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Who do you WANT to be Ohio State's next head coach?



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Chris Peterson would be an incredible hire, beyond incredible.

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He's done an amazing job at Boise, but I'm a little wary of the lack of success his predecessors have shown after leaving.  It may not be the case with him, but I'm still cautious.  

I'm for Urban Meyer mostly because he's a proven commodity, he's an Ohio guy and he's listed it as his "dream job" and before he left Florida he was the best coach in college football in recruiting and in coaching.  I think if we get him it's a home run.  We'll be back to where Coach Tressel had us, probably even better.

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Intended as friendly banter, I absolutely hate Urban Meyer.  First of all, because he beat us in the NC game in 2006/2007.  Secondly, I hate him because he stepped down from UF.  There's non way he could survive the OSU fanbase.  We are the best fans in the land, but we are also the most demanding fans in the land.  He was stressed at UF and won 2 NC's?  No way he'd survive OSU.  I think he's soft.  Plus, during Meyer's stint at UF, there were quite a bit of off the field issues, even though the UF players were "still good kids."  We can't handle more off the field crap right now.

I look at what Peterson has done with the talent he gets at BSU and if he came to OSU and ONLY recruited the state of Ohio, he would have more talent to work with.  The BSU kids are disciplined beyond belief and that's the kind of stuff I want to see in a football team.  I don't think OSU can lure him away from BSU though, but man would I love it.  I think he's my #1 choice at the moment.

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So much this with regard to Meyer.  I'm not sold on Peterson, but you can't really argue with results.

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Disciplined beyond belief?

Didn't BSU get hit with loss of scholarships because the kids weren't disciplined?


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It was because they let potential recruits sleep on their couches and gave them ride without asking for gas money.

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And that was mostly tennis and other Olympic sports.  The football violations were actually quite light.

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Those were the football violations.  I think they added up to something like $5000, but it was between a lot of recruits.

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Agree with your comments here OBP. If the stress was getting to Meyer at UF, there is no way he can stand the pressure in C'bus, even if he is successful.

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As much as I don't like Meyer because he led UF in the debacle that was the 2006 BCS Championship, I am warming to him as I've listened to him during game broadcasts.  But the shenanigans he pulled in his last 12-15 months at Florida still cause concern.  If he's going to get the job, I'd like to have confidence that he'll stick around for several years, and won't complain about a health problem requiring his retirement if there's a down year.

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Urban Meyer.  I don't care how many people hate him for whatever reason.  I didn't like him when he was at Florida either but after watching our offense in the Miami and MSU games, I say pay the man.

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I say we offer Brady Hoke and pay him in donuts.

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That made me laugh.

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BTW, it is spelled Petersen and he gets my vote.

Edit: Just to be clear, I hope Luke keeps the job and hires an entirely new O staff in the off season. But if that doesn't happen I'd love to try and get Petersen. However, he may not take the job. I've heard that if he takes another job it would be a west coast team like Stanford or Cal.

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Gruden.  Motivator, can coach, and will insert foot in rectums when necessary.

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My vote was for Urban Meyer, but I'd also be plenty happy with Gary Patterson. The guy has a proven track record of success with the 4-2-5, which we already spend a good amount of time in, and has shown that he can take 2, 3, and 4 star recruits and turn them into studs. He'd be a great hire, IMO

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Urban for recruiting...he'll own Ohio and Florida.

Long live the southend.

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No to Urban,

1) doesn't solve our NCAA problems: "Damn, I'm glad I'm Chris Rainey."That's the exact phrase that got Rainey in trouble as a Lakeland High School player in 2006, when he revealed to the Miami Herald that people in town were handing him cash and giving him high-priced clothing. It was the first time his mouth got him in trouble, establishing a pattern that continued at Florida.

2) Stock up on bail money for those Meyer recruits. Remember how used to complain about Cooper's guys going to jail and Herbie said "stop recruiting those types" just last year. Over 30+ arrests during coach Urban Meyer’s tenure in Gainesville....


3) never going to love him after the NCS. Not even if he wins 2 for us.

4) he left gators for health reasons and wasn't up for rebuilding.  how is he going to put forth the energy to fix tOSO woes.



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So, who's your choice?

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Agreed with all these and more:

1) He threw a temper tantrum at a reporter for daring to publish something not-nice about a player.

2) He essentially got into the championship game to begin with by whining.

3) I'm not sure how much of his offense was him. Look at how much they collapsed his last two years coaching there.

I'll agree that he's seemed reasonable during some of the broadcasts, but if he comes here I'm going to go back to being a casual fan.

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This thought crossed my mind the other day, Steve Sarkisian.. ??

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Sark is a W Coast guy through and through. He's from the Torrance area orginally, which is in the southern LA county area semi-close to the ocean. There's no way he leaves U Dub and comes to OSU.

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Do I think Gruden could do a good job? Absolutely. Do I think that the job is big enough for his ego? I'm not so sure.


Meyer would be great if we could be sure to get at least 3-5 years out of him


Dantonio has had some success at M St. I am sure he would be better here but his health is a major concern


Bo needs to show me he can win before I am convinced that I would want him. That audtion starts Saturday, unfortunately.


Peterson from Boise is the ideal candidate. Very successful at a smaller program with less resources and visibility. If he can do that there, what can he do here?



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Just think of a wide open office here at OSU. DROOL

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I'd vote for Meyer or Peterson.  Meyer has won national championships and Peterson kept Boise on the rise when he took over and made them even better, year in and year out.  More importantly, both have shown that they will adjust their offense to the strengths of the players they have (a la Tebow as the short yardage QB... as much as it sucked to be on the other end of it), which is something the current staff hasn't quite figured out.

Player discipline is an issue with Meyer, but he recruits like nobody's business.  Peterson doesn't have the discipline problems (the other sports got Boise into most of the recent NCAA trouble) and turns the "less skilled" recruits he gets into winners.

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If we could get Chris Petersen that would be absolutely incredible. Take a step back and honestly evaluate the Coach:

1) Boise beats teams that they are supposed to beat (with the exception of Nevada last year). Not only does Boise beat teams they are supposed to beat, they absolutely curb stomp them into the ground with the hatred of Derek Vinyard. That shows you that he has very disciplined teams. Yes, I know that he is not playing against Big Ten or SEC schools on a consistent basis. At the same time he does not have the talent of an average SEC school or a top Big Ten School.

2) More often than not Boise State beats teams that have more talent. This is the best indicator of a great coach. Sure you can destroy Idaho (go back to growing our nation’s potatoes NERDS), but beating a team that you have no business even being in the game with (see Oklahoma during the 2006 season) means that a coach is innovative and has some balls. You can’t beat a more talented team without a clever X’s and O’s scheme and taking risks, two ideal traits in a head coach.

3) Finally (and to me this is the most astonishing thing of all), he gets high school boys to come playing in FREAKING IDAHO. I know that Idaho is actually a vastly underrated state especially when it comes to natural beauty such as mountains, forests, etc. However, it is not warm, there are no major cities in the state, the girls cannot possibly be as attractive as a Big Ten or Pac-10 school (NO ONE DENIES THIS), you are not playing anyone in major cities, and let me reiterate that point about the women. If you were a decent player from the West Coast wouldn’t you go play at UCLA or Arizona if you weren’t good enough to play at USC? I would. What is Chris Petersen doing out there?? Is he Jedi Mind Tricking them? Has he learned how to achieve Inception?? I must learn his secret and he must be our head coach.


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Nice post Hop.  I am beginning to lean more in his favor.  I don't think we could get him, but who knows.  Both he and Meyer would be fine in my book.

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I could type out a long post but I'm right in step with Hop's reasons.  Peterson is a fantastic candidate and would be my top choice.  Look at what he does with Boise's talent level.  Imagine him with Ohio State recruits.

Meyer is a phenomenal football mind.  I love listening to him broadcast games and get into the X's and O's.  But the combined uncertainty of his health, his whining daughters, and the off-field police blotter of his players, I don't know how long he would be for Ohio State.  I don't want to hire a new coach again in four years.  I want our next hire to be here for 10 to 15 years.

I love Dantonio.  I love the toughness he brings.  He could really bring back the Silver Bullets of the early '00s.  But I don't know if he has the personality to dominate the recruiting trail.  I could be wrong. 

Gruden would be an unreal recruiter.  Who could say no to Chucky with that evil grin if he offered you a scholarship?  He also has an extremely high football acumen and will break his foot off in someone if they're not doing what he asks.  My only concern with Gruden is he is so intense about detail that he might not be able to adjust to the college game and the limits it sets on practice time, offseason workouts, etc.   He might not adjust well from the NFl game where you can practice 24/7.

Patterson from TCU is another guy I would have on my short list.  I like the way his teams play. His defenses are usually very tough and they run a similar system to us with their 4-2-5 (think our Star position).

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If it came down to either Meyer or Petersen I'd say we have a very favorable situation either way. My point of view is we need someone capable of being here for 10 years - and I'm not convinced Meyer has had enough time away from the game to be able to plug himself in again and not burn out in 3-5 years.

Knowing what I think I know now (which admittedly is very little) I'd vote for Petersen.

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I don't want Urban Meyer because I don't want to run the spread exclusively, I like what we have been doing with mixing pro style and spread (...well we can't run anything right now hurr hurrrr). There is also just something about him I don't like, I can't put my finger on it but it just seems like something about his character. But yeah yeah I know you can't argue with results.

I bet they go after an unknown like with Tress. Personally, I would rather just hire a new offensive staff and designate someone as "official timeout and challenge consultant."

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I think it would be wise to gauge Bob Stoops' in interest once the season is over. If OU wins a title, I think he could be swayed. I'd take Stoops over anyone on that poll.

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He just got a pretty hefty extension, probably because OU knew our job would be calling his name sooner rather than later. Don't know what the buy out would be, but I'd imagine high.

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Have had some other things going on so haven't been around much. From the note, probably a good thing :P

I'm in the extreme minority I'm sure but I'm still in favor of Fickell, for now. Look, the issue hasn't been on defense & there, we can see steady improvement. Offense is the monumental issue & Fickell was/is stuck with Bollman, VCR Operator QBC, new WRC in Stan Drayton, etc etc for this season. That is not his fault in the slightest & he isn't an Offense minded coach. It doesn't excuse him but goes a long way towards me giving him his chance. Those who think it is as simple as fire Bollman really aren't thinking clearly. In a 1 year contract HC position, he had no chance of firing the OC of 10 years. There really isn't much of a chance of getting rid of him now either, even if the next 4 games are like this past one. Do I want to see Fickell start forcing the offensive staff to change some things up? Yes, and he better or that "next 4 games" will be reality.

If I had my full choice for picking the other option, it would involve Fickell getting the chance to assemble his staff (meaning cleaning a bunch of O-staff out) and grabbing someone like Walt Harris as the OC. He knows Offense & is a damn good QB coach so two huge issues dealt with in one swoop. Knows tOSU well, would take the job in a heartbeat & could bring in some good assistants to compliment whoever he'd want to keep.

I think Fickell's chances right now aren't great but they are alot higher than alot are thinking, even with some of the sick displays seen on O. If for some reason, Gene Smith leaves before the conclusion of the season or right at it, his chances will go to 1%.




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First choice: Meyer


If that falls through, grab peterson.


Anything less than the best is unacceptable for this university.



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Leach might have the best post game interview ever.

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Wow...that's varsity.  Well played SoB.

Btw, my order of preference, as of now, is Petersen, Patterson, Meyer, but with Mike Leach in consideration, I don't know where I'd put him.  2a with Patterson perhaps?

Oh, and of course, all of these selections fail in comparison to the Prince of the Power Towel...  (the meme that will never die)

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If we could get Leach to come and leave the defensive staff/philosophy intact - including Fickell, he'd be a significantly better coaching choice.  The guy is an offensive guru, but few of his teams, from what I can remember, had championship defenses.  Not a bad option.


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You bastards.

You realize that I would move to Columbus and buy an all-scarlet-and-gray wardrobe if OSU hired Leach?  Are you guys really ready for that?

Honest to God, If that's the direction you are considering, you ought to hire the best unemployed football coach in America:  Rich Rodriguez.  He might be willing to do whatever the hell you wanna do on defense.  And I really wouldn't know who to root for in November.

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Listen guys, hear me out, seriously. We should really consider Rich Rod. Give the guy a chance. Give him two more years at UofM, a better DC, and he's winning not just Big Ten games, but beating SEC schools. Let him recruit the shit out of the state of Ohio and all the speed he pulls in from the South (Denard, eh, huh?). Maybe it sparks a rivalry with WVU, who may or may not end up in a super conference, maybe with us.

And look at his resume, it already includes many UofM defeats!!!

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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He's got a point . . . who out there is better qualified at orchestrating UM losses? RR for President!

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I may make jokes like, he's already helped us beat Michigan more times than Cooper did, but I'm not joking. I honestly was scared that if he stuck around for two more seasons at UofM, and fielded a defense with a pulse, we were in trouble. We'd be bowing down before the B1G overlords in TSUN.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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I honestly was scared that if he stuck around for two more seasons at UofM, and fielded a defense with a pulse, we were in trouble.

The thing is, I was never worried about him fielding a defense. And if he did, it would be after Denard left. Then what? Wait 5 years for the next big thing?

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Note: Emotions are running high and we are all frustrated.

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I can tell already I will be in the minority here, but I favor Jon Gruden first and foremost, and here's why:

He's a proven commodity.  No, he hasn't done it on the college level, but when you add together the fact that he's won a Super Bowl in the NFL, and has had to do a little bit of the "dog and pony show" the last few years as a TV analyst, similar to what college head coaches have to do to be successful, I think he'd be perfect at the college level.

Many argue he's too hard on his players, expects too much out of them, etc., but I feel like he has the fortitude to temper his expectation of perfection if he knows he's working with college kids.  At the same time, he would hold guys accountable and expect them to give their best.  There is something about those chalk-talks he has every year during draft time with the top rookie QB's that just gets me excited to see what he could do at the college level.  He lives and breathes scheming the game of football.

Gruden seems like a guy that connects well with anyone if football is the subject.  He does have some Ohio ties, he does have experience in the college game as an assistant, and he's energetic and exciting.  He has an offensive mindset, but at the same time you can tell he loves to have an aggressive defense as well.  I don't think he'd have any trouble in recruiting or playing the "figurehead" role that a college head coach must. 

I personally feel he's the best possible hire.  But at the same time, if we are left with Meyer or Petersen, I guess I can live with that...


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I love Gruden and agree with everything you said, but I'm just not sure how he would react to the limits placed on practice time.  Gruden is notorious for sleeping in his office during the season.  I think he could adjust, but it would be hard for him at first.

He is in my top 2 or 3 with Petersen and Meyer.  My only fears with Gruden and Meyer are they would only stay for 4-5 years at most.

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I posted this in the Skully, but it probably fits better over here.


For what it's worth, I was listening to local sports radio (Indy) and a caller asked about possible replacements for Fick.  The host, who has NFL ties and works with Dan Dakich (who coached at BG when Meyer was there), said Meyer is waiting to see how the conference realignment plays out before making a return to coaching.  He did say though that Gruden has expressed interest to Phil Sims about coaching at OSU and is an Ohio guy.  This is the first I've heard, even if not true, that Gruden would be interested in coaching at the college level, let alone at OSU.  I must say though, he would definitely be on my short list of coaches if I were the AD.

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Didn't Woody sleep in his office during the season too?  Gruden would be a cool choice as would Meyer and Petersen from Boise.  i think we better be prepared to lose Fickell altogether at seasons end.  The new HC doesn't want the old HC hanging around.  Even if that old HC was "interim".

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None of these coaches would be a better option than Fickell with his own offensive staff, he's a Buckeye after all.  Sorry I forgot the sarcasm font.

If Gruden does infact want the job, uh Yes please!  Players ultimately want a coach who can put them in the NFL and who better to do that than Gruden.  Especially after you see the Gruden QB camps on TV.  He's charismatic, and kind of cocky.  No doubt he would be quite the closer with recruits.

If he can't be had, then Urban Meyer is my next choice.  I don't know where people get off saying Florida isn't as high pressure as Ohio State would be.  Since Spurior rebuilt that program and brought it to new heights, it's as premier as any other program in the nation.  Hell didn't Zook as recently as last season make a comment along the lines of, "Another thing Florida fans blame me for"  It's as high pressure of a job as any other major program and it's much harder to win consistently down there.  Tressel was a terrific coach, but do you think at Florida he would've made 6 BCS bowls?  Eh, hard to say I guess, but Meyer probably could've done it at Ohio State with the level of competition the B1G had during that run.  We really don't know the situation with Meyer at Florida and what was going on with health or if he even liked it in Florida for that matter.  Strictly from an X's and O's perspective, I'd take him. 

Third choice would be Gary Patterson, I really like the guy and think he'd be a terrific coach

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Basically wrote everything I was thinking. Well done, sir.


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I think we could get Chip Kelly. A perfect fit. Sorta like Coop. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Sarcasm duelly noted.

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vacuuming sucks

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Gruden learned under Mike Kelly at Dayton. Kelly reminds me a lot of Tressel because of his background and I would love to have Kelly coach here, except he's old and retired. That leaves Gruden, but Gruden doesn't really know the college game which leaves me concerned.

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Re Gruden. NFL coaches transitioning to college have problems with recruiting. It's too much of  a hassel for them.

So my question to all of you is this. Smith said these recent violations are going to be amended to the original NCAA COI report -- which means the NCAA will not announce sanctions until December or later (as reported in this morning's Skull Session). How do you think that affects the above prospects in considering the tOSU HC position.

BTW, Petersen & Patterson aren't going anywhere unless superconferences happen and they have no access to the NC game.

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Pete Carrol never seemed to have any problems recruiting. 

NC_Buckeye's picture

Pete Carroll is a college coach who keeps returning to the pros because his ego is too big to admit he can't be successful as an NFL HC. (See also Nick Saban.)

btalbert25's picture

Wasn't he an NFL head coach before being a college head coach though? 

NC_Buckeye's picture

Yes he was. For two seasons. And that explains why Bill Belichick has been the HC of the Pats since Carroll was fired.

Oh he was also the Jets HC for one season... before he was fired.

btalbert25's picture

and for like 15 years he was an NFL coordinator and some other kind of NFL coach.  Point is, the majority of his coaching career prior to USC was in the NFL. 

NC_Buckeye's picture

I thought we were talking about HC experience?

Wasn't he an NFL head coach before being a college head coach though?

Being an Asst vs being an HC are two totally different experiences as evidenced by our current HC. 

btalbert25's picture

Either way, he was an NFL head coach for 4 seasons and was a long time assistant in the NFL before he ever coached a down in college as a college  head coach.  So, I don't know how he keeps going to the NFL because of his ego, as he started in the NFL, coached USC, then went back to the NFL.  

He was an NFL coach who took over at USC and had incredible success recruiting.  

NC_Buckeye's picture

Care to lay a bet that Carroll gets fired by Seattle in the next 3-5 years and ends up back in a college somewhere? I'm thinking one of the Arizona schools.

Or that should be right around the time that Urban re-retires. Holy cow! Carroll could end up in C-bus! Quick add him to the poll.


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Agree that Pet/Patterson aren't leaving their gigs.

vacuuming sucks

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I voted someone else, two observations.

As an announcer, Gruden is horrible. He doesn't seem all that bright. He is supposedly an offensive guy but his Superbowl team was heavy on defense (carryover from Tony Dungy?).

Chris Peterson loves it in Boise (it's beautiful there, if you haven't been) and has been turning down offers left and right.

Maybe Patterson, but he has turned down a lot of offers, too.