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Which Point Guard Would You Rather Have?



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I am shocked at this vote - 57% for Scott at this point? I know hate runs deep but Trey Burke is a much better player than Scott, at least at this stage. It's not even close in my mind.

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so are you saying you'd take Burke over Craft then?

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lol. that's awful logic. he says burke is better than scott, therefore you think he says burke is better than craft? wtf are you talking about?


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He said the distance between Scott and Burke was great.  So, how is that awful logic?  I'm not trying to put words into his mouth, I'm trying to get his opinion on the matter.  Baiting a bit.

I honestly think the better question may be who's better, Burke or Craft?  I'm not so sold on Craft with him turning it over and not dishing it well enough against decent talent.  His D is fantastic, no questions there. 

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I think you ask a fair question. I think a lot of my preference between Burke or Craft would be based on the rest of my team's makeup. With this particular team, I lean toward taking Craft's sometimes game changing defense over Burke's offensive production since the team does have 3 guys that can score 15+ per night though a guy like WB is susceptible to a slump.

I might be a little more inclined to take Burke if he shot better from the field, particularly from long range (whether it be a 3 or an 18 footer) simply because a guy that could stretch the defense would be so valuable to Sully and Buford in the way of opening things up a bit.

Looking at just the raw numbers in conference play, it's easy to make a case for the freshman Burke over the sophomore Craft though I'd take Craft for this season.

Burke is averaging 16.0 ppg to Craft's 8.0

Burke is averaging 4.8 apg to Craft's 4.1

Burke is shooting 79% from the line to Craft's 62%

Craft is shooting 53% from the floor to Burke's 43%  (Burke has taken twice as many shots)

Burke is averaging 4.3 boards to Craft's 3.3

Burke is playing 37 min per game to Craft's 28 which is inflating Burke's statistical edges a bit.




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Here compare the numbers.  Craft's numbers are more defensive, Burke's offensive. I think OSU is defensive oriented.



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Burke also turns it over a little more.  Will these two go head to head Sunday?

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Yeah. I compared the numbers. Before that, I also said I'd take Craft this year based on what he brings defensively. I just didn't quantify that in numbers.

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Burke is the better player, but he goes to Michigan. Give me the buckeye all day. Plus Burke is starting and Scott is playing mostly mop up duty.  Not even a fair question.

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

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A lot of us (including myself) projected scott coming in and filling the void at the 2-guard position. The fact is sibert and lenzelle are rovering that spot and Scott plain and simple isn't good enough to claim the starting position right now. The way burke has played already this yr for scUM tells me he wouldve been eating away at playing time off-guard of Craft. It's super early, scott has plenty of time to develop at this level.

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Well, I never go against a Buckeye, regardless of where the other player is from (in this case its TSUN). Always showing my support and faith in the young men who rep the OH-IO. But that was how my vote came to be.

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I am a huge buckeye homer...... and I hope Scott turns into the number 1 overall pick.  But to pick him over Burke at this stage in the game is one of the DUMBEST things I have ever heard of.  The Buckeye fans that voted for Scott are feeding into the stereotypes that Michigan fans label us with as hypocritical fans that a that have no actual knowledge of the sport.  Watch a game.  Burke is tremendous.  Scott very well may be once he gets more PT...... but right now he is not.  And don't play the "Burke is a starter card and Scott is not" card.... If Scott was playing like Burke Thad would find a way to get him in the game.

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Huge buckeye homers don't vote for Michigan. It just doesn't work that way.

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After Kalis did his little interview whine and made issues of obvious goings on as if it is only an OSU thing, I am developing an issue with Ohio kids playing for UM. Call it being competitive or having a feeling of being disloyal to your home state or whatever. I cannot root for UM players in any way especially someone I view as a traitor. I am old fashioned, stand up, speak your mind and take up for your own kind of guy. After hearing what comes out of these UM folks mouths, that's the way I feel and getting moreso daily. Anyone else feel that way or do I need help?

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Comparing Scott and Burke right now is an absolutely stupid assessment. Right now, Burke is the starting point gaurd for scUM. If we were to switch them out, Burke would probably be worse off than Scott is now. You can't compare them at this point, because they haven't played nearly the same amount of time. A more accurate comparison would be who would you take: Burke now or Craft last year, based on their performances in similiar roles for similiar playing time.

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If you're from OH and receive an offer from both schools but you choose UM then yes, I just don't get that. But I don't believe Burke had an offer from Ohio State. So if UM's his best offer and where he felt comfortable, have at it young man.

And I would definitely take Burke over Scott no question.

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I didn't Vote for Michigan.  I voted for Burke as the PG that I would rather have based on production at this point.  A Buckeye homer who has watched both play so far this year is either a liar or doesn't really watch college basketball.  Also, remember this, Burke was not recruited by us.  I'm sure we would have had a shot at getting him if we had recruited him.  Hard to call someone a traitor when we didn't give him a chance to stay here.  With that all said, I am not rooting for Burke.  I do not hope that he becomes the top PG in the league.  I hope Scott does.  My vote is based on how they have produced to this point...... and it is not even a close comparison right now.  I actually think Burke vs Craft would be a better question.  Burke is clearly more skilled offensively, but Craft is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league.  I would vote Craft there, but it would be a harder decision than it was for me to pick Burke over Scott.

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Maybe I'll get killed for typing this, but I think Craft has a ton of room to improve on dishing the ball effectively at a consistent level.  I haven't watched Burke to know if he is better at this than Craft or not to make a solid choice between them.

However, I am certain of my HATRED for Novak.  If anyone from the Nuthouse is reading this, PLEASE do something to mess with Novak.  Something legendary.


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I agree with you on Craft. I love the kid but I expected more offensive growth this season than we've seen. He still has no jumper for teams to respect and that's a problem considering nobody on the bench can hit a long jumper with any consistency at all. Typically, great players add a new piece to their game each season for the coach to utilize. Craft hasn't done that while Sully added an face up jumper and Thomas added an increased basketball IQ. (yes, I know WB didn't add anything this year but he has gradually improved his rebounding and passing over the years.)

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we're lying to ourselves. i'm all for loyalty, but burke is 1 of the 5 best freshmen in the country. THE COURT IS ADJOURNED.


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 At this point in their very early careers, this is like apples and oranges.  Burke gets all kinds of PT; Scott gets barely any.  Burke is relied upon to score; that is not Scott's role.  Scott has all the tools, the pedigree, the talent.  The only thing that isn't always there is the shot, but we're looking at a tiny sample size (less than 50 game shots), and much of it could be due to the inconsistent playing time.  Ohio State generally recruits well, so by choosing not to recruit Burke, who was right under their noses, and to focus instead on Scott says that Scott projects better and fits what they want out of a point guard, which, with all the talent waiting in the wings, might be someone who can direct an offense and distribute, rather than be a scorer.

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Very good points and insight on the situation. You win McLovin.

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I go Burke this year....Scott in the long run

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Yes, but can we please all agree on hating Novak?

Thanks in advance.

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This would be a better question if Morries had stayed. Why? Simply because Burke would be coming off the bench like Scott. You can't compare the two at this time.

As far as Craft vs Burke goes, i'd take Craft. While I wish Craft would try to look for his shot more, what he does defensively is outstanding. His decision making has been questionable, but he's coming along.

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