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Which team will Ohio State get its second shutout against?



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Where is m*ch*gan as an option?!?!

ONE Not Done!

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The defense is improving and should continue to improve even more, but I don't think they'll notch another shutout this season.

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I picked Iowa because my fiance and I will be at the game!!!

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After the last two weeks scUM should be an option on this list

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I don't get the impression their offense has lit things up against Northern Illinois, Missouri State, Iowa State and Western Michigan (nearly half the 59 points they put up yesterday were defensive or special teams scores).
It's the home game I think Ohio State can/should control. Kirk Ferentz will need to show some Coach of the Year credentials against the Buckeye D. (right?)
 I think PSU has enough balance to put up some points in Columbus. And well, Indiana
Have to give points to Purdue and Illinois on the road. 
M...igan sure looks suspect the last couple of weeks, but unfortunately it isn't November.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I don't believe they will register another shutout, but I wanted to be a part of the party so I chose Iowa. That is their only realistic opportunity. 


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I voted no more shutouts, but if there's another one on the horizon, my guess would be either vs. Iowa (and Kirk Frerentz: best B1G coach EVER, right?) or Purdue. 

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I know that Purdue has been a thorn in the Buckeyes a$$, but that ends this year when the Silver Bullets pitch a shutout in West Lafeyette.

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I went with no more shutouts.  I can see a team registering a few FG's or even a TD, or a TD and FG(s), but I don't see any other teams not getting some points against us.  It's extremely difficult to pitch shutouts.  Which is why the last one for us occurred against Akron in 2011. 

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Illinois or Purdue won't be a stretch. I don't think we shut anyone else out. But I thik we def hold a few teams to less than 10 pts.

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Too bad we don't play MSU this year, that game would get my vote.

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Least likely- Purdue, which oddly enough is also our best chance at seeing an overtime game this season.  The only explanation I can think of is that the teams have some sort of deal where the week they play, they magically switch abilities, rankings,  confidence and fear, etc... No other explanation makes sense.
Most likely- I could see either Illinois in a 75-0 type game, or Iowa in a 27-0 type game.  Both are unlikely.

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Purdue will produce the goose egg.  Their offense has been mediocre, at best, and will be hurting from Sparty the previous game.  The boilers are our best chance to produce a shutout until we meet Sparty in the Championship, which will give us 3 shutouts!

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