Twitter Deals We'd Like to See Gene Smith Make

By Jeff Beck on July 18, 2014 at 11:05a

Last Friday something amazing happened on Twitter. No I’m not talking about the Lebron James announcement, I’m talking about something far more earth-shattering: two ADs coming together to schedule a football home-and-home in 140 characters or less.

Yes, you read that right. Mississippi State’s Scott Stricklin and Kansas State’s John Currie hooked up on the social network, sparks flew and before we knew it a 2018 date in Manhattan, Kansas and a 2019 tilt in Starkville, Mississippi were set. Pretty crazy to see it all unfold in such a nonchalant manner, but that’s the beauty of it. It got me thinking: if something as huge as two major football games can be scheduled via Twitter, what could Ohio State Athletic Director, Gene Smith, get done on the social network?

Here’s how I’d like to see 140 characters work for Gene.

First, and foremost let’s fix one of the biggest issues at Ohio Stadium: alcohol sales. Why can’t I buy a beer during a Buckeye game again? Let’s check in on a fellow B1G program that started selling beer in-stadium last season. How’s that working out for you Minnesota? Oh what’s that…you’re doubling the points of sale from 2013? Can we get on this Gene? 


Wow, that was easy. 

Next up: Michigan. Believe it or not, I want the Wolverines to field a solid team. It’s good for the rivalry, it’s good for the B1G, it’s good for college football. Unfortunately (fortunately? So many mixed emotions.) it’s not going to happen with Brady Hoke. The guy has recruited solid talent since he’s been in Ann Arbor and he's 26-13.  To be clear that’s an 11-2 season with Rich Rod’s guys followed by an 8-5 season, then a 7-6 campaign.

Do you see a trend? Yeah me too. As much as it would pain Gene to do it, I’d like to see this tweet to fellow AD Dave Brandon.


Fantastic, really just checking things off the list here. On to the next: conference expansion. I don’t think I’m in the minority here in saying Maryland and Rutgers don’t do anything for me. I know, I know, the east coast market but come on. The B1G could have done so much better from an athletics standpoint. Here’s how I think Gene should handle it on Twitter:





Ummm. Ok, that didn’t go as planned. But hey at least we have Maryland and Rutgers! SARCASM!

Last but certainly not least, I’d love to see Gene set up a home-and-home over Twitter. Just like Stricklin and Currie. But Smith should raise the stakes. Why not got after Tuscaloosa. Here’s how it would go.


I guess not everything can be solved over Twitter.


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apack614's picture

Simply Hilarious!

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.

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Hovenaut's picture

Maybe I don't fully understand the nuances of Twitter and sponsorships...but Wal-Mart AND Cracker Barrel?

Don't git none better than that.

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Tampabuckeye85's picture

Best thing ever. I love it!!

Catch 5's picture

/Checks Alabama's 2011 schedule.  Yep, trip to Happy Valley still there - I didn't imagine it.

Perhaps a jab at Saban's apparent love for neutral site games over home-and-home would be better.  Very good set up, but the punch line misses.

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

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chicagobuckeye's picture

So 1 game... But hey home game against western Carolina in November strangely before auburn and the sec title game...

Catch 5's picture

See?  Chicago knows how to take a dig (as irrelevant as it is - it is at least accurate). 

Take that line and have Smith offer a game in November.  Saban responds that he'd love to but all of Bama's late season games are already filled for the next 20 years and can't be changed - Can't disappoint those FCS guys.  

Even I'd giggle at that one. 

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

AngryWoody's picture

I'm not gonna lie, at first I was just skimming and not really reading and I thought that Budweiser deal was really going down. Then I realized it was a joke and died a little inside.

Our Honor Defend!

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buckeyedude's picture

It would have been a lot more devastating had it been a deal with Sam Adams Co. that turned out to be a joke.



DaveStephens's picture

Who would he talk@ to get rid of Brandon?

Also, why doesn't he twitter recruits more often?  I can't believe he gets all those bonuses.  #slacker

The Dude abides.

Nappy's picture

If we are ever fortunate enough to get beer in the Shoe I hope to all things holy it's not shitty Budweiser products.  Maybe some Land Grant or Great lakes would be much better.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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buckeyedude's picture

Great Lakes, Goose Island, Maumee Bay Brewing...any would be better than mass market piss water/beer.



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bukyze's picture

Only beer from OHIO breweries.

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Jeff Beck's picture

Knew I should have used Land Grant....sad trombone

BeijingBucks's picture

Haha. Nice!

i want to win a bet and take over Emmerts NCAA account.   Oh the fun that could be had!  Way more than Colbert on the... What was it NBA? NFL?


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PasadenaBuckeye626's picture

Alabama refuses to play home and home series with good teams.  They only play good teams at neutral sites.  USC in 2016 (Arlington, TX), Wisconsin in 2015 (Arlington, TX), West Virginia in 2014 (not a good team but probably was when they scheduled it, played in Georgia), Virginia Tech in 2013 (Georgia), and the list goes on.  The only exception would be going to Penn State in 2009.  I'll give them credit for attempting to play one good non-conference team a year to counter their FCS opponents, but I find it harder to get excited about a game at a neutral site..  

Go Bucks!

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NitroBuck's picture

Alabama is cunning in how it chooses its marquee non-conference opponents.  Typically big name teams who are heading into a down cycle, and are therefore easily beatable.  VT and now WVU are clearly down, and they had crested long before making a deal with the Tide.  The tools in AA are another great example:  big name, coming off 11-2 season with BCS Bowl win.  Looks great at first glance, but those in the know realize that that 11-2 was done with smoke & mirrors through a super-favorable schedule with key opponents being down.  USC looks huge, but are they really?  Personally, I don't think the Trojans are back yet.  Wisconsin may end up being the only one in the bunch who truly has a chance to beat them.

Ferio.  Tego.

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NuttyBuckeye's picture

Also worth noting, all "neutral site" games are much closer to Alabama's campus than their opponent's campuses.  Is this REALLY A NEUTRAL SITE game??

What's round on the ends and high in the middle? Tell me if you know!

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KeithMC33's picture

Personally i want to see Gene contact the AD's for Cincinnati,Kentucky and West Virginia, and let's get a home and home for both football and basketball. I know that football is a little more difficult with the shorter season, so we can rotate them all. Let's get a regional rivalry going!!

Dips's picture

Jeff, hilarious, but...

The long message by gene smith was around 160 characters. Which makes this whole thing unrealistic.

Not that I was counting, or anything. 

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Jeff Beck's picture

Knew someone was going to count those. Well played.