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Which of these 2013 Big Ten non-conference games (not involving the Buckeyes) do you think is the most interesting?



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Notre Dame plays three Big Ten teams and not one of those games is listed as a choice? My vote goes to Notre vs. Michigan. The 2011 game was a thriller and I expect more of the same when the Irish and Wolverines play UTL for the last time in A2. 

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Ohio State v/s Alabama in the BCS Championship game @the Rose Bowl.
 I thought it was already on the schedule!!!!!!

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I voted other.  I am not interested in any of the choices listed. I do enjoy the Notre Dame meechigan game. And last year when Alabama played scum i was very interested in that. I wanted to see scum thrashed.

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How  is tTUN v ND under the lights in the Big House not on the list?!?!  
A tie would be the best possible result!! - teams 1 & 2 on my least favorite list, so I'd rather than neither actually wins

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I think the NW-Cal game is interesting given that we'll play both teams this season. It'll give us another barometer to gauge how other teams perform against our competition.

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I agree.  With Northworstern being one of our supposed competitive games this year, being able to have a comparison will be helpful, I think.


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I agree too.  This game should gage how badly we throttle the mildcats.

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Big game for both, especially for the Huskers, looking to avenge the loss to the Bruins in LA last year.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Of those listed - UCLA vs. Nebraska...Martinez should do well in his 12th year at QB & I believe Nebraska wins that one. 
Not listed - UM vs ND. That's gonna be one to watch.

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Hopefully the offenses won't look as incompetent as they did last year.

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Northwestern vs California.  I want to see how NW stacks up against California since we play both as well.  I'll be watching this game.

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It has to be ND @ Michigan right? Night game at The Big House (second one in it's history) and the last time ND goes to UM for a while. 

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I see you left espn

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I gave it an honest chance. It was horrible. I'd rather just talk with Buckeye Nation instead of a bunch of trolls anyways. This site is great. 

"We've always had the best damn band in the land, now we've got the best damn TEAM in the land" 

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most of us from espn moved to fox sports

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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I could find myself rooting for a Bert-less Wisky @ ASU.

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Hundley vs. Martinez for sure.

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Cincinnati @ Illinois because I'll be at that joke of a game.
Also, Notre Dame vs. TSUN will be a good one.

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Indiana vs Mizzo because I want IU to be good

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