Longsnapper Beating Long Odds: Meet Liam McCullough

By Jeremy Birmingham on February 11, 2014 at 8:00p

Photo: 247Sports.com


Ohio State's relentless pursuit of football perfection took an unusual route today, but you can't win in all facets of football if you don't have a long-snapper, and today they offered Columbus (Worthington Kilbourne) snapping standout Liam McCullough a scholarship. 

Liam McCullough is snappy.
Bryce Haynes could give way to Liam McCullough

It didn't take McCullough by complete surprise, but he admits it's not exactly what he was expecting.

"It was a bit of surprise," McCullough told 11W.  "They had offered me as a preferred walk-on over the summer after camp, but I was very excited and surprised to pick up an offer today."

McCullough, who trains with the Rubio Long-Snapping says that while he grew up a Buckeye fan, he's not necessarily going to commit to Ohio State without checking out other options. Aside from Ohio State, McCullough has already earned offers from in-conference rivals Michigan State and Wisconsin.

Eleven Warriors will have more from McCullough soon, but don't be surprised if he ends up as the fourth member of Ohio State's as-yet-unnamed 2015 recruiting class.








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The Black Stripe's picture

Columbus kid & a full ride to LS? Commitment watch!

"It is a rite of passage for a player to become an Ohio State Buckeye. You have to earn it."
-Urban F. Meyer

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The Black Stripe's picture

Had to edit!

Sorry, still getting used to posting on 11W.

"It is a rite of passage for a player to become an Ohio State Buckeye. You have to earn it."
-Urban F. Meyer

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Buckidelphia's picture

I'm surprised we offered. Tressel offered Bryce Haynes who shared duties for 2 years. With a smaller recruiting class for '15, Haynes still on the roster & a thin linebacker core it just seems like a reach. 

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bethesdabuck's picture

With a name like Liam McCullough, and OSU's penchant for special team's specialists with a foreign background (Australia and Germany, to be exact) is he perhaps of a British background? That would be awesome. 

Grirish Buckeye's picture

Part Scotch-Irish heritage but born in the States

MN Buckeye's picture

Long snappers seem to be a special breed, somewhat like goalies in soccer. Good for Liam to earn an offer, and I hope he makes the right decision.

PittBuckeye's picture

Goalies aren't a special breed, they're just crazy.

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EddieG27's picture

Ill be the first person to say what everybody is thinking.. MOST BORING HIGHTLIGHT VIDEO OF ALL TIME! With that being said the dude can snap and if Urban wants him I want him.

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Seattle Linga's picture

Do I see another Ryan Pontbriand - he actually was a very good pick for Butch Davis I believe.

45OH4IO's picture

I'll be the first to say what everyone else is thinking after the boring highlight video.....THERE IS A SCHOOL FOR LONGSNAPPING?!?! AND PEOPLE GET PAID TO TEACH THAT?!?!

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BuckeyeJ's picture

That is what i was thinking. A school for everything. But good for this kid

Hovenaut's picture

Specialists not falling through the cracks, hope to hear more about Liam McCullough down the road...

labuck's picture

I hope he is fast so he can cover punts.

wyatt's picture

Alabama sure needed one in their loss to Auburn.  It cost them a national championship.