Ohio Native Shea Patterson Wants to Hear From Buckeyes

By Jeremy Birmingham on May 1, 2014 at 4:24p

Growing up in Toledo, current Shreveport (La.) resident and star quarterback Shea Patterson is pretty familiar with Ohio State.

"I always liked (Ohio State) growing up," Patterson told Eleven Warriors. "Everyone in my family liked Michigan. We moved from Toledo when I was 12."

Patterson, who is a verbal commitment to the University of Arizona (and has been since December of 2012,) is the nation's second-ranked pro-style quarterback in the class of 2016, but don't let the label fool you; he's no statue in the pocket. Arizona notwithstanding, the talented signal-caller has a host of very impressive scholarship offers in his back pocket.

"My latest offers are Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, and Ole Miss," he said about his recent additions. "(Recruiting) has been going really well. I've had a lot of coaches come in this spring. (Ohio State) is actually the one school I'm interested in that hasn't been in touch."


What has powerhouse programs like Alabama, Auburn, and Clemson buzzing?

"I'm 6-foot-2 now, and I am still growing," he said when asked why he's becoming such a hot commodity. "Think Johnny Manziel, but 6-foot-3. I'm fast, I'm quick and I can dunk a basketball, but I am throwing quarterback first. I can make all the throws I need to and I'd prefer to be in the pocket, but I am comfortable as a runner or a playmaker if I need to extend a play with my feet or by throwing on the run."

Patterson's game is mature for his age, and much of that comes from his background and family life. His father has been a coach and his brother, Sean Patterson, was a three-year starting quarterback for  Duquesne. He's now a graduate assistant in Tucson, assisting Rich Rodriguez's high-powered offense. The younger Patterson makes no bones about it, he's looking forward to playing at the school where his brother roams the sidelines.

"I really want to play where my brother is on the staff, and right now he's a GA at Arizona. He taught me everything I know and he's my role model," Patterson said of his brother. "I like everything about Arizona, though. The weather, they have a great campus, and I love the coaching staff and the offense they run."

Despite his early commitment and family ties on the staff at Arizona, Patterson is continuing to look at all his options.

"I really want to win a national championship," he added. "I committed as a freshman because I really liked (Arizona) and I still do, but I'm open to anything and trying to enjoy the process and make the right decision."

With recent visits to Auburn, Alabama, Clemson and others, Patterson has shown that his recruitment is still — at least somewhat — open for discussion. The Buckeyes, were they to extend a scholarship offer, would be another stop on the travel itinerary.

"If Ohio State offered, I'd definitely visit," Patterson said of the Buckeyes. "I like what Urban Meyer has done for the program, and I liked him a lot when he was at Florida, too. I've got a lot of family and friends in Ohio so it would be pretty cool to play in front of them."

Despite growing up in Toledo, Patterson hasn't ever been to a Buckeye football game. He believes his skill-set would make him a valuable asset in their offense though.

"They like athletic, fast quarterbacks that can pass as well as they run," he said of why Ohio State's offense would suit him. "I would be a good fit for that offense."


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osubuck57's picture

Reminds me a little of Zach Darlington, kid Nebraska signed in 2014 class, except for the height difference. Birm, in your opinion, does Urban make that offer?? Only have 3 offers out to QBs in 2016 class with Haskins, Gaines, and Mcllwain.


BuckeyeJ's picture

This kid would be a good offer for sure. 

+1 HS
Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

IF we land 2 QBs in the 2015 class I only see us taking 1 in the 2016 class.  Most likely will be Haskins.  

johnny11's picture

He looks legit in his highlights. Not the most top end speed, but thats fine. If Rich Rod would give and accept a scholarship from the kid to run his offense. Then he is more than suited to run ours.

+1 HS
Nick_Satan's picture

I would be all for them taking a look at him. Plus Now that he is living down south He will be 10 billion times faster, then he would have been if he still lived up here. SEC SPEED!!  But in all seriousness It would be nice to pluck a very highly rated player right out of the state of LA. That state has bee producing a lot of NFL talent the last decade.

Jeremy Birmingham's picture

Buckeyes are interested, but they want to see him in person and that has yet to happen. 

Shangheyed's picture

Lots of time and who knows who will jump out this coming season... still two yrs away and that is the 'growing' periods for many high schoolers... Just seems so early to me to be on a prospect... Understand it, but not a fan. 


If the NCAA did anything right they should limit the contacts and schollies to only Jr, and Sr.   Underclassmen should only have contact at camps.... its way to early for 15-16 yr olds...