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What do you think of Bill O'Brien for Penn State?



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The PSU faithful thought that they could hook a marlin like we did.  They should have been looking for their flounder, like ttun.

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This is a great hire for them.  If he fails, which he should, no big deal.  If he does great, they look like geniuses.  They probably get him cheap, he probably does a decent job riding the storm out, and then they hire a better coach after this mess gets older and the stink is less pungent.  

How horrible is it to be a Penn State fan right now?  The former players get to snub their nose at the school while this "imposter" is there long enough to forget about how important it is to have someone from the "family" as a head coach.  I can't believe that former players want a Penn State guy in this job right now.  All the Penn State guys probably knew something was up with creepy uncle Jerry.  Why would you want them there when they did nothing?

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Good points, except if they were going to hire a sacrificial lamb, why not do it a month ago and/or hire someone who is available to recruit in December/January? Their 2012 class might end up being a disaster.  

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I believe State Pen thought they were going to get a high profile coach which didn't happen. They had to take choice number 10. But I believe he is still a great hire at this point. It is up to O'Brien to clean house and start over. Big Red is going to need to go because of the scandal. It is not a great time to play for or be a fan of PSU.

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I don't think PSU will be able to let MM go because of whistleblower laws. More likely that he gets reassigned to the Athletic Dept... unless he leaves of his own accord. Which is also doubtful. I can't think of anyone who would hire him as a coach at this point. Not even at the high school level (or maybe especially at the high school-level).

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Those probably only protect people who are fired in direct relation to their whistleblowing.  I think PSU could make an easy argument that when a new Head coach comes into a football team, they wipe out most of the staff anyway, and thus that his firing is not a retaliation from his whistleblowing.

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This is an interesting hire.  Many posts are saying that he will not be in place until after the Pats finish post season play.  Brings up many questions.  Obviously the AD fealt the need to go outside of the PSU football family and bring in new blood.  Will O'Brien also fill his staff with new faces or will he retain some of the family?  And, if he is not on board until the Pats are done, they are pretty much taking a back seat in the recruiting battle. 

This should test my theory of not having to land a top ranked recruiting class but still fielding a quality team (Boise and a few others do this every year).  But, the mess that is Penn State may be too much to overcome in the short term.  O'Brien should have demanded a long term no cut contract.  He may need it. 

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I expect he'll be back in the Pros around the same time Urban Meyer wins his first Championship as the Buckeye HC.

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PSU fans will surely be upset they got someone outside of the PSU family and this will create a mountain he shouldnt normally have to climb-but PSU had to go outside. They had to get someone not affiliated and this guy fits the bill. He might be ok. He might not. Most of Bill Belechik's assistants bottom out when they get their shot but the guy obviously knows football. With that said he wont out recruit Urban, Hoke, or even Pellini and Mark D....PSU might be coming to grips with their pending mediocrity.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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I think PSU fans were gonna be pissed about whoever the coach was. I do think they should have went with someone with HC experience, the guy seems like a great motivater, but if he can't recruit he's toast. I really think they should have went for a guy like Herm Edwards, mike singletary. Those types of guys would get results on the field and would probably fare well in recruiting because of who they are.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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As far as Brandon Shorts comments.... yea they should have cleaned house from the top to bottom. But he wants "a penn state person"..... well the media and NCAA want a new fresh start so we can put this all behind us as a nation of college football fans. I'm sure they wont have trouble filling the seats come august.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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PSU did a hell of a job convincing anyone to take that job.


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I'm not sure that anyone who got this job right now would be a good hire.  I guess it depends on what your definition of good hire is too.  I don't see anyone having on the field or recruiting success there.  it's going to be quite some time before this is a desirable job again.  It's my opinion they thought a high profile guy would come in right now and save the program.  The stink is too fresh though.  They put this guy in, let the program hit rock bottom (I think they have a way to go yet with this scandal) then they take their lumps, use this guy to get some good PR going, and in 3-5 years someone higher profile will take the job to restore Penn State to greatness(not saying that is going to happen just saying someone will take the challenge)

Even the most ambitious coach out there could see that taking this job right now is fighting a losing battle.  Until all the skeletons are out of the closet and some time passes, this is a toxic job. This guy won't succeed, but I'm not sure Saban, Miles, Meyer, or Paul Brown could take that job on right now and actually turn things around up there.

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This guy can't really be excited about going there can he?   It's a dumpster fire over there.  

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Voted for the second choice before I saw the fourth.