Baseball: Tim Wetzel Makes the Catch of His Life Against Northwestern

By Johnny Ginter on May 17, 2014 at 2:28p

Senior Tim Wetzel is many things, and among those qualities is a dirty, horrible thief that should definitely be locked away for the rest of his life. Wetzel also has a two run dinger in this game, which has probably saved the guy from Federal prosecution.

Because seriously, who doesn't like dingers?


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Meh. One time at band camp, I made a better catch.

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Yikes, tough crowd.

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The excitement on his face is priceless

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Less baseball talk, more football rock. Football content please.

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you decide to ignore the numerous football stories on here, click on like the only baseball story...only to say we need more football?

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Outstanding catch!  Way to go Buckeye baseballers!

Go Bucks!!

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While up 4-0, he saved a 3 run homer. Without his "2 run dinger", as well, this would have made it 2-3. Good performance!

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Good catch, but I thought I was going to see something crazy like this: 


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From someone that rarely watches baseball unless its a rare trip to see the Indians play, that was an awesome catch!