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Who will finish 2nd on the team in Total Offense in 2014?



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I don't see a Jalin Marshall option.

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Jalin will be featured on punt returns.  Too much talent and speed on this team.  Eze will be 2nd after Brax because of the amount of touches but Dontre will be the game breaker and Curtis Samuel will have a very good freshman campaign.




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Mostly I am hoping for major contributions from multiple people at multiple positions, RBs, WRs & TEs - spread the wealth!

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I know its a big if...but if rod smith can put it all together, I think he will be a monster in this offense. Just has to align his head with his physical gifts and knock it out of the park this off-season. Hes proven before if he puts his mind to it he can be effective. Just has to do it again. We are waiting rod...lets see what you got.

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Great question.
Hoping to see the hybrid spot rebranded, to be known as the Dontre Wilson position.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I'm hoping Dontre puts some meat on those bones.  He looks small when he is out there with everyone else.  If my mammory serves me Harvin was bigger, stockier than Dontre.  Putting some weight on him will help in the long run, me thinks.

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What's up Doc?
(+1, as I agree)

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Long live the southend.

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I do love when mammory serves me

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We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Yes! Dr. Steve Brule! Awesome Hov!
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Harvin was much bigger and much stronger.  Im not sure of the accuracy but his final college season I was told he was 225.  Sorry but Wilson does not have the frame to add weight.  If he adds weight he will slow down.  Then what.  Better to keep him the size of Austin and hope he adds some serious breakaway speed.

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I went with Dontre because as much as I love EZE, I don't think we'll have a 1000 yard back next year, with him and Smith sharing carries.  Dontre will have more opportunity to rack up yards with either the run or pass... and a greater chance for the big play.  I think he has the opportunity to be the only other 1000+ total offense player next year, because I'm expecting a LOT of players to contribute.

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Elliot a stud and with the options for RB/WR/TE/Dontre that Braxton will have I just have a gut feeling Elliot is going to shine. That's not to say the other guys aren't going to have big years, hopefully it's a record setting year for him, Wilson and Braxton, time will tell. 


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I would have said Dontre, because I believe the H-position will be more highly utilized next year, but there are so many options now of guys who can play that position.  Marshall may see time there, as well as Samuel and possibly Campbell if he surprises and earns time this year.
I like the fact that there are so many options for next year whose hands are craving to have the ball, but none are especially proven.  Normally that is a bad thing because you want to know who you can rely on, but I feel like these guys are all itching to show off when they get their chance.  My only concern is Urban/Herman over-utilizing the one proven commodity - Braxton.

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My pick is Curtis Samuel.  He's bigger and supposedly faster than Dontre.   I don't think he will replace Dontre i just think with him being an early enrollee i think he will get a lot of carries in the backfield and in the passing game.  he seems more ready for college ball than Dontre did at the beginning of the year.

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I believe he may get some time on the field, but IMO he will mainly be a return guy/special teams.  I could be wrong, but we will just have to see how he picks up the game mentally.  We all know the physical tools are there.

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EZE will see the ball a lot next year and, I think, do beautiful football things when he does.

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I voted EZE because I have a feeling he'll be the primary RB, but my 2nd option would have been Dontre.  I expect Coach Mick will help him add muscle and perhaps even a little bit of quickness/speed.  Regardless, if he's a little stronger, he will start breaking some of those tackles that kept him from scoring last season.

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I went back and forth on this one between EzE and Dontre. Ultimately, I voted for EzE simply due to the fact I think he will have more touches. I think by mid year, he could be the featured back, and from everything I have heard, he is a great receiver coming out of the back field.

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I'm going out on a limb and picking Dunn.  MoC said to a fellow 11W'er that he has seen(?) Dunn and expects him to ball out and assert himself this season.  

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Good to hear, I am glad Dunn is not DONE at tOSU...

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I picked Dontre simply because he will be returning kicks.  Or, does that not count?  At least that is what I am assuming.  

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Dontre because he will tear it up not only at running back but when he lines up at receiver and returns kicks and punts.

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He will tear it up early but unless he conditions very well he will slow down again.  Remember LBr's were catching him against the better teams we played at the end of the year.

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Dontre with kicks, rushes and receptions I don't think it will be close for second. Other guys will most likely do RB by committee until later in the year. Could have 4 or 5 different 100 yard rushers by mid season.

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Am I to assume they all finish behind Cardale Jones?

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He ain't come here to play no school...

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I think the hype around Elliott is getting out of hand.

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Which of these people will out score Sean Nuernberger next year?  Certainly the number one back will, but after that I think Sean N is our third leading scorer.

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Braxton Miller. JT Barrett gets shot for whatever reason and we suddenly see the top of Defense taken off and this offense take off even more with a dual threat QB.

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