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Which upset did you enjoy more?



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I knew OU would win that one & I'm real happy they did.

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Lehigh over Duke. Kind of expected Michigan University to fail miserably so it was just a matter of course. Duke and their snooty sense of entitlement, their long history of rose petal laden paths to the final four getting bounced by a 15 gave me great satisfaction.

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I think you're on to something. They are no longer the University of Michigan, but will forever be known as Michigan University around here.

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I must admit that I almost always cheer for any B1G team in the tourney - I love to see our league do well. However, the irony of seeing MU lose to Ohio was sweet. I watched from beginning to end, and pulled for OU from the start. Just wonder if Choke understands the difference now?!!!

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Agreed. I saw some MU Tard in the stands with one of those "Worst state ever" t-shirts, with the outline of the State of Ohio on it, and wondered how such a glorious school/state/team from up north could lose to TWO teams from "the worst state ever".

And one of my friends informed me that four teams that wear GREEN won yesterday....except Notre Dame. I'm thinking God doesn't like ND anymore...




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"The worst state ever" teams were 4-0 in the round of 64 and bounced the Wolverweenies.

The Big Ten was 5-1 in the round of 64.  The only loss was guessed it...the Wolverweenies!

It's absolute perfection.  The one team from the Big Ten that I will never root for goes down while the Big Ten still looks pretty strong overall.

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"worst state ever".....  Bo, Woodson.... aren't all the best football players on Meatchickens  team from either OHIO or out of state? All the talent in michigan goes to MSU.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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And Ohio doesn't have Detroit. Always a plus to not have Detroit.

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Some tsun fans up north wanna know if they lost to  Ohio Buckeyes or The Ohio State Bobcats.

I dont usually watch b ball but i had to watch this game and it was as good as when Toledo Rockets beat their football team on Oct 11 2008....   lol


Go Ohio

& Go Bucks

O H I O is the Buckeye State

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I'm only anti-Duke when they play tOSU, so I didn't rejoice when they lost.

After all the crap Meatchicken talked this last year, watching them lose to the Bobcats was the 3rd best thing that could happen in the tournament.

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Add Howard to the list and Jaba the hoke is from Ohio as well. Detroit is a dump. I have lived in Ohio for 41 years and can count on 1 hand how many times I have been to that shit hole of a state.

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