11W Heart of It All Classic: Business/Science Region Round Two

By Jason Priestas on March 22, 2014 at 7:15a

Welcome to the second round of the 11W Heart of It All Classic. Voting is now open in the Business & Science region.

This region went off relatively upset-free in the opening round, with only one lower seed emerging: No. 11 William Procter took out No. 6 Ted Turner with 71% of the vote. The Wright Brothers, seeded third, were the most impressive in round one, throttling No. 14 seed Roger Ailes, 1,345-42.

Bookmakers don't expect any upsets in round two, with all four of the top seeds heavily-favored to advance.

2nd ROUND VOTING: The Arts | Sports | Politics & Military

#1 Thomas Edison vs. #8 Jack Warner

Thomas Edison: Edison was born on the shores of Lake Erie, grew up and then went about revolutionizing and creating new fewer than five industries. He founded GE, which is now one of the largest and most-admired corporations on earth.

The holder of 1,093 patents, Edison left his mark on music, film, and utility power.

Edison clocked No. 16 "Jungle" Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo in the opening round, collecting 80% of the vote.

Jack Warner: A native of Youngstown, Jack Warner, along with his brother Sam, founded the Warner Brothers motion picture studio. Warner Brothers was the first studio to go in on "talkies" and were rewarded with the success of The Jazz Singer.

Warner Bros. – as it's spelled now – is now a subsidiary of Time Warner.

Warner topped No. 9 Charles Martin Hall of ALCOA fame, surviving by just 42 votes, the closest margin of any round one matchup.

#4 Neil Armstrong Vs. #5 Les Wexner

Neil Armstrong: There's only one first man to set foot onto the Moon and that man is Neil Armstrong. Armstrong's line upon completing the feat, “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” is eternal.

He was later honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, and the Congressional Gold Medal among many, many other awards.

Armstrong destroyed No. 13 George Steinbrenner in the first round, capturing 90% of the vote.

Les Wexner: The founder of the Limited Brands was born in Dayton and later attended Ohio State. After flirting with law school, Wexner borrowed some money from his aunt and started The Limited minutes away from OSU's campus.

The Limited would grow to include Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, Abercrombie & Fitch and several other brands.

Wexner topped No. 12 Charles Kettering, 744-651 in the opening round, to much consternation from Dayton bros.

#3 The Wright Bros. vs. #11 William Procter

The Wright Bros: Thanks to Wilbur and Orville Wright, Ohio is known as the "Birthplace of Aviation."

From their bicycle shop in Dayton, the two brothers designed and built the world's first successful airplane and later made the first controlled, powered and “sustained heavier-than-air human flight.”

The Wright brothers destroyed No. 14 Roger Ailes in the first round, taking 97% of the vote, good enough for the fourth-largest margin of victory in opening round matchups.

William Procter: Procter was born in England, but the candlemaker made his mark in Cincinnati. With his brother-in-law, he formed Procter & Gamble in 1837 and through hard work and fortuitous contracts with the Union Army during the Civil War, built a consumer product juggernaut.

Bounty, Charmin, Crest, Dawn, Downy, Duracell, Iams, Oral-B, Pampers, Scope, Tide – if you've used a product around the house lately, chances are, it's a Procter & Gamble product.

Procter upset No. 6 Ted Turner in the first round, 976-398.

#2 John D. Rockefeller vs. #7 Dave Thomas

John D. Rockefeller: A graduate of Cleveland's Central High School, Rockefeller built his first oil refinery in "The Flats" at the age of 20. Seven years later, he formed Standard Oil of Ohio, which quickly grew to over 100,000 employees.

Standard Oil had grown so large, the Supreme Court found it a monopoly in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act in 1911, splitting it up into 34 new companies.

No. 15 Larry Flynt, founder of Hustler, was no match for Rockefeller in the opening round, going down 1,259-142.

Dave Thomas: In 1969, Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy's restaurant in Columbus and quickly grew that into hundreds and then thousands of franchises. 

Famous as for being a CEO and a spokesman, appearing in dozens of Wendy's ads, the company lost its footing after his death in 2002, and was later sold.

Thomas defeated No. 10 Harvey Firestone in the first round, capturing 62% of the vote.


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Hasbro's picture

THE Neil Armstrong

+2 HS
Crumb's picture

The Wright Brothers are the favorite to win this 'region' and rightfully so.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

+1 HS
jedkat's picture

I should downvote you for not taking the "Wrightfully" pun, but I won't.

"Can we please stop the message board fighting? I really can't stand the message board fighting..."

"No. You're an idiot, and your posts are terrible."

+2 HS
USAFBuckeye82's picture

Come on Dave Thomas!!

+3 HS
bukyze's picture

With all due respect, the world would be much better off without Wendy's and all the other fastfood restaraunts that provide grade Z meat, and cumulatively lead to multiple health issues that plague our nation.  There's nothing wrong with a double cheeseburger once in a while (no pickle or ketchup), but this voting should be a no-brainer. Rockefeller is probably one of the richest people to ever live. He was a huge philanthropist, founded 2 universities, and his foundations had major effects throughout America on education and scientific research. 

-1 HS
route4buckeye's picture

Hell no. Wendy's is the shit my man.

+5 HS
JYBUCKEYE's picture

Agreed!  Those who think otherwise are probably communist. I voted for Dave Thomas just because I like to think he came up with the chili recipe. 

+2 HS
AWalk3r1's picture

The Chili is left over hamburger meat from the day before or longer.


Phoenix824's picture

No wonder it is so good.   Everyone knows Chili is better as leftovers than the day you made it. 

+4 HS
BuckFly's picture

How about this: If you don't like that kind of food, don't eat it. Give me bacon, on anything, all day.

+6 HS
nburns18's picture

Rockefeller is by far the richest man to ever live. But i love Dave Thomas. He just always looked like a real genuine person

"You win with people." -Woody Hayes

+3 HS
Seattle Linga's picture

Dave T - appears to be a real family man with priorities in check

+1 HS
Seabass1974's picture

NM, don't want to get in a religion/politics/business discussion. Sorry.

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. - Woody Hayes

BroJim's picture

Makes me proud to be from Ohio!

I season my simple food with hunger

c92996p's picture

I know I'm supposed to click on pictures in order to vote, but what should I do if no pictures are appearing on the page (I've tried Chrome and Firefox)??

collards's picture

We all would be toothless without Proctor (crest).


+1 HS
bukyze's picture

Are you a P&G executive? :)  Actually, toothpaste doesn't do anything to prevent cavities.  Diet, diet, diet - with some genetics thrown in there as well.

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

There are an endless number of studies that support the effectiveness of brushing in helping to prevent tooth decay. While there is not much difference in the amount of bacteria removed when brushing with or without paste, the fluoride (and various newer additives) in toothpaste has been shown to be effective.

All of which is really neither here nor there as Crest didn't enter the picture until long after the founders deaths; P&G's real legacy is the term 'soap opera'.

+4 HS
bukyze's picture

Flouride is actually toxic, and should not be used in toothpaste at all.  There has not been one double blind placebo study shown that promotes the effectiveness of flouride.  I would be happy to discuss this with you further, but trust me, flouride is not good for you.  I use non-flouride toothpaste, and have flouride removed from my drinking supply at the entry point of my house.  The Weston A Price Foundation is an excellent source for all flouride related articles.  Weston Price was a dentist in the early to mid 20th century who pioneered proper nutrition, proper dental care, etc....., especially when looking at different populations throughout the world, and how their jaw bone structure, diet, and number of dental caries were all interrelated.  Like I said, lots of good stuff. Just like most of the other drugs pharmaceutical companies are shoving down our throats, don't believe anything you hear, and make sure you properly vet out everything by looking at all the research articles that companies use to support their claims.  We all know that everyone will pick out a single piece of data to support their claims while leaving out all the other damning evidence.  Anyway, like I said, check out westonaprice.org.  It's the only site I trust.  Have a good day!

osu78's picture

I would be very suspicious of any organization that advocates the type of diet they do. As for the effectiveness of fluorides, there have been plenty of studies showing its effectiveness in fighting dental caries as well.

+1 HS
BucksfanXC's picture

First in flight probably beats first to the moon because can't have one without the other coming first. Love Neil but I call Wright Bros for the win

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

The Butler's picture

I do not see how John D Rockefeller doesn't win this region. Clearly the most innovative in the group. When Edison/Morgan (Tesla/Westinghouse) started to put electricity in to homes on a mass scale, Rockefeller switched gears and found a use for the 'runoff' from the creation of kerosene - gasoline. 

The government's forced segregation of his business actually worked in his favor. Although he was forced to bust up his monopoly in to smaller companies (Exxon, Amoco, Chevron, Mobil, Conoco, Sohio, etc...) he still held a large stake in each company. In today's dollars, he easily had more money than Gates & Buffet combined.

I've trained Canaries in the sport of falconry.


+4 HS
PittBuckeye's picture

You have the man who made the lightbulb, the guys who made the first airplane, and a guy who walked on the f%*&^n moon. 

If Mercer can beat Duke a man who walked on the moon can get more votes than Rockefeller. 

+1 HS
The Butler's picture

I'll give props to the Wright brothers - their achievement was both a realization of a dream as well as technical ingenuity. 

Neil Armstrong's feat took some huge 'nads

Edison took a concept that had been around for years and made it better. Granted, he made the lightbulb much better than it ever was - from lasting only a few seconds to over 600 hours (but this was his company that did this, not Edison himself). Edison's biggest chance for success was in mainstreaming lighting up the night via electricity/power plants. Because he was backed by banking magnate JP Morgan he had the opportunity to change the lives of humans forever. But it was his protege, Nikola Tesla, who introduced the world to alternating current (AC). If we had stuck with Edison's idea for power, every city block would have to have its own power plant. Tesla's idea of alternating current made the use use of energy much more efficient. Edison's idea was so inefficacious that even though he sat on the Board of Directors, the Niagara Power Plant, chose Tesla's design over his. Tesla had no interest in patenting this idea - he thought that people should have free access to his design. Westinghouse, Tesla's partner, benefited from this greatly. Unfortunately, Westinghouse ran into financial difficulties and JP Morgan purchased controlling interest in his company, merged it with Edison's and created General Electric. 

Had Edison's money man not been one of the most financially influential people of all time (JP Morgan bailed the US Gov't out on more than one occasion), Thomas Edison would probably have been no more than an asterisk in history books.

Probably WAY more than you wanted to know about any subject, but I thought would put in my two cents.

/steps off soap box

I've trained Canaries in the sport of falconry.


+5 HS
ScarletNGrey01's picture

Edison is the clear #1 in this bracket in my mind, but I do have a special place in my heart for Neil Armstrong.  My sister-in-law used to be in charge of volunteers for the Wright Brothers Museum.  They were having a big celebration, I think it was the 100th anniversary of the brother's first flight.  She saw a man walk through the door, and stand by himself off to the side, looking a bit uncomfortable.  She looked at him then gasped when she realized it was Neil Armstrong.  She approached him and welcomed him to the event, then proceeded to introduce him to everyone.  She took him on a tour of the museum, spent about an hour with him.  Needless to say it was a thrill for her.  Does make you proud to be an Ohioan.

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

+2 HS
jedkat's picture

Scarlet, I worked at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park (huge mouthful, but that's the Wright's national park in Dayton) as a ranger during the 2003 celebrations. I remember Neil coming through along with John Glenn and Buzz Aldrin. Tom Crouch (Official Wright's biographer as well) was there many times. I probably knew her pretty well then. That was an amazing year to be associated with the park.

"Can we please stop the message board fighting? I really can't stand the message board fighting..."

"No. You're an idiot, and your posts are terrible."

PittBuckeye's picture

How does Dave Thomas have that many votes? Probably my favorite fast food, but come on it's John freakin Rockefeller.

+4 HS
geoffrsc's picture

Really. Dave Thomas was a likable enough guy who tweaked an already successful business model. It's not like he invented fast food. 

Rockefeller dominated a segment of the US economy and became the richest man in the world.

+3 HS
jedkat's picture

I would argue Dave did more for adoption than anything since he was adopted himself. It's a shame he's only really known for his fast food. Although I must give a hat tip to dipping your fries in a frosty.

"Can we please stop the message board fighting? I really can't stand the message board fighting..."

"No. You're an idiot, and your posts are terrible."

+1 HS
allinosu's picture

These are the polls where we win a billion dollars if pick them all correct, Right?

+5 HS
Seattle Linga's picture

Nice .............. I know I have that perfect bracket - My final four will surprise you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bukyze's picture

The currency used will be a billion upvotes.

+2 HS