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Which of the following "bubble teams" will be left out of the NCAA tournament?



Reens's picture

I think that Purdue and Michigan State are my biggest surprises this year. I didn't think Purdue had a chance to be a top seed when Hummel went down, and I also thought the Spartans really didn't lose much talent and would be back on top.

I was wrong on both.

Jason Priestas's picture

Yep. You, I, and a lot of other people.

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Purdue with Hummel would have been scary good!

go bucks

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Might it be a better question to ask which one will actually get in?

Joe Beale's picture

I'm betting they all get in except Georgia.  

blazers34's picture

damn, a lot shitty teams listed.  i'd leave out Va Tech, Baylor and Georgia.....but then again....SOMEONE has to make it