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Should the Miami Hurricanes face lesser penalties as a result of the NCAA's investigation improprieties?



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Rules were broken over and over again without care. Time for the hammer to come on down.

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I'm glad there was a "hell no" option.

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How the hell else should the NCAA gather information? Ask politely? The NCAA should have martial law, no-holds-barred type authority over it's member institutions. I'm talking all out. It should be able to wire tap, dress up like a booster and try to entrap athletes, subpoena documents, all of it. Only then will we have a level playing field.
I say this because as an OSU fan, we are forever branded as cheaters. People say the entire Tressel era was tainted because of the Tat-5. I want everyone's records cleared like I want Tressel's other 9 years cleared. I don't want to think about Miami and just think, "oh, well, they 'Da U' so they just cheat all the time." I want to be able to say only the games and teams that were effected by the rule breakers were the cheating caused wins, etc.

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The thing that people don't understand with NCAA investigations is that they are kind of like a rabbit hole. Generally the more you start to look into a program the more dark and dirty secrets you are going to find. This is especially true in this case. It makes investigating things very difficult because when you have violations with this amount of depth you have a bigger chance of messing something up. However that doesn't mean that because your school was a dumpster fire you should have no punishment because the NCAA had some screw ups. 
Also, giving yourself a bowl ban from a 7-6 and 6-6 year isn't exactly punishment for years upon years of violations. 

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Agreed, completely.
On another note, in my eyes, trying to get out of punishments because of a 'technicality', if you will, is such a childish and POS thing to do. Accept the punishment that is coming. The dumpster fire has been going on for so long, and saying that they should not be held accountable anymore is insane. Every time that lady opens her mouth, it is just ridiculous. I can't take her 'victim' stance anymore. 
its hard to say how I feel, and I feel this shalalalalala person is wrong on so many levels.... I hate that entire institution.

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Best 4th option ever. The U got away with too much for too long. 

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Agreed RBUCK ... best 4th option I've seen on 11W yet.


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you will get no sympathy from me, canes.

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While I definitely believe the U should be hammered, the bylaws should be followed and they should only be hammered for conduct that is corroborated (NOT repeated), proven, and done so in an ethical and rule-abiding manner.

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It's a tough situation.  If there is anything that Miami should get reduced for it is for waiting so damn long and basically holding a university hostage.

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Book 'em, Dano.

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I voted no before I realized there was a "hell no" option.... :'(

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Our legal system relies far too much on procedural protections that can be manipulated or ignored by a skilled practitioner.
Punish 'em all. Miami for being crooked, and the investigators for being incompetent asses.

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Punish them all, let God sort 'em out!

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hammer time.  They should have investigated those people years ago, but they were the chosen ones.  Sort of like now-----

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I have to respectfully disagree. I think they should get one more year of a bowl ban and that's it. Al Golden took the job knowing tough times were ahead and he wanted to right the ship. I respect anyone who has the balls to do that when better opportunities lie elsewhere. They are taking the right steps as a program to fix themselves.  The primary reason I want Miami to be good again is to soften up the SEC a little. History shows when FSU and the U are tough, the SEC is not elite. A big part of the problem at Miami now is their bandwagon fans not showing up to support the team. Penn State dealt with much worse, and they will continue to pack the stands.
Basically I'm in favor of college football being at its best at all times. By that I mean for all traditional powers to be relavent and in the mix. It doesn't do anything for me to see Miami, Michigan, Texas, USC, and Nebraska become mediocre. It means more to me when Ohio State beats a team when they are at their best, like in 2002.

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With all that Florida talent, where was he going to go that was a better opportunity. He didn't coach under sanctions or anything like that.

The only reason Miami sat out is because the team is 13-11 in the last two seasons. Does anyone honestly believe Miami would have self-imposed a bowl ban if they had a legitimate shot at getting to the NC or big time bowl game?

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