Report: Braxton Miller Set For Shoulder Surgery Tuesday

By Patrick Maks on August 22, 2014 at 11:33a

Ohio State senior quarterback Braxton Miller is set for shoulder surgery Tuesday, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Miller, a Heisman candidate and back-to-back Big Ten Player of the Year, suffered a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder during practice Monday. He will miss the 2014 season. 

The procedure will be performed by famed sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews in Pensacola, Fla., according to the Dispatch

Miller had surgery in February on the same shoulder to repair damage sustained against Clemson in the Orange Bowl. Miller said he plans to return to Ohio State in 2015 through a released statement Tuesday. 


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Get well soon #5, we want to see a QB conundrum (as a good thing) next year!

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Heal up #5!  Next year will be THE year!!!  So much talent returning!  Not to discredit this year, which will be great, too.

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Good luck, Brax <3. My mom had a torn labrum repaired 3 years ago and she has yet to see a dip in production.

I asked Braxton how his knee was before halftime at Berkeley and he said, "What up, man."

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This comment can be taken in so many ways...

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I asked Braxton how his knee was before halftime at Berkeley and he said, "What up, man."

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UV to for that one.

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I wonder if he broke his arms...(pls understand the reddit reference)

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Stay strong and get well soon #5! Can't wait to have him back even after JT dominates this year. #buckeyeproblems

Let's Go BUCKEYES!!!!!

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Hope all goes well,& don't hurry the healing!


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Has it been confirmed if he simply re-injured it at some point during camp or if the original surgery back in February just wasn't effective? I believe Braxton and basketball player Jae'Sean Tate had the same surgery, on the same day, with the same surgeon. Hoping Jae'Sean doesn't have the same post surgery issues Braxton had. Glad to see he is going to the best this time around to get this taken care of.

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I really hope that isn't true about Jae'sean,  he is back practicing with the bball team and actually did play on the Bahamas trip the team took.  Hope he doesn't suffer the same fate as xbrax.  Also hope Braxton has the same type of leap that brees did once he returns next year.

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The good thing is Jae'sean & Braxton are 2 totally different human beings...

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Two different injuries. The first was repaired in outpatient surgery. In the hospital one day, a minute slit and snip and walked out of the hospital the same day. A severe Labrum tear is always corrected with major surgery. Braxton has thrown hundreds if not thousands of passes since his first injury, Then an easy pass on a short route caused the injury. This would lead one to suspect the Labrum tear resulted from "wear and tear activity" a condition called "overuse". I'm sure there are many QBs who have thrown many more passes than Braxton, but not all Labrums are the same. 

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I was thinking much of the same thing. I was also wondering if the way he was using his arm during his recovery due to the previous injury didn't in some way lead to or cause the tear, as well. Such as if the arm was still tender, so he slightly changed his mechanics to ease the tenderness, but this also cause a different pressure or arm motion than what he had been using and wasn't as strong.

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What's not really being talked about is the recovery time of this surgery.  Basically it's 9-12 months.  The big question is will he be ready for next year?!?!?

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Best of luck Braxton!  Get healed and back on the sidelines - we will need your leadership all year long!

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The procedure will be performed by famed sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews

Dr Andrews is 72 and apparently directs/supervises younger surgeons who do the actual work.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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I hope the doc is an Ohio State fan.


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Massive amounts of prayer being sent up for Braxton's surgery, and healing. Praying for wisdom for the surgeon as well.

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Im glad you will be back Braxton; you have what It takes to go down in history as one of college's greatest of all time. 

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Gonna be praying a ton for this great guy and his surgeon. Wishing you the best!

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Thoughts and prayers for you Braxton! All the best to you and yours!

Go Bucks!

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Damn Braxton, get well soon. Please recover and get fully healthy.

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Where did he have the original surgery and will this be the same surgery again? I hope he fully recovers and makes it back for next year!

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First surgery was done at The Ohio State University Wexford Center Hospital., a world class facility.

The first injury was a minor injury. It was repaired in outpatient surgery. He walks into the hospital, a minor procedure, then he walks out of the hospital the same day. Braxton COULD NOT have had a Labrum injury in the Clemson game. He hurt his shoulder on the 4th play of the game and threw 15-20 passes after that. IF he tried ONE pass after a Labrum tear he would have had severe pain. Like he had when the 2nd injury happened in practice. He threw an easy pass on a swing route, no one touched him, after which he fell to the ground in pain.

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Count me as one of the many who have gone through this surgery and rehab.  Very common for throwing athletes.  Never good for a throwing athlete.  

vacuuming sucks

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Get it fucking right, Andrews. 

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Here's to a quick recovery Braxton!

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Having had my labrum sheared off, I feel his pain. The right doctor would have changed everything. The wrong doctors resulted in over a dozen surgeries, blood clots from damaged vessels clamped during repeated surgeries, and ultimately 3 total shoulder joint replacements because the first 2 were positioned incorrectly.  Braxton will be in my thoughts as I know first hand how the wrong doctor, or the right one at the wrong time, can lead to life altering consequences.  Here's hoping for all the surgical success that eluded me to be added to every ounce of skill Dr. Andrews possesses.

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Damn TINMAN that's rough! I hope YOU will SOMEDAY recover completely. I'll have you (along with Braxton) in my prayers tonight. Scary story. And this is coming from a man who has had 6 back and 3 heart surgeries.

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Keep the faith #5, Buckeye Nation is behind you

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After watching the Spring game again on 11Warriors, OSU is in good hands with J.T. Barrett.  He played much better than Cardale Jones. Great decision maker with poise. 

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Dr. Andrews is a LDU grad!

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LSU I mean :(

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GAH!!! Let us hope everything goes extremely well!

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