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Who is the third starting wide receiver next season?



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Reigining Spring Game MVP, son. Bam Childress 2.0

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All B1G trophies have to have 2 names so the spring game mvp was re-named the Bam Childress/Taurian Washington Trophy.


I would hope it would be Smith.  He's got 2 years left and commited to OSU to play right away.

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Smith...hands down

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Smith is college football ready now.  Maybe not to UFM standards, but he'll get there quickly. He's gone through a lot mentally and emotionally. He's at a higher level physically than the freshmen.  I like Thomas, but I'd wager on Smith.

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They all will see playing time if they put in the work at practice. I like Smith a lot but I wouldn't discount Spencer, Thomas, or Marshall. They are all very talented and it is just going to take that little extra to get the most playing time. Isn't this a great position for all of Buckeye Nation to be in? GO BUCKS!!!!

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It won't  be Marshall...he will be a situational player this season IMO, could be wrong though. 

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This is one of most difficult poll I've had to decide on. I mean Spencer, Marshall, Thomas and Smith could all contribute in equal ways as the third receiver. But, I had to give the nod to Michael Thomas as he's been in the system compared to Marshall and Smith. However, I do expect Corey Smith to receive lots of game time.

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From what I've read Marshall will be in the hybrid/slot role, so he won't take any time on the outside from the other guys.  I'd say Smith, Thomas, and Spencer will all see adequate time on the field.  It will be nice to have another really good WR line up opposite of Devin Smith.  Hopefully Braxton improves on his reads in the offseason and our passing game improves.  I'd like to see 300 passing and 200 rushing per game next season. 

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I am a pretty big Spencer fan.  While I think Smith will have a big role.  I think Spencer starts due to having more time in the system, knowing and executing blocking assignments, and that sort of thing.  In full disclosure, I have never seen Smith block, maybe I am way off-base here.
Michael Thomas is a big X-Factor.  He may step up and surprise us all.

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I was thinking about this last night actually.  I think it will be Smith and Spencer fighting for the spot.  

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Some people have just wrote off Evan Spencer. :/

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That's the same I thought when I saw the %-ages.


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Crazy idea: Jordan Hall at the "Ginn" position.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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J Hall is quickly becoming an after thought.  

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If healthy, I think Hall will be a very valuable contributor to the team in this upcoming season.  Knowledge and experience is what he brings to the table, and it seems like I'm one of the few that believes that he can consistently make plays.  Hoping he has a great senior year.

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I agree. he's only become an afterthought because we haven't seen him healthy since '11.
He'll be big for us this year provided he stays healthy.

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For fans with short attention spans, maybe. I doubt Meyer feels the same.

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Evan Spencer. He has been right outside the starting lineup and now is his chance to start.

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Im gonna go with Thomas... he showed potential in the spring game, and around the Purdue/Penn St game, I noticed Urban would sub in the two backup WRs a lot for one play at a time, and he was the primary receiver in that package... granted most were runing plays, but I believe it was the Wisconsin game when they attempted a goal line TD pass to him?  
Either way, I have high expectations for this kid, the talent is there,  definately looking for him to work his way into the 3rd receiver slot this season...

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I remember watching Thomas in last years spring game and he impressed me. I will say Thomas or Smith but I think both are good options. I feel our offence is going to be scary good next year.

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I think Evan Spencer is the guy.  However, the key is the development of Braxton Miller.  Miller's accuracy needs to be consistent -- too often he  looked scared in the pocket last year.  Was never actually at a game, so on TV I can never tell if guys are getting open and he is missing them, or if guys just weren't getting open.   A lot of times, it seemed like he had plenty of time to throw but was sacked.  For me, that was frustrating to watch.  I kind of refuse to believe that nobody was getting open with all that time, but I know I could be wrong.

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Tough question, seeing how the starting lineup will change as the season progresses. Remember, OSU is getting a ton of playmakers, and not all will start, no matter how good. 
Personally I think Jalin has the most potential, but I know he won't start day one. November is a different story though...


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I hope they run four-wide and five-wide sets several times every game.  We have five legitimate WRs now with at least two years of post HS ball. 

  1. Philly
  2. Devin Smith
  3. Evan
  4. Michael T.
  5. Corey Smith

With Braxton's running ability, and Herman/Meyer using motion blocking, etc. I can't see Big Ten teams stopping it.  Just need Brax to deliver the ball correctly and accurately!
edit: Forgot about Chris Fields, he's always looked very good when I've seen him on the field.  What's the reason he doesn't play more?  Attitude, routes, blocking...?

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Learning the offense too slow, maybe?

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i like spencer to start

stark county football

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Chris Fields still in the mix or will he transfer? I think the Purdue solidified him staying but we will see I guess.
Voted Corey Smith btw, JUCOs have a big head start vs high school kids.