Don't Try to Belly-Bump 340-Pound DL Chris Carter; He Will Win

By DJ Byrnes on July 30, 2014 at 12:13p

Sophomore running back Devonte Butler is listed at 5'7", 170 lbs. Junior defensive lineman Chris Carter is listed at 6'4", 340 lbs.

What happens when the two go up for a celebratory belly-bump during Ohio State's photo day?

It's nothing but pain for poor Devonte.

RIP, Devonte Butler

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Killer nuts's picture

I want a video of this so bad

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Killer nuts's picture

I ask and the good DJ delivers

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Is this supposed to be a .gif? It's not moving for me.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Belly Bump? Looks like a Shoryuken to me.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

dubjayfootball90's picture

hahaha, in the first one, love how the guy chases after him to see if he is ok...

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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charles's picture

Just imagine Chris Carter playing Bubble Soccer.

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IslandBumBuckeye's picture

Would upvote you into oblivion if I could. I've never laughed so hard at such stupidity in my life.

"I'm happy as hell, I ain't gonna lie."

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FROMTHE18's picture

he wouldn't even need the bubble

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Devonte did not seemed to be as amused as Carter was.  :)  

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osu07asu10's picture

Slightly off topic, how about the transformation of Chris Carter?

This guy almost didn't make it to campus due to some HS shenanigans he pulled and then showed up pushing 400 lbs. The writing was on the wall when Meyer arrived but he bought in 100% and look at the kid (I use that term loosely, how about manchild) in that video and I see a total transformation.

I know our D-Line is talented but I really hope that Chris can have an impact on the field and see some PT he has worked hard to earn.

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Jeremypreemo81's picture

Iwas just about to state the same thing.  What a nice transformation.  He would be nice in D-line rotation

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Gametime's picture

I love it when guys buy in and work hard. It's awesome to see guys shine who've really earned it. 

I actually think he's on the 2-deep at DT w/ Schutt behind Diesel and Bennett.

Between goals and achievement is discipline and consistency. That fire you have inside to do whatever you love is placed there by God. Now go claim it. ~ Denzel Washington

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BuckNutzGasMan's picture

I came on here to post the same thing. Especially if he comes in for 30 plays a game and goes all out.

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OSUpawn's picture

was it the belly, hip or armpit that knocked Devonte out?

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

buckeyedexter's picture

Looks more like an armpit bump than a belly bump.

German Buckeye's picture

Nothing but man love for those bear skin dudes.

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One time we played this Amish school, or I guess Meninite or however you spell it. Anyway, I had to gaurd this 7 footer and that was the first time I had ever did so against someone taller than me which is saying alot considering I'm 6'4". So this guy jumped up for the rebound and he did it in such a way that my face went into his arm pit and someone in their crowd screamed out, "give em the arm pit ogre!"

BroJim's picture

All those cheeseburgers put to work! always an UV for Randy.

I season my simple food with hunger

Shangheyed's picture

RANDY!!!!  TPB is pure genius!   Thanks for that would UV twice if I could!

IslandBumBuckeye's picture

Tress was about to get Devonte'd, so he grabs TP and holds on for dear life

"I'm happy as hell, I ain't gonna lie."

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MN Buckeye's picture

The team better get in a lot of practice before the season starts!

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MotownBuck's picture

Saw him in the student Union last weekend. He's a mountain. With legs. And an epic beard. 

Trotwood-Madison. Once a Ram, Always a Ram.

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Buckeye Rocket Sci's picture
You rang?
Don't forget the watermelon!

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence" - Calvin Coolidge

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CGroverL's picture

This all just makes me think to how much my wife was right. She is 8+ years older than me and always promised me (we have been together for 11 years) that "everything goes downhill after you turn 40". I never took her seriously at all. My last eye test was at age 15 when my vision was tested at 20-13 in both eyes (my eyes saw at 20 feet what the normal eye saw at 13 feet). Once I turned 40, my vision was tested and both eyes tested at my vision had lost its farsightedness (I guess), but now my vision, as she said, was worse. Also, I now NEED 8 hours of sleep at night or my day is ruined. When I get woke up early, I know how Wendy (my wife) felt when I was 33 and she was 41 and I'd wake her. Last, she also told me that I'd have weight gain. When I was a junior in high school, I stood at 6'0" and 177 pounds and played baseball where almost every day we ran 10 miles per day...On the track I ran back to back (hand timed) 40's of 4.38 and 4.44. This made our football coach beg me to play football where I suffered a broken wrist to a certain Apopka D-Lineman which ruined my sports career forever. Anyway...I went to jail 6 months ago (I won't say why, sorry)...I weighed in almost stripped at 227 pounds. I had not ever checked my weight since I was around 35 and weighed 180. all of you young bucks out there: take care of yourself well and try for a six-pack of abs instead of a six-pack of Guinness Extra Stout like I do. If you don't, a belly bump won't be so bad against Chris age 41 anyway.

This is just me trying to reach out to Buckeye Nation saying that you don't have to become a big, fat, worthless pig, like myself. After you hit 40, everything you try to do is uphill. I wish a nice transition on you all. Go Buckeyes. Getting old sucks!

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



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CGroverL's picture

...and wow. Chris Carter didn't even put very much force into poor Devonte. I'm all for a do-over where Carter puts a little more speed into the oncoming Butler, right? Hahaha!

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



buckeyedude's picture

Did i miss something? Who is this Devontae Butler? I hope he's not hurt! Thankfully, we're deep @ RB.



PasadenaBuckeye626's picture

These guys have to work out the kinks before the year starts.  They cannot subject themselves to this type of embarrassment when the celebrations count.

Go Bucks!

TNBuckeye1421's picture

Chris Carter has become an absolute ManBeast! He has really cut down the fat and increased muscle. If he gets playing time he could really be a hole closer in the middle. Get job Mr. Carter!!!

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Carter is literally twice that guy's size. Pick your battles, young man.

Pain of Discipline

Pain of Regret

Take Your Pick

Stoicpaisano's picture

I'm just glad Butler changed his number so no one would confuse him with Jalin Marshall anymore.

What, they all look alike to you or something?

Fatpants's picture

Ok, Carter vs freshman Hankins in belly bump. Who wins? 

Also, rbs take note. He will flatten you without trying. 

I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

osupolo's picture

What abou Carter vs. Bert in a belly bump. An impenetrable object vs. a never ending object. I have a feeling it would look like the gif of Bert falling walking to the game in AR.

BrewstersMillions's picture

So it happens every year, we all start or participate in "Looks like" threads. I love them. Was pretty proud of my Cal one from last year. Can we all agree the Chris Carter\Rick Ross comparison needs not be made? I may even start calling him "Da Boss" or "ChRosay".