Buckeyes Offer New Lenox (Ill.) 2015 Tight End Miles Boykin

By Jeremy Birmingham on April 16, 2014 at 10:03p

There's been a lot of discussion surrounding Ohio State's options at tight end, and Miles Boykin has just had his name entered back into the conversation.

An exceptionally athletic 6-foot-4, 212 pound tight end, Boykin has the speed (reported 4.41-40) to stretch defenses down the seam and the frame to add good weight, making him a potentially dangerous target for any offense. Notre Dame, Michigan State, Virginia Tech and Florida are some of the schools who've offered the New Lenox (Providence Catholic) star. 

After a visit to Columbus last summer for Friday Night Lights where he stood out, and visiting during Ohio State's routing of Penn State in late October, Boykin has been waiting patiently for the Buckeyes to make the offer. Tonight they did.


"I talked to Coach Ash tonight," Boykin said of who extended the offer. "He told me that they wanted to offer me a scholarship and that they really like and are excited about me. It's been a long time waiting for this offer. It means they still have a lot of faith in me and that means a lot."

One of the reason's Ohio State had lost contact was that former Buckeye assistant coach Mike Vrabel was responsible for the Illinois area. Ohio State's new defensive coordinator, Chris Ash, has stepped into that role.

"I just want to get back there, I need to re-establish a relationship with the coaches," Boykin said, admitting that the Buckeyes' not offering sooner had begun to impact his interest in the school. "I think I am going to visit with the Core 6 guys."

It's the size and speed combination of Boykin that has the Buckeyes and other schools interested. Ohio State has been vague up to this point with how they'd use him, but he's comfortable where ever he's asked to line up.

"I see myself as a flex type tight end," Boykin said of his preferred role in an offense. "I am able to beat linebackers down the field if they play man-to-man."

Although a return to Columbus hasn't been finalized, Boykin is hoping to get there before he really begins narrowing down his list of schools.

"I plan on releasing a 'Top 10' list at the end of spring," he said. "I would like to make my decision sometime before my senior season."


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TheShookster's picture

Ahh man Providence Catholic...I'm pretty sure in that picture he's playing against Lincoln Way East, alma mater of TheShookster...not a fan of Providence at all but if this guy wants to join Buckeye Nation I will welcome him with open arms!

He ain't even stretch doe!!

rosycheeks's picture

Interesting, this guy plays a couple minutes from my house -- I'll have to check him out this fall!

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

Where do we stand here? We playing catch up since Vrabel left or we still got a legitimate shot? I'm looking forward to an offense with dominant TEs. 

+1 HS
Jeremypreemo81's picture

This kid has a lot of potential. I think he would look good in a Buckeye uniform.  Pass catchers must block down field for us to be successful in the run game and he defintely does not mind blocking.

EvanstonBuckeye's picture

Illinois football always hard to gauge unless they're coming out of the Catholic League.

+1 HS
TheShookster's picture

True statement. The public schools in the same region as Providence (like the Lincoln-Ways, Lockport, Sandburg etc) have such large student populations and they always do well in football but you never really hear about any huge recruits coming out of that area. In 2005 LW East went 14-0 and pretty much annihilated everyone en route the the 8A State Title, but only one player from that team went to a big time D1 program (Adam Gettis, Iowa, now plays for the Redskins). Most of the players that make an impact in college and beyond do seem to come from the Catholic Leagues.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

BlakeMatt80's picture

The Catholic Leagues have always been the way to go in the area.  I graduated from Sandburg back in '98 and even back then they were powerhouses.  I remember watching Mike Alstott playing at Joliet Catholic back in '90/'91 and he turned out pretty good.

TheShookster's picture

Ahh man someone in here doesn't like where I went to high school I guess

He ain't even stretch doe!!

allinosu's picture

Might have waited a bit too long to offer by the sound of it. Tough pull fron ND

blufftonbuck's picture

Might have waited a bit too long to offer by the sound of it. 


Seems to be our modus operandi this year!