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Who is the best NFL prospect on Ohio State?



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Voted Roby, although this Joran Hall guy sounds intriguing.

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Joran Hall might be worried about Donre Wilson taking some of his PT this year. 

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Jain Marhall might have something to say about that, too.
Edit:  Ha! I was just responding to Droessl's comment and never even noticed the typos in the poll or in the first comment. 
I generally don't comment on typos unless they are unintentionally funny  I just thought Droessl was an idiot.  No, seriously, I just figured he was using his phone.

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The staff gets a 'D' for spelling today.

You know what, I'm in a decent mood.....make that a 'D+'.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I voted Shazier because he has kept his nose clean while Roby has run into a little bit of trouble.  Got to remember that NFL teams are looking at character also when they draft a kid.
P.S.  I couldn't vote Spence because he's only a sophomore.  I believe he has the highest upside of the players on our team at this point. 

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Mewhort, Roby, Brown

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Offensive linemen went high this past year so my pick was Mewhort. Our Oline will be key to the Bucks success this year.

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The NFL requires wrapping to tackle, so the famous "bump" of Bryant keeps him at 0%


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I think Mewhort is a guy who can really raise his stock this year.   I went with Roby though because there has been consistant reports of him running a 4.3 the past couple of years.  If he measures out well with his height and runs a 4.3, he could jump into the top 10 for someone who needs a corner.

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I can see why Spence/Washington aren't choices yet, but one of them could very well be the best answer.

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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Roby obviously presents the most in a prospect, with the premium that are CBs for the NFL.  I think Hyde, Shazier, Mewhort, and Bryant, if he can sure up his tackling, are solid prospects.  And if Braxton proresses like he has, I do think he can play QB in the league. 

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In the future, can you please alphabetize these poll lists so there's no bias in the ordering?

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I say Braxton . Most important position in football and the type of hard working and intelligent person/player that he is makes him the best prospect. I don't think talent is an issue either. 

Go Bucks!!!

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Roby hands down. If he has the yr that we expect, he will be a top 5-10 pick. Miller will prob be back for next yr, Shazier seems like a mid-late first rounder, and the rest of the guys on that most likely wont be 1st rounders. 

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looking at the voting list, Im wondering who is the one vote for Jordan Hall. I didnt realize he visited this website.

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Yeah, and Corey "Pittsburg" Brown created 5 accounts to vote for himself.  #SAD

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Went with mewhort. Wonder why norwell isn't on this list...he also has potential to be a guy who has a long career as an nfl lineman. Offensive line ia the position with the least amount of variables that can derail a career. They both pass the eye test...they look like pro caliber o linemen.

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I was wondering the same thing. I went with Roby in a toss up over Mewhort and Shazier. That said I would have voted for Norwell if he was an option, I also would have been tempted to choose Rod Smith if he was a choice as I think he could be a guy who has a better pro than college career. Hyde has an NFL future but I wonder about his durability as an every down back at the next level. However, I think Braxton has the most potential of anyone, it will be very interesting to see how he has progressed as a passer during this off-season. 

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There are many there.  Roby can be a Top 10 pick. 
I think a lot of guys could go in the 1st round if they have a great year and the team has as good of year as we think they can. 

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I dont know why more people aren't pick Mewhort. I have a feeling he will be a franchise left tackle at the next level.

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I voted for Shazier. I think the possibility of Roby missing a game or 2 might affect his draft stock and bump Shazier up a few.

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Adolphus Washington

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Roby hands down, this isn't even a contest when comes to potential. THe thing is, we have so many NFL quality guys you can still make a list and ask the question :)

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Gotta go with Cactus Jack. Guy should be a starting guard next level for sure.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I suspect the real answer is "Adolphus Washington," but that's assuming too much just yet. So I voted for Roby.

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Maybe not the best, but the surest bet is Bryce Haynes. If you're a good enough long snapper to get a full ride, you're good enough to suit up on Sundays.