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Best Pizza on Campus?



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Adriatico's is overrated.  Never had Tommy's, and I don't know anyone in my 5 years at OSU that has ever ordered from King's despite their multipage spread in the saver magazines.

Catfish Biff's ftw.

And where's the love for Hound Dog's?

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I 2nd your comment. Catfish Biff's is THE BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVER HAD. I crave it to this day and unfortunately living in Cleveland I don't get a chance to have it very often.

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I know I've had Tommy's more than once and the fact that I don't remember it says a lot. I used to love Scarlata and Gray's at the old Union.

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I need more hands to count the number of times I was wasted, scarfing Catfish Biff's. Good times!

If ever in Tallahassse Momo's and Decent Pizza are good eats.

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Catfish?  Woof.


I 2nd Hounddog's, but I guess that technically isn't on campus.


My roommate freshmen year used to order from King's a lot.  Their bbq chicken isn't bad.

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I see Flip's not a fan but for me, Adriatico's is by far the best pizza place on this list. Tommy's is decent but I still manage to get Adriatico's once every couple weeks.

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+1. Adriatico's is superior, and it's not even close.

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"ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do to eat hound dog's pizza"

- Benjamin Franklin

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"are you gonna whistle dixie or eat at Tommy's"

~Josey Wales

Long live the southend.

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"Wrong hole, fool!"

- Dashiki

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That's Swahili for doggy style.

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This is accurate. Never got the hype around Adriatico's, drunk or sober.

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Being an East Coast guy Fly Pie is my #1....most like new york and there's something about their sauce that's just really good

Ordering delivery? I really like Hungry Howie's and their flavored crusts (fairly new for those of you who haven't been on campus the last 4-5 years) and Hound Dog's with the spicy sauce and smokin joe's crust

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Flying Pizza was great by the slice walking home from parties. 

Getting the full pie for some reason wasn't quite the same.

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When sober Adriatico's is the way to go. I've had every pizza on the list and its hands down the best for a nice meal, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays when they offer a discount. When I'm drinking though its a completely different story. The alcohol brings out a craving for Catfish. I suppose its because I lived on South Campus and it was my Friday night routine to head to Too's for Happy Hour, hit up some Catfish after I'd had my fill at Too's, then stumble home to Siebert Hall. The guys in the dorm swore that Catfish put something we liked to call "Chemical X" in the pizza that made it taste like the most delicious food on the planet when alochol was in your system.

Scotch: It may be too early to drink it, yes; but people it is never to early to think about it.

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I'm surprised as many of these places are still there.  Adriaticos was the class of the bunch, but there were some that were so cheap you couldn't refuse.  For your last drunken $5 you could get a pizza the size of your dorm...of course it was mostly ketchup and cardboard.  No Donatos on campus anymore?  What about Freak-n-Pizza?

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Ah, yeah. How did Donatos get left off this list?

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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Freshman year was Catfish Biff's ftw.. but as the years rolled on and i moved northbound, I started to crush $2 slices at Sicillia's, which are amazing...add a little parmesian cheese  wow.  My write in vote goes to Sicillia's.  Its a close alternative if youve been drinking at Out-r-inn or Little Bar all night.

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I'm guessing Sandros isn't there anymore since the urban renewal of South Campus. Cheap and good for post-drinking eats, that was Sandros.

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Honestly, all the pizza around Ohio State sucked.

For me, Adriatico's had no reheat potential.  You either eat it fresh or it was going to suck.  Biff's was the greasiest pizza I've ever had anywhere in the country.  Everyone I know who prefers Biff's (including my wife) only remembers it as part of drunken freshman nights.  If you wouldn't go there sober, then it ain't good pizza.

I always went with Fly-pie because I prefer NY style, and it was really the only place around that came close.  But I've definitely had better NY style pizza elsewhere.

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Disagree. Wack post. #noonecares about your analysis

Class of 2008

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Just because you disagree with what pizza he likes doesn't make it a "wack post". By the way, "wack"? Are we 12 years old?

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Haha. JakeBuckeye, I love you man. I think you do it for the lulz. You take everything so seriously. Haha. You're ridiculous. I could reply back to your post, "Because I disagree with him actually does make it a wack post according to my opinion." Do you see how lame this gets? Are you twelve?

If I was as serious as you are in your posts, I'd also point out that punctuation is supposed to go inside quotation marks, not outside, and that "tweleve" is an incorrect spelling of the word "twelve." I assume any 12 year-old knows this.

Often times when I post on this board I'll use language that is meant to underscore the fact that this is an online message board. I think "wack" is a hilarious word because it generally is utilized by 12 year-olds, so when utilized by someone who's not 12, who doesn't take himself too seriously, it adds a layer of amusement to it. Again, since you're super serious, I'll add that this is just my opinion.

We're grown men, posting on a Buckeyes' message board about what kind of pizza around campus we like; can't you see how that is hilarious? And you think using the word "wack" is immature.. Haha. Have some fun man.

Oh, and I'm looking forward to getting criticized for using "lulz." I'm also surprised you didn't mention the #hashtag I used. Lol.

Class of 2008

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This should be a two-way fight between Flying Pizza and Adriatico's. Everybody else is a pretender.

Class of 2008

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"Disagree. Wack post. #noonecares about your analysis"

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Haha. Now that's a good post.

Class of 2008

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Flying Pizza made it to the big time = America's Got Talent

No one else can touch that.

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Scarlata and Gray was the pre-game ritual. Down from Youngstown, drive through 15th and park next to the Union. A pie from Scarlata, play some video games, then the fun walk to the stadium . . .