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Should there be a bowl game on Christmas Day?



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I wish more bowl games were actually on New Year's Day and on more channels besides ESPN/ABC. I remember back n the day watching bowl games all day long on New Years and being able to flick through different channels. Now there are only 6 games actually on New Years with all of them on ESPN/ABC.

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But the B1G is featured in 4 of the 6. Now if we could just pull 3 wins out, that would be great!

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Voted no.

I'm already mourning the end of the 2013 season, but I don't need football on Christmas Day.

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A day meant to bring family together and spend it with each other turns into people crowding the TV.  I remember when I was little boy; my Grandmother use to disconnect her TV during Thanksgiving. 

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Exactly ArmyBuck....I can't not partaking in the joy my three and half year old is going to have tomorrow morning.
They (my wife and son) have given my the last dozen or so Saturdays, uninterrupted more or less. There's no need for football for me tomorrow.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Christmas Day, No.  Many teams are away from family already, but there is soo much else going on If you want sport, you'll just have to watch the NBA.  

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Personally I don't think these kids should be playing football on Christmas day, let them enjoy it without having to think about the game all day

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It wouldn't be a good bowl even if there was a game. Give the kids Christmas Eve and Christmas.

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To me, playing on Christmas Day is just horrible. People should be at home with their families, not going to a event they could schedule any day of the week. There are hundreds (at least) of people needed to put on a bowl game from the schools involved to stadium personnel to all the broadcast crew. Dumb idea.

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Yes. For selfish reasons. There should be a bowl game every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. MOAR COLLEGE FOOTBAW.

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You're a hard, hard man, Mr. Citro.

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I completely understand the sentiment posted above, and have a lot of respect for every real family man out there, but I always want football on.  As far as the kids go, Christmas at my house is basically the same every year, aside from a few slight variations.  That being said, I know if I was a kid who had a chance to travel to a new place and play on Christmas Day in front of a bigger crowd than I would have competing with the "bigger bowls", it wouldn't bother me in the slightest. 

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Yes. Especially now that most of the NBA games will probably suck.

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What if it was your family had players/coaches who had to travel far away to what? entertain us? any other day! NBA is a joke for making their players play on XMAS! 
These players go hard for 6 straight months, Give them Christmas off with their families

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What if it was your family had players/coaches who had to travel far away to what? entertain us?

I despise my family, so i'm fine with this.

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Sheltered only by the warmth of his helmet stickers he battles on.

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I might put that in my profile. lol

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My familys very close. We always get everyone together for all the major holidays, Christmas being no exception. That being said, my entire family is football fanatics so football everyday is fine with us!

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For some of us.....Christmas is the birth day of Christ.
For some of us .....Christmas is a day like no other. It is a day to rejoice and thank him for the his untold blessings, that we too often take for granted.

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A definite yes. And if you knew my in-laws you all would agree.

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Yes. With Beth Mowin announcing & Mark May as sidekick. 

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As someone who has no  family and no where to go, it would be nice to at least have football. Oh well, I guess