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Who is Ohio State's best offensive lineman over the last 10 seasons?



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He is also the best Photo Bomber of late too.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Consensus (n) general agreement

ONE Not Done!

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Brewster's not even worthy of being on the list?                                  

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Not to me he wasn't. Just being honest. I definitely don't think his career outshines any others on that list and I had to cap it somewhere. More hype than substance and I personally believe he regressed over his time here.

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He really did regress.  He was good enough to start when he came in and honestly I didn't see a difference between his performance between senior and freshman seasons.  

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Agreed.  Who was his O-Line coach again?

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Can't argue with that assessment.

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Hard to go against Mangold here, he's been solid for so long now.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Mangold was an animal. Got my vote.

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Mangold was an all-time great.  
I think Mewhort is a close second based on college production.  

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I had to go Mangold here.  I really like Jack Mewhort a lot though.  I think if this question asked who is the best O-line as a  unit, it would have to be this years for me.

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Seeing mike adams on this list makes me cringe a little. Kid had soooooo much potential, but never really seemed to be able to put it together on the field. Same with boone. Although he has made a hell of a turnaround in the NFL. Imagine what they could have been with a coach like warriner to tap into that vast well of potential they were sitting on.

Mangold is the clear cut winner here, even if based solely off of his time at OSU. Took over starting job as a freshman, and never let loose of it. Consistent, nasty and the heart of some pretty solid buckeye lines in his career. And even though the Jets have become a dumpster fire, mangold is still one of the best centers in football.

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To be fair to Mike, we expected Orlando Pace 2.0.

Dan Isaacs

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We did, but the disappointment was that he was 0.2

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Why isn't JB "move back 5 yards" Shugarts on the list? 

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I know, that is why I voted other for him.

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Alex Boone was a tremendous talent as was Mike Adams.  Different issues of alcohol and pinnipeds kept each from realizing his full potential in S&G.

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Mike Adams and Alex Boone... Good one.


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Mangold, and I would think Brewster should be included as well.

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Wow! Manglod - Mewhort, A couple of great linemen, tough to go against Mangold, but Mewhort is a beast also.  eeny meeny miney moe!


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I voted Brewster

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Would have like to see how different the careers of  Brewster/adams/shugart would have been if they had Warriner as their coach.)

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I can't even believe Adams, Barton, Boone, and Boren are on this list.    Its a two man race Mangold and Mewhort.    Those two lived up to their potential.     The others either did not develop or only developed when they got good coaching. 

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Alex Boone is one of my least favorite Buckeyes of all time.  I want to see a ranking of tOSU starting linemen based on the number of holding and false start penalties.  He has to be up there with JB "False Start" Shugarts.  I almost went up to Boone at Little Bar and told him what I thought but he is literally twice the man I am.  

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Mangold. A lot of people forget but he got MAJOR PT during the NC game against Miami.

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Odds that O Pace would get 100% of the vote if we opened up the poll to last 20 years?

Yeti's have feelings too.

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Best Drinker of all those names: Alex Boone by a land slide

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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This list should also include Corey Linsley.

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I would vote for Kirk Barton as most enthusiastic former OSU OLine GA- he always seemed totally into it and pumping up his boys last year-he and Warriner must have been some combination. He has received quite a bit of love from the seniors and Reid Fragel.

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And the sexiest linemen?

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I said other because I believe if he was playing at RT his whole time there, he would have been by far the best. I'm talking about Reid Fragel.
throw in the fact that if he did play RT his whole time on the team, it would have put Shugarts on the bench. I think that would have been a double whammy on how great he would have been!
but true, Mangold and Mewhort have had the best careers!

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No false start shugarts? Lol

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No offense to the other fellas but as soon as I saw Mangolds name it wasn't even close. He's by far our most efficient linemen this past decade. And all he manages to do in the NFL is make the Pro Bowl year in and out.

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Mangold was a beast, and exceptionally consistent.  I guess LeCharles is beyond the 10 year mark.
I think this has turned into a "which lineman have you disliked most" thread....which really isn't a Buckeye thing to do.   Leave the fratricide to Michigan blogs.

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I voted for Mewhort with OT being a much more demanding position. 
Barton and Boone:  I'm still having a hard time getting over the beating they took from UF in the 2006 championship game.  
Adams:  to me, never reached his billing. 

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I believe Center is because he's the quarterback of the O-line and he was just a beauty to watch! 
Agree with Barton and Boone however we could've schemed better for that game and I'll always blame Tressel for that..
Adams on the list just magnifies how dire our O-line was over the last 10 years under the Walrus.