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Who's the best coach on Meyer's staff?



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Seriously people? Luke Fickell?? Am I the only person who saw this dude coach this past year?? Luke Fickell hasnt shown enough to be warranted as the second best coach on the staff!! Have we forgotten the "dear in headlights" look he's shown on the sidelines while getting spanked by the opposing team?? Wow...

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No one liked the situation we were in last year, including Fickell likely. He wasn't ready. Now, he's back where he has proven himself as the LB coach and DC (from co-DC under Tressel). He's not the HC anymore. Who else do you vote for? I'm sure few of us on this blog have seen what these new coaches can do. Fick is PROVEN doing what he is expected to do next year.

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I voted Warinner. His O-lines at Notre Dame were superb. Also he was integral in their development of a solid run game. The guy is so much better than Bollman it's unbelievable.

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Dont get me wrong I like Fick as a person and have a TON of respect for the guy, but he just doesnt seem like hes ready for the big stage. Maybe in the future but not yet. And from what do we have to grade Fickell on?? LB coach? Our LB's have been very average as of late. Co-DC? From my understanding he didnt even handle the majority of the defensive duties. So what really do we have to go by? And lets be honest, yes he was fighting a uphill battle all year but was it really that bad?? Ohio State is a football factory so while losing players was hard, its something every school has to deal with EVERY year. TP, Posey, Boom, & Adams all could have left last year and we would have been in the same position we were in beginning of last season. I guarantee Tres wouldnt have finished 6-7 with the same exact roster so lets not act like he was faced with this HUGE obstacle that was too much for anyone to overcome. Like the saying goes "At Ohio State, We Dont Rebuild, We Reload!" Our offense was a total joke last year. Why did it take Fick so long to bench Bauserman?!! Bauserman was so horrible, he wouldve made Boeckman look like Johnny Unitas! So lets be real yes taking over as interim coach last year while dealing with the media scrutiny was tough, but this is still tOSU and losing the way we did last year had alot to do with coaching...

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Voted for Zach Smith.




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I'm excited about the whole staff, but I voted for Luke simply because, until 2011, he was a Defensive coach, and we always had strong Defenses.  I don't know enough about the other coaches to vote for them.

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I voted warriner almost out of hope. Then I looked up Notre dame line on YouTube and saw a blocking sled being used and became more sure of my vote. The era of walrus is over.

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Luke Fickell. He was given a giant shit sandwich and took the biggest bite of it he could. And he did it with the right attitude. I think he was being bugged about the "Urban Meyer" situation just before Michigan, and he said he didn't know about all that, but "my ass will be there".

I don't hold him at fault as the defensive coach when Bollman did not develop line talent.

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i think its too early for most people to make an educated guess on most of these guys..i have never heard of most of them until about a month ago..

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I am somewhat shocked that Fickell has such a large majority. I give him all the credit in the world for stepping up like he did- you simply cannot question his character- but his coaching ability? In my opinion, there were moments in EVERY game this past season where it was clear that Fick had no idea what he was doing.


I voted Tim Hinton- he was by far my favorite addition to the staff. Great resume-- just a very intelligent coach and top notch teacher of the game. 

I would probably have Herman/Withers in a tie for 2nd.

I think the jury is still out on Vrabel as far as coaching is concerned. No doubt kids love him as a recruiter though.

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I think you have to grade each coach on the position they will be coaching.  Saying Fickell is not a good coach because he was not ready to be a Head Coach does not really answer the question in my opinion. I think Fick did great things with the Animal, Rolle, Spit, and others.  I like the thought of him coaching up Grant, Sabino, Shazier and others next season.

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Fickell - Yes there were moments last year when he looked out of place. He also was the one entrusted with the team during the schools least finest hour. He dealt with it. Managed a huge win against Wisky (credit Braxton here more than anyone) and dealt with the loss of a lot of talented guys as well as he could. Would JT have done better? Yes. But no one said he was JT. The defenses have been good with him coaching them, and....he's a Buckeye! He's also a damn good recruiter. Adolphus committed to him before Urban arrived. Don't know much about the others, so for now - Fickell gets my vote.

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I voted Withers...his Defenses at UNC over the past few years have been VERY good.

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Wasn't warinner a finalist for offensive line coach of the year?

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You know what's awesome?  How impossibly difficult this question is.