Photos: Ohio State's 2014 Pro Day

By Walt Keys on March 7, 2014 at 2:00p

A slew of NFL scouts (including Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly) were on hand at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center to watch Ohio State's departing football players workout. I shot a gallery's worth of photographs, which you can view above.

Pro-tip: If you're looking for captions, just click the little "i" in the upper-left corner.

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DJ Byrnes's picture

Wait until Mike Bianchi finds out Urban Meyer was playing an alien (Ryan Shazier) all these years.

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BuckNutzGasMan's picture

Wow!! Sub 4.4 for RDS?!?! Gangsta

Iron_Buckeye's picture

Shazier went ahead and yoked up!! Go get some young blood!

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kmp10's picture

I'm surprised Urban let Kurt Coleman in the WHAC wearing a shirt with "that word" on it… 

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Walt Keys's picture

haha, oh man, i hadn't put that together until just now. 

ArizonaBuckeye's picture

My thoughts exactly. Take that garbage off!!

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avail31678's picture

At work, so scanned through pics reaaalll  quick.  Can you provide the spoiler?  What word?  Which pic?

nburns18's picture

Chip Kelly looked professional with the blue jeans

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toad1204's picture

Great last pic.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

Stoicpaisano's picture

Oh hai John Cooper.

That birthmark makes Bryant look like the black Harry Potter. Harold Potter?

11thAveBuckeye's picture

Bradley Roby looks a lot like Chris Fields in #17... lol

Nick's picture

It is Chris Fields :)

Crumb's picture

Have our guys always been so ripped or is this something that Urban brought home with him?


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Oakland Buckeye's picture

What's up with Guapo's & RDS choice of blue in the WHAC? Urbz still recovering from brain surgery to notice??


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osubuckeye4life's picture

Miller and Thomas together I hope that is a sign of things to come....

Also, RDS doesn't look human and I wonder what Urbz and Kelly were discussing.


avail31678's picture

Discussing the win-win of him being in the NFL - new job for him, Dontre for us!

jawnly211's picture

shazier's back muscles have muscles......

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avail31678's picture

I like the pic of urban pointing at Chip Kelly - almost as if to say "THANK YOU for leaving for the NFL and opening the door for Dontre!"