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Who deserves to play LSU? Why?



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The fighting Sabans had their shot and blew it at home. FakeOSU had a down game the day after a tragedy at their school, but have looked really impressive the rest of the way. I think it would be a much better game, and if they plan well enough defensively, I think fakeOSU can win.

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I agree. Same scenerio when we beat michigan in 06, there shouldn't be a rematch. It's not fair to the team who won. LSU shouldn't have to play Bama after they went into their place and won. LSU should play OK state. OK state just housed OU. No other one loss team won their conference, so I think fakeOSU should get the nod. Bama should play Stanford.

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Agreed with the above two posters. Alabama had there shot. Also, I can't stand teams that don't win their conference being national champions. If I could build a simple system of making sure that the best teams played (usually) I would go with the following setup:


The 6 BCS conference champions and 2 non-AQ schools that were their conference champions should play in an 8 team playoff. They get one week off, play two games in a row, the last two teams standing play for the NC. Also, in the first two weeks of the playoffs you play at the higher ranked school's stadium (or a venue of their choosing, I would love to see southern schools up north in the middle of December). The title game of course would still be a neutral field. I know this isn't perfect but there would be less complaining and it would give everyone the same shot. On top of all that you could finally get teams to play some decent non-conference games as these are getting more rare as time goes on.


All the other teams go to their respective bowl games. This would preserve the bowl games we love but would also get us a short playoff system.

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If they want a viewers they better pick the Cowboys. Lots will not watch LSU Bama again.

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I agree with all the above.  Alabama had their shot and lost.  I don't think I would watch another LSU-Alabama game.  The first one was pretty painful.

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Alabama, at home, couldn't score a single touchdown. (LSU didn't either, but made most of their fieldgoals.) Not only did Alabama NOT win their conference, they didn't even win their division! Listen I understand ESPN has a finacial stake in promoting the SEC. I get it. But if they want to take that final little step towards becoming a regional college football network, then let the paid talking heads push for an all SEC title game. But if they want to (slightly) remain a national college football network, they need to push for the fake OSU to play LSU.

Think about it...since 2006, the SEC knows that it's champion will play for the national title regardless of record. Are we now going to tell the SEC that you don't even have to win your division to play for the title? And what if Alabama wins another sloppy snoozefest? Will there be a cry to split the title, thus giving the SEC two national champs in the same year?


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That's why eSECpn haters like me will actually root for a LSU v. Bama rematch: to hasten the relegation of ESPN as a regional, not national, cfb network.

In the short term, an all SEC NCG would be lucrative for eSECpn, but it will sow discontent and contribute to eventual market saturation of what's realistically a regional product. The last thing eSECpn haters want is for LSU to drill Oklahoma State.  

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Snoozefest? ESPN told me it was an incredible game though? :P

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Actually that scenario has been confirmed. No matter what LSU does the AP has already decided they will be the AP Champs. So it would be possible that LSU becomes the AP Champs while if Alabama plays and wins would be the BCS Champs. What a shitty, shitty year for college  football.


Anyone else notice the correlation between the schools that oversign and National Champions?

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Ding! Ding! Ding!  We have a winner.  I think I am going to consider the Fiesta bowl the 85 scholarship MNC.  Whatever happens on ESECPN's mid-January matchup will not be on my television.  Please join me in boycotting the 100-something scholarship ESECPN/BCS game.  Somehow we have to stop them from completely ruining this great sport.

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It's hilarious watching CBS announcers talk about how much depth LSU and Alabama have as if it's some righteous coincidence.

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OkSU. Simlpy because if it's a rerun, I won't watch it.

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For the life of me I don't understand why ESPN is pimping the rematch so hard. YES they have "SEC Bias" for what that's worth, but from a purely monetary standpoint ... I have a hard, hard time imagining that the ratings for a rematch will be anywhere as good as OklaSt - LSU.


There was much griping after the 1908-esque FG battle from most CFB fans who were let down by the Game of the CENTURYYYY!!! hype. Sure SEC Country will tune in ... but nationally, I can't imagine ESPN gets more viewers from another 9-6 crapfest (altho I bet you somewhere, ole Jimmy T got a stiffie that night) than from the Hype of a "Best Offense vs Best Defense"- showdown.

And this is crude mathematics, but if viewers = money, and espn is ultimately in this for the money, why are they pushing the option that is destined to earn everybody involved much less money? 



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Two things:

  1. I'm not sure that the ratings for LSU v. Bama would be lower than for LSU v. Okla St. A rematch contributes to longer-term problems (viewer disgust outside the SEC geographical footprint, market saturation, etc.), but it probably wouldn't hurt short-term financials.
  2. The espn cfb "infrastructure" is now filled with people who don't simply see the SEC as being currently the strongest conference (i.e., a temporary, cyclical phenomenon) but who see the SEC as genetically superior, so to speak (i.e., permanent dominance). Last night, on CBS (the other major SEC partner), Gary Danielson actually complained that there might come a year in the future, when at least one SEC team is not invited to the NCG - oh, what a travesty! When these people lobby for a LSU v. Bama rematch, they're not doing so much for business reasons, but because they believe it's the best and fairest (most appropriate) arrangement.    
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If Alabama gets into the NCG I will poop myself. OK State is more than deserving.

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If it happens, boycot every BCS game.

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Yeah, within the confines of the stupid BSC system I am all about OK State.  Alabama had thier shot and lost.

And why is the question always about who deserves to be second.  What about LSU?  Do they deserve to have to beat the Tide twice to win the MNC?  Especially when winning a rematch in college is so damn difficult.

That said I am HOPING for a rematch as perhaps the 5 other AQ conferences getting locked out of the MNC game might cause a few more jenga blocks to be pulled out from under the BCS.  

I'm sorry for not being sorry.

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If BCS was smart, they would have designed it so that you had to win your conference to play in the NCG.  Small oversight then, big time implications today. Apparently winning the toughest conference this year is worth nothing.

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had their shot and lost....AT HOME!  at least okie state lost on the road in double OT!

Bama might win the title and they didn't win their conference.....That means the system is rigged folks.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Simple:  If you can't win your conference you don't play in the NC.  How difficult is that to understand?

Ahhhhh, I forgot about politics, style points, ESPN etc.  I just have two words for a LSU vs BAMA rematch: "BITE ME"

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First I would say I think Alabama is the best team in the country. Based on the game between LSU and Bama. But since it is LSU, and I like the BCS becaue the regular season has to matter, it has to be Oklahoma State. Bama had their chance. That is supposed to be a part of the system.

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I'd rather watch Charlie Weis and Brady Hoke wrestle in jello than watch a rematch of two SEC teams.

Come on BCS --- everyone wants to see that Okie State O vs. that LSU D.

Common sense

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When the Bucks and wolverweenies played a 1-2 match, ESPN said, "no rematch"...and the logic was good.  We know LSU is better than Bama, but we don't know if they can beat OKState.   If there is a rematch, and Bama wins, then what?  Another rematch?  Best of 3?   We saw what happened to Troy Smith and the gang...could very well happen to LSU too.

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Pretty simple. One team won their league, other didn't even win a division of their league.

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Okie State should play LSU. 'Bama had their chance, and they blew it, at home, in overtime. We know how that went. Let's see how LSU plays a different team.

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Okie St. Simply look at the two resumes. More wins over above .500 teams than Bama has. Okie St are Big 12 champs, and they capped the whole thing off with a convincing win over the Sooners. It seems so simple, leave it to the BCS to screw this whole thing up. Plus two ACC teams in the BCS. It is like they are begging for a playoff. 

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