Zach Smith Named Rivals' Big Ten Recruiter of the Year

By DJ Byrnes on February 11, 2014 at 7:28p

Take a bow, Zach Smith. 

Ohio State's Wide Receivers Coach — who also captured Scout's Big Ten Recruiter of the Year award — has been named Rivals' Big Ten Recruiter of the Year as well.

Smith had said in self-evaluations he wanted to improve his recruiting, and boy was 2014 a big year for him.  He was instrumental in landing commitments from Jalyn Holmes and Johnnie Dixon. He also helped the Buckeyes land commitments from four-stars Noah Brown and Terry McLaurin. 

Not a bad way to respond to Urban Meyer's challenge to get better on the recruiting trail or for a guy who is still a crisp 29-years-young.


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Congrats to Coach Smith! Go Bucks!


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Congrats coach Smith..The first couple of years we missed out on some big time WR targets and we were slow to see progression at the position on the field so it must feel good to be Nationally recognized as the best in a game that is very much all about recruiting.In other news Espin has ranked Kirby Smart as B1G recruiter of the year.

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This is really cool. I like seeing development from all of our coaches, especially a buckeye legacy with a long career ahead of him.

Congrats Coach Smith!!!

(I bet this brings a tear to Earle's eye)...

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Vrabel leaves... next man up.  Nice work, Zach!

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Awesome job by Coach Smith! Huge turnaround from before. I believe he had one of the lowest evaluations of the whole staff last year?

Way to step it up and keep on the great work! 

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Congratulations, Coach Smith! This must be one of the bigger turn-arounds in recent history. Not that he was terrible before, but he learned from his mentors and really had a great year on the recruiting front. I am sure that his grandfather is proud!

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Once again a great program building the best in the country.

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Congrats coach Smith! Now that we have Larry Johnson paired up with the B1G's most dominant team, plus a young stud like Zach Smith, I can see this award going our way for the foreseeable future.

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Need to have talent to recruit talent - we have talent.

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