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Who "wins" the spring game?



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Always root for the Gray, no matter who's coaching or playing for them. Don't really know why. 

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I picked Scarlet, although I will say they look awfully thin at LB.  Klein likely won't play at all, and they better hope Shazier is feeling well...

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The numbers look better if you assume they're going to be playing the star position a lot. They have the DB numbers to do that and I think they're almost forced to with the LB numbers.

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I'm taking Gray. I'm a bit surprised that the voting is so skewed toward Scarlet right now (72% w/ 90 votes).

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Braxton won't play the entire spring game, Gray.

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Gray has the receivers and the defense in what is going to be a pass-happy game. I'm going with gray.

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Anyone think Guiton outplays Miller? He does seem to play well in these games.

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I would think it would be more of Stoney and Corey Brown outplaying the other TE/WR. Plus if everything we have been hearing is accurate, Simon might not let Braxton get a chance to shine! I really would like Nate Williams to be playing, I think he is still hurt. Nate and Simon together is what I wanted so badly last year.

I do agree though, Guiton played really well in the Spring Game 2 years ago. The gray team should win!

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I'm rooting for Gray. It's an all-Ohio-State color, and I want it to win. 

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I voted for Scarlet.  I used my NFL logic.  I picked the team with the most Buckeye players on it.

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The Ohio State University, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2006
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Class of 2009

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I placed a four-digit parlay on Gray getting the points, (I bought the hook) & the over.


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well all win, you guys. we. all. win.

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Kenny G and Cardale haven't been spectacular this spring. I don't think either of them will have a good day, so I'll go with scarlet. Siems will get some time towards the end, but Brax will play most of the game since he'll have a black jersey on.

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You've been reading different things on Kenny than I have. I expect his usual solid spring game performance.

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I saw him pretty much fail for the entire open practice. I just don't think they'll be able to outscore Braxton (who was taken No. 1 overall for a reason, Herman had the first pick) and the rest of scarlet.

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It's going to be a pass happy game, and John Simon is on the other side.  I'll take gray.

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