Bradley Roby, Terrelle Pryor and Ryan Shazier at the ESPYs

By DJ Byrnes on July 18, 2014 at 10:30a

On one end of the awesome-awful spectrum, you have the ESPYs: the convoluted, self-fellating money-pit ESPN accountants try to cancel every year

On the other end, you have Ohio State football.

Combine the two, and Ohio State football (like usual) wins out. Here's Pittsburgh Steeler Ryan Shazier hanging out with the Denver Broncos' Bradley Roby and the Seattle Seahawks' Terrelle Pryor.

Had a great time in LA with the OSTATE fam. Time to get back to business. #youngguysmakingmoves #stayhumbleeatcrumbs #steelersnation

Good to see the football fraternity runs deeper than a weak dissociation penalty


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Ramzy Nasrallah's picture

a) Necklaces hanging outside of shirts

b) Necklaces hanging inside of shirts

c) No necklaces

d) 2chainz

I'm not sure there's a wrong answer.

11UrbzAndSpices's picture

A man shouldn't wear necklaces... Unless they have gold pants attached to them.

Where are Terrelle Pryor's necklaces?

"Quit skipping leg day bro" - Dr James Andrews

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808buckeye's picture


seize the carpe

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BuddhaBuck's picture

Exchanged his tie for the chainz...

Don't text while driving.

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BuckWylde's picture

That's called Growin' Up!

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DJ Byrnes's picture

Great catch, Buddha, and well struck, Shazier/Roby.

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Barnsey69's picture

Fruits of their labor, pretty cool.

Go Bucks!

Thank the Maker that I was born in Ohio, cradle of coaches, US Presidents, confederate-stomping Generals, and home of The Ohio State University Football Buckeyes- 2014 UNDISPUTED National Champions!

vwhiegs57's picture

sorry couldn't help but notice that RDS's finger kinda has the ET affect to it.

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ECSAGESTER's picture

This kid just missed the picture. 

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Tom57's picture

First of all HOW FREAKING BIG is Pryor. He makes a future LB for the Steelers look tiny.

Also it's clear he's been in the league and the other two dudes are still buyin shit like it's going out of style, which most of their swag is based on the pics.

Crumb's picture

Is it bad that I kind want Russell Wilson to somehow not start so Pryor can show everybody what he can do and how good he is? I love pictures like this, RDS was never even on campus the same time as TP and Roby only was for a year, but bein a Buckeye is all that counts. Buckeyes forever!!!

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Matt Pence's picture

Dat HDR filter.

RenegadeBuckeye's picture

That pic doesn't look real...I'm calling bullshit.