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Whose recruiting news site evaluations do you trust the most?



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I'm assuming Other was for choosing 11W, cause that what I picked.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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This poll is intended for national recruiting coverage. Jeremy and Miles and Mike and Jordan all kick ass, but 11W recruiting is regional & team-specific.

Other was inteded for Willie Lyles' reruiting service or whatever other national recruiting news websites are out there besides the Big Four. Sorry to not make that clear.

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But I could care less what schools on the left coast or in the SEC, etc are doing.  Give me OSU and the rest of the B1G and I am happy.  I also don't have enough time to care about other schools with everything else that goes on in life.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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11W was my choice because it is regional & team specific!

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And i pay for 247... Smh...

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Yup, me too- 11W. That's who I trust.

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The only news about TOSU I get is here at 11w. 
Ditto to first two comments. 

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I was going to choose other because like the commenters above, I rely solely on 11W for my recruiting news; but, assuming that the survey was looking for an answer re: recruit rankings and evaluations, etc., I went with 247, because, Alex is there, right? So an 11W alum on staff means their service is inherently more reliable.

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I'm assuming the  ESPN votes were fat-fingered?

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No, I am guessing that 2% of voters are UM fans.


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Or CincyOSU has figured out how to vote multiple times.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I actually voted for 247, but thanks for being classy and calling me out by name. I'll be sure to include you from now on when you post asinine comments.

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And since you felt the need to call me out, here are some facts for you.
Avg Team Ranking over the last 5 years
247 - 7.4 *not sure if these are composite or 247's actual rankings
Scout - 6.2
Rivals - 9
ESPN - 8.2
I find it interesting that Rivals is viewed as the 2nd best service, yet the average 5 year team ranking is lower than those idiots over at ESPN. Where is all the outrage directed towards Rivals? Based on FACTS, they have consistently ranked OSU's classes the lowest of the 4 major services.

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I find it just fascinating that the go to move is always "ESPN has him rated too low!" or something equally inane. The sheer number of recruiting and scouting experts we have around these parts is just mind boggling.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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Wow, I see Composite Rankings & Crystal Ball are paying off big time for 247.

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It was a pretty brilliant development in recruiting coverage. Immediately gave them something we all want that no one else could claim. What they should actually start doing, if they don't already, is tracking the accuracy and precision of the predictors' predictions (I'm reading Nate Silver's The Signal and the Noise, and evaluating the success of forecasts is something he says most forecasters don't do, or at least don't do well).

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I thought it was a pretty good read myself. Hope you're enjoying it as well.

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I went with 247 as well.  Although I get most of my info from 11W if I'm looking to get some info on a player 247 is where I go. 
Also, Andy if I'm reading your 247 idea correctly they have instituted that as well.  I'm not sure when they started it, but if you click on person who is making the prediction in the crystal ball it will show you what percentage of picks that person has been correct on.

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I'd be curious when they gauge the actual prediction - are they checking the original prediction, are they checking it a week prior to the commitment, etc., because in these cases where everyone changes their predictions at the last minute - while helpful to us fans - would totally skew the accuracy of the forecast's evaluation.
Edit: Perhaps one of our recruiting gurus on staff could look into this and do a piece on it... Please?

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There are other places to go on these interwebs that are not *head explodes*

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247 is the one i trust. Scout is my second favorite. Espn completely sucks imo.

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For years, Scout was the only one I trusted and ESPN was a source of great laughter. However, I'm beginning to sway towards 247, but old habits are still tough to break. 

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like scout and rivals, but 247 seems to be the most trustworthy. Although the "crystal ball" has already jumped the shark in, my opinion.

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247 updates more often, are more open about their rankings (eg they will answer "why" someone is ranked the way they are), and they understand that they may have bias and therefore have a lot of "composite" content to include more sources and rankings to get it right. Best of all worlds.

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ESPN is awful. They undervalue great recruits year in and year out. Rivals and 247 seem to be good. New poster to this site. I love the coverage on 11W though! 

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Rivals.  I'm going to have to go with M77 on this one. Oh, and ESPN is...not good.

Which recruiting site do you think is most accurate ? ESPN,RIVALS,SCOUTS,247 ... (cavluv23)

Rivals by far.. Not trying to be cocky but espn has me ranked like the #19 guard in the country. Not even ranked in ESPN 250.. I don't see how that's possible when you can go up against the best in the nation and not lose. But oh we'll. I'm going to the opening (Meechy77)

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I don't really get fanatic about recruiting.  I get an update from Scout when there's a Buckeye committment, but usually, if a name gets mentioned here or on the OZone, I check 'em out on Max Preps.  I'm a little more interested now that my grandson is a HS Jr, and starts both ways, but I still don't get too excited about recruiting.  I think success is more about what you do with what you've got, and I like the way our coaching staff, past and present, develops talent.  A.J. Hawk was a three star recruit, for Heavens sake. 


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I choose 247 b/c I'm a member of Bucknuts, and they have a list of team and player rankings (I know those rankings don't mean a whole hell of a lot, but it's cool to see where the Bucks are at). That said, I'm probably on 11-dub more often.


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The only recruiting I look at or trust is 11W!

Buckeye in PA purgatory

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11W.   I know that not the answer you're really looking for but it's the one you're getting.   11W kicks ass.   If I'm gonna get wrapped up in team rankings I look at 247 Composite.  For news and recruit evals, it's 11W all the way

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Rivals.....and that's only in the event I look for details on a player that 11W may not have.

Which is to say not very often.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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For years I generally checked Rivals first, but 247 seems pretty nice and lately I've been checking them equally. I don't have a subscription or whatever to any of these sites.
I feel like Scout gives out stars way too easily and overvalues recruits, but they have a bit more information available to free users, so if I want to learn a little more about a particular prospect, I'll go there sometimes.
I have never once looked at ESPN's recruiting services, as I just assumed it's worthless and uninformed like everything else about that network is.

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I definitely come to 11W for all the recruiting noise regarding the Buckeyes and a high-level look at the rest of the B1G. 
But, as far as recruiting evaluations, I think 247 is easily at the top.  Not so much because I believe they rank recruits better than the others, but instead because of the composite rankings they put together and their willingness to acknowledge they aren't the only recruiting eval site in the business.  Obviously everyone has a different opinion on a recruit, but I think it is refreshing that 247 uses a general viewpoint to look at each individual recruit, as well as team rankings, rather than rely solely on their own opinion.
ESPN would die before discussing or acknowledging somebody else's evaluation and the possibility they may not be all-knowing.

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I also love the fact that 247 has quite a bit of free content you won't get anywhere else.  The Crystal Ball, which can be argued as reliable/relevant or not, is at least a great way to put current feelings about a specific recruit that you probably won't hear anywhere else.

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I follow 11W and all the Twitter feeds from said staff...




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I like 247 best with rivals 2nd. ESPN has the best layout though. Much easier on the eyes. 

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I am a member of 247. Alex Gleitman continues to tear it up and the predictions are another way to follow trends. They also do not put up with trolls in any way. The arrive and get tossed quickly which is very nice. 

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If there was an option for "Any service other than ESPN", I would have selected that to be honest.

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I would have voted for 247 composite if it were a separate choice on the --most likely false-- assumption that there is some wisdom in consensus.  Each site has its own biases, and each site will overrate some and miss out on others, but if all the sites rate a player as a top 100 prospect, that kid can probably play some ball!

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ESPN did do a shake up to their originally crappy ESPN 300 today. It looks more favorable to the buckeyes now (Holmes, Mclaurin, and Campbell all made big jumps). The individual rankings of players seems more along the lines of 247 now. Check out the link if you want -

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I mean, it's cliche & all but I trust the staff at OSU to evaluate & recruit kids that best fit their ideas of what will make the best football/basketball team possible. Outside of that, none of the services really sway me one way or the other as to my thoughts on whether OSU is getting the right kids.

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Other - If 11W says  then they're good, that's good enough for me.

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Other than 11W, 24/7 probably does the best job. I guess it might be a good idea to kind of average all 4 sites. 
I wouldn't hold my breath though, as many of these kids have flopped and low rated kids have been just amazing.

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I went with "trust them all equally" insomuch that I don't really trust any of them. I'm not questioning any of our commits regardless of a star rating. Staff evaluation / approval is sufficient for me.
And all the recruiting news that I get (and want) is right here at 11W.

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Other than tOSU, who cares?....11W

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Can we ban whoever voted for ESPN?

K thanks! see you guys tonight at Ugly Hour!

I like the bux.

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I check all (except scout) for team rankings solely and to see where the commits we have already are ranked and to see where the Bucks sit in relation to other top teams.  Other than 11W, I don't read much about recruiting unless it is from this site.

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Grey boxes are all I need. Game. Set. Match.

-The Aristocrats!

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I do not follow recruiting. For every 5 star that pans out there are several Mike D'Andrea's.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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I voted Other.  11W is my source for recruiting information.  We all know that 11W is not a national ranking site and may well be self serving to an OSU bias, but every other service has their biased flaws as well.  And, it is just not worth my time to follow their incessant ramblings or rankings about HS athletes. 

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Never looked at a national recruiting site.  Ever.  (I think.)

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In terms of national recruiting sites, I stick only to 247.  Theirs is the only set-up that actually makes sense (in my opinion).  You can easily see vital information, his rating from 247 and composite, where he is predicted to go, where he has offers to go, a timeline of events in his recruiting, and occassionally stats.  It is all so accessible.  Frankly, the other sites are atrocious (again in my opinion) when considering how accessible they are.  I also like their rating system, 100 is an amazing five-star, 80 is meh three star, 92 is a solid four star.  It makes good sense (Sort of like grading, A's go to 4 & 5 stars, B's to three-stars, C's to two-stars).  ESPN's rating system makes no logical sense.  An 86 is a great rating... Okay... so 86 out of what? I don't get it at all. 
I solely stick to 11W and 247.

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Recruiting is fun to follow.  It is also subjective, as evidenced by the variations in the ratings from service to service.  I trust them equally, which is not that highly for any of them.  There is a lot of fodder for discussion but the value of a recruit is only visible in hindsight when that individual's career has ended.  Some that are highly rated flame out completely, and some are just simply not able to adjust to the college game for whatever reason and end up over-rated. Some turn out to be underrated, some vastly underrated. 
But it is fun to follow.  

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I used to visit Rivals frequently during the offseason to get my recruiting fix. Then a few years ago I found this website, and then I decided I really don't give a shit about other team's recruits. Just Ohio State's.
I rarely go to any of those sites anymore.



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Rivals or 247 are tied for me 
Scout's site reminds me of Yahoo Geocities of the 1990s
ESPN hates us and overrates TTUN's recruiting every year. 

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There is a clear difference between trusting and liking for me.
I definitely like 2/47 rankings and I think most people do for the same reason... They tend to be more willing to hand out 4 or 5 stars to propects.
I trust Rivals more because I think they tend to be more critical and take their time evaluating players throughout the process.

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I voted "Other" because I just don't have enough of an opinion; I am not a recruitnik by any stretch. My sense is that ESPN might be a little worse than the others because recruiting is tangential to their main focuses, but that's just a guess.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.