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How many Ohio State football games have you attended?



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Have no idea the number, but I've got to be near 50 at this point. 
edit:  I consider myself very lucky!

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I'm not going to say how many, but's not a lot & it's not enough...

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I don't know how many, but the first one that I have a clear memory of was Les Horvath and company defeating Michigan 18-14 for an UNDEFEATED season, Big Ten Championship, and #2 ranking, second only to Army with Blanchard & Davis.

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I live in NC and have been to 4 games:
1. 49-3 beating of NW in 96(?) where NW opened the game with and inside kick and got their only points of the game on that drive. 
2. Coop's last game against TTUN. Guess how that went. 
3. Triple OT against NC State (my alma mater, but there was 0.00% of me pulling for them) and it was one hell of a game. 
4. The 2008 drubbing of TTUN. 

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My first game was that Northwestern game. I was 13 and will never forget the chills I got during Carmen Ohio (still happens every time). Best sports moment of my life was the 06 Michigan game. I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to experience that. I was given free tickets! Unreal dude.

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just googled that NW game and turns out I was wrong. We won 49-6, not 3. I feel shame.
Holy crap, we outgained NW 563 to 164! 

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I was a student so I have been to my fair share but I feel selfish when I say not enough! It's always nice to watch the game from my recliner, but you can never beat that atmosphere of watching a game in the Shoe!

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I'm sad to admit that I didn't go to most of the games on my student ticket my freshman year, and I passed on a ticket the second year (I "went pro" after that and didn't come back to OSU to finish my degree until I was 30).
But since then I've made at least one, if not two games each year. Most of my Alumni tickets have been of the non-conference "MACtion" persuasion, but we did see the epic Purdue game last year (God bless Kenny G), and I did caravan with friends to the redacted Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas, and that was one of the best sporting experiences of my life.

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93% win percentage
40 career wins...3 loses. 
2008 Penn State at home 13-6
2007 Illinois at home 28-21
2005 Texas at home 25-22 
Away Games
2007 @ Penn State won 37-17
2009 @ Michigan won 21-10

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My first buckeye game was when I was 6 years old. For my birthday which was 2 days after, my dad took me to the 05 OSU-Texas game. What a game and what a day. It's just too bad the bucks couldn't pull it off. Since then I've been to, most notably, 11 Wisconsin game, 12 Purdue game, and 12 TTUN game. Around 10 total but those were the most memorable.

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That Texas game had the best atmosphere of any game I have ever been to. The 06 game if the century was a very close second. But when AJ Hawk picked off Vince Young's pass is the loudest I can ever remember. And don't even get me started on Ryan Hamby. 

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Ive never been so if anyone wants to donate their Tsun game tickets to me that'd be great. Help a Buckeye brother out.

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Why isn't there a 0 option?  I haven't been able to make it to any games.  

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Depressingly, this. I just lies my balls off and went 21+. WOO.

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Hope this changes for you soon!

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700+ miles away
Wife and 1 year old daughter
New house

Doubtful...although my wife wants me to go. I just can't justify spending the money when we have more important things to use it on.

I'm sure it'll happen sometime, I just don't know when.

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I had student tickets my freshman and sophomore years (06-07) and was given a ticket to a game my senior year. Haven't been able to make it to a game since.
Fun fact: The 09 game I went to was the only one where we weren't ranked #1

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Happy to be able to vote 21+.

Class of 2008

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My first game was 01 northwestern game. My wife, who was gf at the time, and I were given the tickets. A student my landlord knew couldn't go. We found out that we were pregnant the day before. So it was a kinda celebration. I remember it was warm going in. And freezing by the end. That game is the reason I am a fan now. I liked the buckeyes, but didn't really follow. That night we were in awe with the craziness surrounding us in the student section. Now my wife and I go to at least one game per year. And sometimes more. One year we bought season tickets. We are both diehards now. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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Living in Dallas I have only been to 5 OSU games but my first and only experience being in the Shoe was last year's memorable smack down of Nebraska. What a game (and TBDBITL show!!) to christen my first time there. Unbelievable! I'm really looking forward to the game in Oklahoma in a few years.

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I've got to be 100+. Ten years of season tix and three years of student tix, plus alumni tickets for seven years before I got season tickets. The band still makes me tear up every time.

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Former definitely 21+

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I've been to 3 games. I don't count the 4 spring games I've been to. I saw the Illinois game in 2001. I watched the TSUN game in 2008. My most recent is the Wisky 2011. 

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400+. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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That's over 60 years of going to every game! Haha

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Awesome.  No joke, right?

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Former student that caught 6 seasons of games (gotta love switching majors!), so I'm well over the 21 games as well.

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It is a side benefit...

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Not really an argument I could use with my dad, though. Haha
The quarter before I graduated (I graduated winter quarter, 2006), my dad calls me and asks if I am actually/finally graduating in March because he's booking hotels. The confidence he had in me at that point is astounding, haha.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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I've only been to 
2006 NIU
2008 Ohio
2011 Michigan State
I just got student tickets though, so thats about to change.

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Ouch. Not the best lineup there..but you'll be in for a treat. I was also at 2011 MSU, and it was painful.

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If spring games count, 10... if not, 8. Either way none of the games I've been to have been losses. Going to 7, possibly 8 next year.
Hint: I'm a student

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The only game I have attended is the Ohio State - Penn State game at Beaver Stadium in 2003. Michael Jenkins caught the game winning TD. OSU prevailed 21-20 and I sat in the Penn State student section (with friends of mine who were Nittany Lions). I have never been to a game at the Shoe but hopefully that will change soon.

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I actually went through all of the schedules since 1996.  My count is 78 games attended...OSU's record in those games is 68-10.  6-0 vs TSUN.

Class of 2010.

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25-1 excluding the loss to PSU in 2011 which was vacated ;)

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I believe the 2011 game to Penn State is considered a loss for Ohio State.  Because it was vacated Penn State can not consider it an official victory but Ohio State still shows the loss.
From wiki (I'm assuming this is right I don't have time to actually read the NCAA manual):
"In the case of regular season games, the penalized team's win is removed from its official NCAA record. The losing team, however, retains the loss, and individual statistics resulting from the subject game(s) are not affected other than for players declared specifically ineligible."

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I think mine is 28.  25-3, not a bad percentage.
Breakdown by year.
2005: 1-0, went to the Michigan State game
2006: 7-0
2007: 6-0, roommates parents came down so I gave them my Illinois ticket
2008: 4-1, Penn State was the first loss I saw live
2009: 5-1, damn USC
2010: 1-0, went to Indiana game
2011: 0-1, went to Michigan State game
2012: 1-0, went to Illinois game

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I've been to six games and two spring games. One vs Iowa when I was like 10 (can't remember the year but I'm pretty sure it was a loss), vs BG in '92, vs MSU in '05, vs Akron in '07, vs Purdue in '08 and vs Illinois in '09.

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My first game was in-utero against Illinois in 1990.  That counts because although I technically was 3 months from being born, I still faintly heard the O H I O chant.  Pissed me off though, because I couldn't see a damn thing.
Since then, my dad and I have been to Memorial Stadium (Illinois) 4 times, Kinnick 4 times, Folsom Field 7 times (not Buckeyes but college football so it's still cool. This is Colorado's stadium btw). I have attended the Fiesta Bowl 2 times in 2003 and 2008, the opening game against Miami FL in 1999 at The Meadowlands, and of course The Shoe on 19 different occasions. This includes the 2006 Game of the Century, 3 different games in 2002, and the MichiGinn game in 2004, ​which was actually really awesome and might be at the same level as the 2006 game, but not really haha.  
So yeah, well over 21 OSU games.

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Not nearly enough. 1, the 1988 LSU comeback game.