Ohio State, Wisconsin Tabbed as Big Ten Favorites in B1G Media Poll

By DJ Byrnes on July 25, 2014 at 11:58a

Unlike everyone from the SEC to the MAC, the Big Ten does not release a media poll at their media days. 

So Cleveland.com's Doug Lesmerises took matters into his own hands and coordinated his own Big Ten media poll.

According to the media polled, and like Bovada before them, Ohio State is expected to win the East Division:

1. Ohio State, 195 points (23 first-place votes)

2. Michigan State, 180 points (10)

3. Michigan, 136 points

4. Penn State, 105.5 points

5. Maryland, 84 points

6. Indiana, 78.5 points

7. Rutgers, 33 points

The West Division is seen as a little more of an open race:

1. Wisconsin, 183.5 points (15 first-place votes)

2. Iowa, 173 points (11)

3. Nebraska, 157.5 points (5)

4. Northwestern, 112 points (1)

5. Minnesota, 96.5 points

6. Illinois, 58 points

7. Purdue, 31.5 points

As to who will win the Big Ten, the media appears to see it as a two-horse race:

Ohio State (19)

Michigan State (9)

Nebraska (1)

As for the scenario and outcome of the title game:

Ohio State over Wisconsin, 12

Michigan State over Iowa, 5

Ohio State over Iowa, 4

Ohio State over Nebraska, 3

Michigan State over Wisconsin, 2

Michigan State over Nebraska, 1

Michigan State over Northwestern, 1

Nebraska over Ohio State, 1

So there you have it. Given Ohio State is the clear favorite, we might as well just skip to the playoffs immediately, right?

SOURCE: Cleveland.com


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sharks's picture

Could probably pencil Wisconsin into the championship game for the next decade. God, the West is lame.

A man got to have a code...

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BuckeyeRealist13's picture

I don't think the West is as bas a people think. Not as strong as the East but with Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska there will always be parity. Not to mention the West has claimed two conference championships compared to just one from the East since there has been a title game. 

"You're damn right thats daddy" - Urban Meyer 

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BuckeyeRealist13's picture

That's not even including a much improved Northwestern program and an improving Minnesota program. 

"You're damn right thats daddy" - Urban Meyer 

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HotSauceCommittee's picture

West is horrid. You can say these programs are improving, but it seems they say that about Northwestern each year. This division needs Nebraska to improve in a hurry. Wisconsin drew the best straw during conference realignment.

GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

I would say Purdue did. Hazell lucked out that IU got put in the East. Purdue with David Blough will have a shot at climbing out of the cellar, if they are in the East.... forget it. I almost feel sorry for Kevin Wilson at IU.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

CGroverL's picture

People ALWAYS forget that each season is its own and that teams get better and teams get worse in college football. Our sport has 120+ teams. Parity will always be a factor, there will always be surprise teams, and despite popular belief, the SEC is NOT all powerful and upsets always happen in EACH and EVERY week. People act as if they don't know this as they all want to be the "Jimmy the Greek" of their era, place, or website and don't want to back down.

I'm basing my writings on the plain truth that no one knows how strong any team will be especially on any given day. It is possible for a (0-4) team that hasn't scored any points on the year to beat a (5-0) team 42-0 no matter what the Vegas lines say. Here in the south though, that scenario is NOT a possibility. This is a major reason why we had the BCS and its 2 predecessors and now are headed to a playoff system. No one counts parity and no one counts on the BEST team in the nation having 2 losses because they were beaten twice because on 2 of their game days the best team didn't bring their "A" game while their opponents did. Think about it realistically...the team that wins the national title during any year probably was NOT the best team in the country. Just because a team goes unbeaten and they are the only unbeaten team in the country does not mean they are the best team in the country.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix it all....the BCS didn't work as they just put 2 teams at the top of a bogus formula in a so-called "title game". Since NCAA basketball doesn't show us a true champion as it is just a longer version of what this new football playoff system is, I can't believe that a playoff is what everyone wants. Contrary to popular belief, the winner of the NCAA Basketball tournament isn't normally the BEST team in the country, either. So, I guess what I'm getting at is that we were probably better off when we had people vote on who the best team is. After all...that is what this article is about...and it is probably correct. Ohio State holds a slight advantage over Michigan State and the winner of that season long/possible tie-breaker battle holds the edge over the other teams from the west. Just remember to change my downvotes to upvotes when Ohio State and Michigan State dominate the East with the Bucks beating out the Spartans and following that is a Buckeye win in the Big Ten championship game. This was all done off of voting, so what is so bad about voting? It's much better than having a playoff where the best team in the country could be upset and then the national championship belongs to a team that just played great against the best team in the country because they had an off day, or is it? I guess we'll see in January.

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



charles's picture

Nebraska over Ohio State?  

I bet this came from the same guy who in March Madness has a 9 seed beating a 6 seed in the final....just to be different.

I'm not trying to be a cocky homer, or say the Huskers are gonna be awful, but for an "analyst" to say that this is what is probably gonna happen....c'mon now.

Gametime's picture

-sigh- Poor Purdon't...

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GoBucksOSU's picture

If 32 people were polled for the West division, how does Purdue have 31.5 points? Getting last place by all pollers should have them at 32 points.

charles's picture

I believe there were 29 people polled - 2 writers from each team and 2 "league" writers (Maryland limped in with 1 voter)

GoBucksOSU's picture

If you look at the 1st place votes for the west division you see that there were 32 voters for it. And even if it were 29, having half a point is still impossible.

charles's picture

From Doug's article...

Ohio State will get another chance at the Big Ten title, and this time the Buckeyes will win it, according to a preseason poll of 29 Big Ten writers organized by cleveland.com.

* there are more than 29 first-place votes in each division because of ties

I assume that ties would also generate the half point.

jpbuckeye's picture

The gravity of their level of "badness" pulled them to depths that defy mathematics. Consider them the black hole of the B1G.

Here ends the physics lesson of the day. With all the engineers at Purdue I would think they could predict this based on some model.

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GoBucksOSU's picture

Haha, yes it must be that!

Stinson's picture

I honestly think Iowa will win the west. Check out their schedule. Veryyyy much in their favor. 

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GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

Does anyone else think Wisconsin has a real shot at upsetting LSU? That would be huge for the B1G. LSU returns 4 OL and a TE on offense, that's it really. Loaded with 5 star talent, but being week one I really like Wisconsin's chances. Looking at the Wisky schedule, I cannot see them losing any other games.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

osuaustin's picture

I wonder how MSU will do against Oregon offense they seem to be good in beginning of year only(ducks) but a key game top 10 play. I think msu might get handed by the ducks offense.

Austin J

whiskeyjuice's picture

I hope the team doesn't buy into all this pre-season hype. They just need to take it one game at a time. Learn to play together, grow together and improve on all units so by the time OSU plays MSU at night, we can say "pay backs are a bitch!". It would be awesome if OSU could beat MSU by at least 20pts.

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

klm42005's picture

I think after last year falling short and picked to be the overwhelming favorite then...our heads should be in the right place. Doesn't matter what is said about you, prove it every practice, every week, every game on the field.