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What do you think about Manti Te'o now?



Buckeyevstheworld's picture

While I don't trust anyone that isn't myself, i'm hoping he was just duped, and will learn from it.

It's somewhat funny if that is the case, but we have to be careful when it comes to this. Kicking a someone when they're down could lead to something bad.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

bukyze's picture

  I feel like the option "he was completely duped" should be followed with (explain yourself). 
Edit: BuckeyeVST, this should not have been a response to you, just a regular response to the poll.

Squirrel Master's picture

He was duped, he didn't care enough about her to meet her, then the media got the story, then all of a sudden he loves her and talked to her on the phone every night, then he finds out it was a hoax, now he says he never met her.
That is my take and I actually have more detail on the skully today. He lied, but only about how much of a relationship he had with the online person.

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

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I think he was in on it from the start and the true reason for that should come out in the wash at some time. I don't expect any true explanation until after this kid gets his NFL contract.




     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...                

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I don't like to be a troll, but I do like to lurk every now and then.  I read some of the posts over at IrishEnvy and some of those guys are absolutely nuts.  The ones claiming that the guy who created the twitter account was set up to do it by USC and that USC was in on the whole thing to make Manti Te'o look bad.  A lot of them were suggesting that ND cancel the USC series unless USC comes clean on the matter and apologizes.
And they think Deadspin's version is farfetched?

onetwentyeight's picture

We're about to see them go down the same destructive path of self-delusion that led PSU students to riot after JoePa was let go for covering up a massive child rape scandal. 
Buckle your seatbelts. 

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My biggest question is how much he agreed to pay this guy to come out and say it was all a hoax? 10% of his rookie contract? 20%?

WildMan Leather and Lace's picture

I really hope he was in on it.  It really makes me feel better about myself to know that such horrible people are real.  I hope a lot of bad things happen to him and I hope a lot of good things happen to me.

sir rickithda3rd's picture

there is no way he wasnt in on it at some point... and lets face it it did help his run at the heisman, his numbers sure as hell wasnt the reason. ill be interested to find out what the real story is and i dont think the public will know until after the draft

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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Agree with the 97% here. At this point we know for a fact he was still talking about his "girlfriend" dying even after he had told ND it was a hoax. It seems even more likely now that, at the very least, he was continuing the story to save face earlier in the season as well.