SEC Media Says Alabama Will Be 2014 SEC Champion, and They're Likely Wrong

By DJ Byrnes on July 17, 2014 at 11:16a

Good news for folks who don't like Alabama: Today the SEC media picked Alabama to roll to the 2014 SEC title (over South Carolina), and they're likely wrong. Very wrong.

The SEC media, you see, has only picked four of the last 22 SEC champions. They've never correctly prophesied Alabama to hoist the coveted crown, either.

While Florida received zero first place votes, Arkansas was tabbed by one SEC member (Bert's mother?) to win the SEC title.

I think people are still sleeping on Auburn, and I have a feeling that's exactly how Gus Malzahn (or any coach, really) wants it.


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They don't need to win the SEC.  They already have a spot in the playoff locked up.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Not sure why someone would downvote this.  We have a troll on our boards liberally downvoting opinions... I wish there was a way we could have the handles attached to the voting system.

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It is more than a troll.  There are a number of folks who can't (or refuse to) comprehend the premise of voting and they downvote posts simply because they disagree with it.

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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This is true, I've been handing out UV's like a bunch of peanuts to counteract the pointless DV's a lot more frequently as of late.  

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Yeah, it seems like this has been rather abundant of late. Maybe Hove or AV need to use their MOD powers and post a refresher thread on how to upvote and downvote.

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Agree - all you have to do is get in your car and drive and you realize there is a sizable portion of the population that are, shall we say, dumb asses (20%?).

I'm surprised that DV trolls are not an even bigger problem here.

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I think S. Carolina shocks the world and wins the SEC, despite having 3 losses on its resume...

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As DJ pointed out, Who votes Arkansas to win the SEC Championship? I listed the vote tallies below. Notice that Bert gets the least amount of votes in the SEC West, in fact the least amount of votes in either division. Even Kentucky got more votes in the SEC East than Arkansas did for the SEC West. Yet someone gave them a vote for SEC Champion? I wonder if Bert didn't swipe a press pass...

SEC West
Alabama 1,915
Auburn 1,735
LSU 1,453
Ole Miss 1,069
Miss. State 890
Texas A&M 791
Arkansas 351

SEC East
South Carolina 1,895
Georgia 1,777
Florida 1,362
Missouri 1,263
Tennessee 893
Vanderbilt 619
Kentucky 395

SEC Champion
Alabama 154
Auburn 75
South Carolina 32
Ole Miss 2
Arkansas 1
Mississippi State 1

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They struggle to read south of the Mason-Dixon maybe they saw the A and guessed it said Alabama?

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UV because I read through the article and saw "Alabama" when I read the word Arkansas.

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Mizzou #4 in the East again?  Ok....

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Beat me to it. I won't be shocked to see Missouri in Atlanta. Mauk should be in for a big year.

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I think it'll be Bama and SC, SC has a favorable schedule with a good defense, good running back, and new/experienced QB.  Bama has lost its complacency and has revenge on their minds I think they win SEC only because of their defense and I dont think any SEC offense can score on them with regularity.  

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Not Auburn? Nick Marshall made them look silly last year IMO

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Saban doesn't lose to a team twice in a row. marshal is good but bama probably already has a gameplan for that game. 

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But do they have a gameplan for field goals...

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Looks like they're not really sleeping on Auburn...they have Auburn second in the poll which I assume to mean they don't think AU will win the Iron Bowl and thus a berth to the SEC Champ Game (where they would beat South Carolina). 

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But . . . SEC, SEC, SEC

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Bama's probably as likely as any other team. Not a foregone conclusion by any definition, but I don't know who has a better chance than they do. 

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What about Ole Miss think of all the returning players, its a long shot for them to win it but I dont they think they could be that bad

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Let's face it, it's settled science - Bama has already won it. No reason to play the games.

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The only news here is that someone was so drunk/stupid that when they were voting they read Arkansas as Alabama and happily checked the box before going back to drinking/being illiterate. 

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DJ also forgot to mention they have been wrong the last 5 years straight. Saban knew this and called them out on it. I guess hoping they would pick somebody else and not jinx his team. As long as Bama continues to out recruit everyone in the Country they will be the pick every single year as coach Spurrier would tell you. They have a QB that wasnt even a starter at FSU and hasnt even taken a practice snap in front of Bama coaches penciled in as ALL sec and a Heisman hopeful. If Bama was going to fall apart this is the year for it to happen. Auburn and Oklahoma showed that if you bring it too them for 60 minutes straight even that vaunted defense starts packing it in.If the new QB thing doesnt work out I could see them dropping 3 games this year. Which to their standards heads would have to roll.

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