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You're the coach. Who gets the most carries against Akron?



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For me, a lot depends on camp. It's hard to say right now when it seems like Berry, Smith and Hyde are at rough parity. 

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two cupcake games to figure out what we have.

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Game gets out of hound early on and Bollman will pull whomever the presumptive starter(s) are in early third quarter to prevent the possibility of injury on account of flashbacks to this:  

I think the pre-Boom return one-two starting combo will be Berry and Smith, and so I see Hall getting the most Akron carries in second half garbage duty.

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Remember Joe Montgomery?



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Im not down on Berry at all but a little surprised he's got such a large lead in votes

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Ian has 82 different accounts used strictly for voting. He really goes all out.

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You say that like there's something wrong with that.

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After thinking about it more, I think Berry's time is due. He's done nothing but good things every time he's touched the ball and I think he'll really live up to the hype with more carries. I respect him for not bailing on the team after two years of less carries than he probably deserved.

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Berry.  Rod Smith is a theoretical beast/man, but Berry is the best known quantity.  With Hall moved to slot receiver role to help the new corps.