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Will Carlos Hyde get 150+ yards on the Spartan Dawg defense?



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I sense ball control coming tonight, and Braxton checking down a time or two.

El Guapo hasn't let me down.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Spread Offense + Braxton's run threat + El Guapo = Carlos Hyde getting 150+
the story of this game will come down to the battles between each teams weaknesses, not their strengths   

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In all of Urban's interviews he has emphasized the importance of being able to run the ball against Sparty. This can be seen as gamesmanship going into the game but in this case I think you take it at face value. I really believe that the mind set should be to beat the Sparty up front early by attacking their strength and proving that we're going to impose our will. Nothing can demoralize a team more quickly than having their strength shown to be a non factor.
I voted that Carlos will be held under 150, I think those 8-9 yarders will be 4-5 yarders. I see Hyde as being the bait to suck the D in to expose areas where Wilson and Braxton can gain large chunks on the ground and open up deep and mid range passes.

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Or he is setting them up to go over the top!

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Lot of good points here, but I'm going with the over. I believe 3 quarters of a spread attack and balanced O using our TEs to gas MSUs linebackers will open some big running lanes for Carlos. The Buckeyes eat up the 4th with Hyde who busts a couple 20+ yarders to put him over the top.

“But, I don’t know. I’m not too broken up that they’ve been not that great since I’ve been here.”

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Sparty may be able to stop El Guapo more consistantly, 4 yards as opposed to 8 yards regularly, but he's going to pop a couple. With those couple 40-50 yard runs he gets over 150. And scores 3 TDs. 

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He better get at least 100+ yards, or we're in trouble.



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Carlos needs substantial yards.  Their corners and safety are way better than anything we've seen so I agree that even as good as our Oline is, that 8 yd average is more like 3 or 4 tonight. 
The difference maker is if he or Brax can break one.  They have great speed and I absolutely loved the Pryor like stiff arm I saw last week, something I don't remember seeing out of Brax in the past.  If he breaks one and can pull off that stiff arm we are good to go.
(You can like Pryor or not, but the guy has the best stiff-arm-gonna-get-15-more in the business.)

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No, as Ohio State will actually spread the field with the spread. They will hit the tight ends as Mich State sells out against the run. Hyde will get his, but it might not be another huge night. Balance will be the undoing of that defense. Something Miami did not have against OSU all those years ago.

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I think he'll have 148

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I'm sure he'll get 100 but I'm gonna guess Meyer, Herman, and Drayton give Hall, Elliot, and Wilson some touches tonight; and Miller will do his thing of course. Rotating fresh RBs behind the B1G's best O-Line is gonna help in wearing down MSU's front seven.

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This game is going to come down to us moving the ball through the air. I think Hyde will crack 100. But Miller needs a big day

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i think those that voted yes were the same commenters that said we would beat ttun by 3 or more tds

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Dang dude. Accidentally hit DV.

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We didn't beat ttun by 3 TD's because of the defense, not Hyde's inability to run.  Read my comment below or watch the Robert Smith thread.  Nebraska had 182 yards on Sparty's defense.  Our offense is much more explosive than Nebraska's.  Hyde will get a good chunk of yards.  If he doesn't, then that means Braxton will have 200+ yards passing.  

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yeah I think you are misunderstanding what im saying. there are a lot of people on this site now with very unrealistic expectations. Hyde is excellent and there is no reason to believe he cant top 100, but msu is the best run defense we've faced all year.  

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

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I voted yes, but I'm not one of those guys. While on paper The Game should have been a bloodbath, with that one I know better. I just believe that Hyde's motor gets the better of a tired Shartan D in the 4th.

“But, I don’t know. I’m not too broken up that they’ve been not that great since I’ve been here.”

-Michael Bennett. 

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If you watched the Robert Smith video he pointed out that Nebraska put up 182 yards WITHOUT Taylor Martinez who is their best dual threat QB.  I honestly think Hyde gets 150, but I think a lot of it comes in the 4th quarter when we have a 7-10 point lead and we are eating clock.  
Also, why doesn't anyone ever mention Jordan Hall as a guy that gets some carries?  He is a great change of pace guy and I trust him more being a 5th year senior than I do Wilson or Zeke.  Don't get me wrong... Zeke and Wilson are the future and are going to be studs, but in this game I'm looking for experience and ball protection.

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I tried my hardest to say no but I just couldn't. Roll Hyde.

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Same here. ROLL #%*$ HYDE!!!

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Wilson left, Braxton right, Hyde up the middle. Dr Miller (precise throwing as a surgeon) & Mr Hyde (no explanation necessary). The receivers and TE's have to catch the ball when thrown to them. Hyde gets over 150, something that has happened only 5 times against MSU by 4 backs (Wells, George, Snow-2, Combs). 18 backs have run for 100+ yards in 22 games (Griffin-3, Snow-2, Wells-2, Ferguson-2). There were 2 100+ rushers in the 1976 game. Buckeyes are 4-1 with a 150+ rusher. They are 18-4 (0.818) with a 100 yard rusher.
As far as passing goes there have been 8, 200+ passing games. Herbie passed for 201 in a 27-17 win over MSU in 1992. Buckeyes are 6-2 with a 200+ passer. Troy Smith passed for 249 in 2005, good for second next to Mike Tomzcak's 256 in 1984, both wins.
When the Buckeyes have a 100+ rusher and a 200+ yard passer they are 4-1.
The closest the Buckeyes came to having a 100+/200+ game was 2003: Krenzel passed for 213, Ross ran for 125.
Everybody says we haven't seen a defense like this, malarkey, we've seen the 3rd and 9th best defensives, they haven't seen an offense like ours.

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I Keep hearing that MSU will be the best defense tOSU will have faced this year, but isn't the flip side of that tOSU will be the best offense they will have faced? IJS

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if he wills it it is no dream

If you will it dude, it is no dream

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If the O-line is on their game, Hyde will run wherever he pleases, because we know he will be on his A game.

...and Michigan still sucks.

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I think the Bucks rely on Braxton more this game, more outside runs and take advantage stretching the field vertically with the deep ball, as MSU focuses all of it's efforts to stopping Hyde on the inside zone. Hyde still gets 100 or so, but Brax is well over 100 rushing, 200 passing - hits a couple big deep balls to Smith

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A tight end will have 100 yards receiving for the Bucks in this game. Matk my words, friends.

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I'm thinking positive. Even with their great rush D, I can see El Guapo breaking lots of tackles. If Brax throws some lasers early I can see the corners getting soft,letting the big guy get around the edges.


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i did enjoy what the game day dude said when he was like "first two quarters the defenders are running right into hyde by the third quarter, they start turning their shoulders. he is a big dude!"

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

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150 seems high for this game. I think he can break a hundred which is still an amazing stat.

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I believe that herman is going to test msu on the outside and be aggressive trying to go over the top early. I said it in another thread, they will have so much focused on the run they will be vulnerable on the otuside. I know their corners are pretty solid, but I also am well aware of devin smiths speed on the ddge, and miller has the arm to hit the deep ball. Take the top off the d, force them to respect the pass, then hit them inside once they loosen it up. If we build a double digit cushion, then I believe they go back to the bread and butter. I should say I think el guapo hits 150 late. Early, it will be a slugfest. But if we can quick strike and get them out of their comfort zone, its possible for hyde to get to 150 on Sheer volume of carries.

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I think he gets it based on volume of carries. It will not be easy but Hyde is a very special 'truck'.

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I like his chances! Hyde goes for 165 and 3 scores!  Go Bucks!!

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I voted late so it doesn't really count but I said yes and he is well on his way

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If he would have gotten his normal carries load he would have... SMH at the play calling

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