Ohio State Basketball Commits Throw Up the O-H-I-O at the LeBron Skills Academy

By Jason Priestas on July 11, 2014 at 9:32a

The four Ohio State basketball commitments for the class of 2015 are off to a solid start when it comes to endearing themselves to Buckeye fans, thanks to an impromptu O-H-I-O snapped at the LeBron James Skills Academy in Las Vegas Thursday.

Left to right: Austin Grandstaff, A.J. Harris, Daniel Giddens and Mickey Mitchell.

Well done, gentlemen, but before you ask: none of them know where LeBron is going, either.


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These four have me very excited about this recruiting class. Looks like a B1G champ team. Add Bragg and we could be looking at a NC.

By the way, first time posting. Very excited to pop my 11W cherry!

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Welcome, DOUVEVENURBZ! Maybe you know this already, but you're now a fully functioning part of the greatest fan community on the interwebz!

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Gotta work on that "I" game and that H is a little sloppy too. Come on, we talked about this.

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I'm always just glad the recruits don't say University The of Ohio State. They'll perfect it by the time they're cutting down the nets in _________ (whatever city will be hosting the national championship)

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Michael, that post was the very first thing I thought of when I saw this picture!

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Interesting to use all lowercase letters and an uppercase "I", but I'll take it!

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In what language is that H lowercase?

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Merely referring to the size...perhaps it was noted a bit better below by 11Urbz

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It's all uppercase, the I is just about 4 font sizes bigger than the other letters

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You gotta make the big man the capital O. Someone teach these guys.

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We need to have a talk with them about socks and flip flops

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Kids are wearing socks higher now, some as high as we did in the 70s.  Can't wait for socks with stripes matching the teams color to become popular again!

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Slides are not flip-flops.

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Put Giddens & Feder together they could probably do Script Ohio with their arm span.

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Braggs and its another Thad 5!

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Giddens isn't the biggest center recruit but them arms boy!

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Sloppy or no, that's the tallest "I" I've seen yet.

Greg Oden...hello?

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His arms are insane, especially next to the PG in the class who is 5-9 I think. Pure size wise though, I'd love to see him add some girth though, he'll never be as big as Oden but he can definitely add to that frame.

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