2016 Standout RB Robert Washington Talks Recruiting, Buckeyes

By Jeremy Birmingham on May 11, 2014 at 12:00p

With scholarship offers from Ohio State, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Penn State, Tennessee, Stanford, and others, it'd be easy for 2016 running back Robert Washington to talk about his game and how talented he is. It'd be easy to allow self-confidence to tiptoe past arrogance knowing he's one of the country's most sought-after 2016 ball carriers, but that's not Washington's way. 

"I have a real great support group that keeps me focused and humble," Washington told Eleven Warriors. "I understand that God has blessed me and that this is His glory, not mine. My football skills don't define me as a person."

That understanding is one of the things that makes the 5-foot-10, 205 pound Washington so attractive to college coaches. 

"Once coaches meet me, I think they realize that I am not just 'the typical jock,'" he added about his recruitment. "Just because I score touchdowns and I have the measurables and great film doesn't make me better than someone else. The most important thing to me is academics, I want to go to a well-balanced school."

The Buckeyes were impressed by Washington and offered him during a mid-April visit to Columbus. 

"I spent two days in Columbus," he said of his Ohio State visit. "I really wanted to get a feel for the college, the coaches and (Columbus). I was blown away. I spoke with (Urban) Meyer in his office for about an hour, and he told me I had a committable offer."

Washington spent time with Stan Drayton as well, including an intense session on the whiteboard, where the Southlake Christian Academy star impressed Drayton with his football IQ.

"I spent two hours with (Drayton) on the whiteboard. He loved my knowledge of the game. He said I am one of the smartest sophomores he's ever seen, and that meant a lot to me. I watch a lot of film and my mentor is former NFL running back Tremayne Stephens. (Drayton) was impressed by my understanding of the game. Coach Alford at Notre Dame said the same thing, that my football knowledge was higher than half of the players he coaches now."

With a number of visits under his belt, Washington said that one specific element of his recruitment has stood out. 

Urban is tall, Washington isn't short.
Robert Washington is more than just a football player.

"It's just been meeting the players and the coaches," Washington said. "I was playing using the Buckeyes and playing the college football video game one and the next day I am meeting Braxton Miller and Urban Meyer."

With a light summer planned, the North Carolina running back wants to really start evaluating where things stand. He says a commitment isn't something he's thinking about – yet.

"It's going to come down to what the best fit," he said of what he needs from a college. "Do I fit what the school is looking for and does the school fit what I am looking for? I don't have a favorite right now, as long as a school hands the ball to the running back I'm interested. I won't rule out committing early but I think if I take all my visits I will be able to make a better decision. I don't want to rule anyone out until I have at least given the coach a fair shot, and that means taking a visit to the school."

Ohio State could very well have a running back committed in the 2016 class before Washington makes a decision, but he says that possibility isn't a deterrent when he's looking at schools.

"I love to compete," Washington said of being in a recruiting class with another top-ranked back. "That won't be a major issue."



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Him n kid from Hubbard in 16 would be great

stark county football

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The comment about playing NCAA football made me think of the (probably tiny, but concievably real) difference having a "fun", highly ranked, team in the video game can potentially influence young player's allegiances. It probably sounds crazy to some but people who play sports video games can probably back me up in saying sometimes you learn to love "playing" with a team before watching/following them. Like in tecmo bowl, I would always use the Raiders (bc of Bo Jackson obvs) and even though I didnt watch Raiders games back then, I could tell you their whole starting lineup.

So who do we need to payoff to make sure when they make a full roster update for NCAA (bc a new game is illegal) that the Buckeyes are the most awesome and fun team to use?!

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I'm with you there!  Unfortunately there will be no more NCAA games :(

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Being a little biased, i always liked NCAA Football more than Madden. I think you are 100% correct that having a highly ranked, 'fun' (especially with what Urban has done here in getting speed on the team) team would do nothing but help our recruiting. Now it is just another example of the downside of the 'business' of sports.


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You can download new rosters for this year from the gamertag : Call me LSU.  Updated with this years recruiting class.  But if you were talking about something else in the comment and i misunderstood, i apologize.

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Another great kid the Buckeyes are recruiting. This young man has talent, maturity, and a great support system in place. While I hope he joins the good guys, he will be successful no matter which school he chooses.

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It was more than just a "walk-through" visit. He is serious.

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Outstanding talented kid.  One to keep an eye on!  Sure hope he becomes a Buckeye!!


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Very impressive young man, says all the right things for sure and sounds like a really smart kid.  Academics apparently is important to him.  Obviously Stanford is a top academic institution, but if you factor in coaching staff, the opportunity to be in the playoffs, great academics, a chance to live in one of the most prosperous cites in the Midwest and form a network that could take you far in life after football ... the choice is obvious Robert!

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He sounds exactly like the kind of kids I love to see recruited to OSU. Good Luck wherever you decide to go Mr. Washington. You sound like a great young man who has his head on straight.

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This kid seems to have a great head on his shoulders and it would be great to have him at tOSU.