I think so. Penn state has seemed like a rivalry. It was great to crush them in the manner we did last year! I'm just waiting for when we finally break scums spirits with a thrashing like that one. Wiskey and mich. St. are up there also.

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After UM, our next best rival is the second team

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Being that we have a common border with Pencilveinya, I think PSU is a good secondary rivalry. Even if we presently own them.



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Yes, I hate Penn St fans and Penn St in general. I hate when people think you go to Penn St when you say Penn (Outside of Philadelphia). But maybe this is just my bias.

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Penn State and Wisconsin. From my viewpoint in the dairy state, it seems like Wisconsin gets more fired up for the OSU game than the Minnesota game. I remember the first few years of PSU in the B1G, and those were the building of a great rivalry. PSU, (from my former co-workers point of view) views OSU as their primary rival.

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Its the SEC. Penn st and wisconsin has its good years but we always judge ourselves based on SEC schools. 

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I'm leaning towards no. But, for the last couple of years I felt that Wisconson could play that role and now it seems Sparty has been the source of most buckeye fans animosity.

However, to say that any team that is the most competitive on the gridiron last year suddenly gets the nod to become a new rival, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Even if I do enjoy the competitive spirit. But no rival could come close to the history that OSU shares with That Team Up North.