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How do you feel about the punishment dealt to Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort?



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its probably too harsh, but its also a good way to set an example for everyone else, and show urban isnt going to mess around. i just hope theyre not resentful, and that the summer of not working with anyone doesnt affect them too much

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I think this situation set up perfectly for Urban.  It worked out that they were both starters, so he could be harsh and show that he would dish out punishment to anyone on the team.  And then it also works out because they aren't missing any games. 

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This whole thing is beyond ridiculous. That these two would run from the police after doing absolutely nothing that warranted any action whatsoever, let alone running from cops, is just silly. NEVER RUN FROM THE POLICE. NEVER. That the police would have nothing better to do than to create an issue out of two college kids urinating outdoors, in the dark of night, at two in the morning and between buildings, is equally inane. And that this would result in the loss of scholarships, albeit temporarily, ices the whole cake. I know Urban wants to set the tone and send a message, but IMO he’s punishing the players’ parents more than the players themselves as the parents will most likely be the ones who absorb the financial costs.

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Just right. Urban nor the police make the laws, but they are ultimately responsible for carrying them out. It was hard for me to take initially how Urban was so blunt and to the point. Now, I have the utmost respect for him.

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Pulling your junk out in public and urinating on a building is illegal, I hate to break the news that their may be consequences.  Have I done this before?, absolutely.  If I would have gotten caught would I have been arrested?, absolutely.  If your team is on probation and under the microscope, don't pee on buildings at 2am in the morning.        

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Just right.
There has to be a hard-line stance taken from the beginning, especially when they are upper classmen/team leaders that are being counted on for the season.  It is NOT ok to get arrested, no matter what the reason.  This is the perfect time and method of getting through to the team right away that this will not be accepted and/or swept under the rug under Urban's watch.

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Like others have stated I think that this punishment is a good thing.  We're under a microscope and everyones watching.  Hammer them and make an example and others will think twice.  An arrest is an arrest and it looks bad on the program.    

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For some strange reason this same question and choices was just brought up by Adam Neff (sp?) on the Fan. Guess he reads 11W.

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Yeah, I've noticed that our hotter topics and his discussions tend to have a lot of overlap.  I'm betting he digs on the site.

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Yep. Last April, we found out that he reads the site, so Johnny welcomed him the following morning.

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Their parents are going to be pissed angry

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I saw what you did there.

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Too harsh. Then again I'm just some dumb college kid who finds all of this ridiculous. Also folks, punishing them should have nothing to do with the NCAA or any possible actions. The NCAA doesn't care when you actually break the law, see: Auburn robbers, or Michael Floyd. They only care when you break one of their archaic bylaws.