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Which Big Ten team will go the furthest in the NCAA Tournament?



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That vote for Michelin had better be M Man.



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It wasn't me, to be totally honest with you.  My (head-not-heart) vote went with The Ohio State University.  My bracket has OSU in the final four.

I'll be happy if we beat Ohio (can I say that here?) and avoid the AppStateMemeHorror that would (deservedly) unfold if we lost to "Ohio."

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Looks like we could get Ohio State vs Wisconsin in the Elite 8 match.

Would be great to see 3 B1G teams in the Elite 8.


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Using Ken Pom rankings, that will happen (even before Fab Melo was gone). 

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I really think Wisconsin is going to lose to Vandy.

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I'm hoping for the B1G to represent this year in the tourney, a lot of chances for this to come true.

Fab Melo going out just made OSU's #2 seed almost seem like a #1.

Go Bucks!


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I chose the Bucks. It's not being a blind homer -it's being an optimistic homer.

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Blind Homer here.  Go Bucks!

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When it's a wash (osu-msu), gotta go with coaching. So I went msu

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Championship Game-  tOSU vs Michigan State. 

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