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Do you plan to attend the Spring Game?



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I votes yes, but I'm not sure. Is it easily accessible to students? That would be my first year on campus.

Class of 2016. Go Bucks!

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"General admission tickets, which include both the lacrosse and football games, are $7 each in advance. Tickets will be $15 on game day (cash only). As in the past, Ohio State students and children 6 and under will be admitted free of charge in all general admission sections."

I'll be going as well & expect the place will be packed.

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You get in free with a BuckID, just show up. I'd go early, the good seats go quickly...but it means you have to sit through the lacrosse game.

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Students get in free?! i was not aware of this. I demand my money back!

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Sweet. Thanks for the replies, will definitely be going now.

Class of 2016. Go Bucks!

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I'm going to be marching that day. So, I'll be up since 4, and at the Shoe since around 6ish. By the time the spring game starts, I'll be quite tired.

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I voted yes.  But the fact that there's little chance I'll be able to cover the 2500 mile distance just means my plans to attend will likely fail.

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Unfortunately, it's too long a haul to be a doable road trip. If I still lived in NE Ohio I would definitely make plans to  attend. I'll have to catch a glimpse of the festivities on BTN, and rely on the reports from 11dub as usual.

Go Meyer! Go Bucks!


Go Bucks!