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Who will be OSU's permanent head coach entering the 2012 season?

Luke Fickell
45% (488 votes)
Urban Meyer
30% (330 votes)
Bo Pelini
3% (37 votes)
Jon Gruden
7% (81 votes)
Bob Stoops
2% (17 votes)
12% (131 votes)
Total Votes: 1084


The Vest-er's picture

Jon Gruden is my vote and thta is more of a hope than anything.  Luke Fickell is more realistic, but I would be happy for either.  No Urban Legend.  That is all.

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Agreed on Gruden. First off he is a buckeye.  He can coach and motivate young men.  He runs the west coast offense (we likely could get a top pro-style qb every year)  He knows the importance of pounding the rock on the ground as well.  He was just at Ohio State very recently.  Wouldn't shock me if he is interested.

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I think Luke has been groomed for this position. I think it may be the wisest choice if the NCAA gives OSU a public fisting and the coaching elite don't want anything to do with it. It at least gives the program some sense of stability.

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Fickell absolutely deserves a chance for it, but I would LOVE to see OSU pull Dantonio back from East Lansing

tampa buckeye's picture

Dantonio just had a heart attack.  He doesn't need this stress.

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The question that remains to be answered, and one that will be of the utmost importance for the University, it whether Luke Fickell is tainted by the current fiasco. Generally, after a fall from grace like that of Tressel's (deserved or not), it's common for a university to simply hit the reset button and banish the entire coaching staff. 

Say what you will about Urban Meyer, but he never had any hint of ncaa scandal surrounding his programs (the conduct of his players off-the-field, however, has not been the best). That said, I vote for Bo Pelini. Woody did fine as a perpetually pissed-off patriarch, and Pelini can perpetuate that propensity. 

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that's alota p's there jake...Plonk!

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How in the hell would Fickell remain the coach?  I am blown away by the ability of people and the media to scapegoat Tressel yet allow the rest of the establishment to remain in place.  Tressel may have been the one who covered up information, but no one else on the staff is able to ask questions about Tats, memorabilia, gear, and cars?  Oh goodie, the cancer is out and everything is swell.  It is probably a shape up or ship out situation, but removing Tressel doesn't exonerate the masses.

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Ultimately though, as head coach Tressel most likely had final say about the actions taken. If an assistant, such as Fickell, got wind of something shady going on and approached Tressel about it and Tressel said to not worry about it or he had it taken care of...what's he supposed to do then? Taking into account what we recently learned in the SI article, Tressel evidently has a history of covering stuff up and it seems he is probably the one at fault.

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I think Hazell might get a shot as well.  Though with a season under his belt, Fickell could be a lock.

I just pray to Woody that we don't bring in that Scumbag Meyer.

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Absolute (wet) dream: Gruden

I'm not expecting it though, and I wouldn't mind keeping Fickell at all.

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I'm one who believes that Fickell will absolutely not be the head coach.  Seems like if he was a long term fix, there would be no interem next to his name.  I think waiting til the end of the season, along with Meyer moving back to the Columbus area are not just coincidences.  He wants a year off, he'll get it.  Maybe it is all just a matter of chance, but I don't think so. 

I like Pellini, but after his meltdown last year in a game, I'm not sure he's the guy for this job.  Plus, he has Nebraska on the right track, they are in the Big 10 now, and they are truly a blue blood in college football.  He may just decide to stay put right were he is.  I've never heard of Nebraska being a stepping stone, even if Ohio State is where Pellini is from.

I love the idea, and please hear me out on this one, of Bob Stoops.  He's very likeable, he can recruit with any coach out there.   I know I know, big game Bob, but some guys can be a great coach one place and a legend at another school.  Look at Roy Williams in basketball.  He had great success at Kansas, but his teams ended up choking a lot and just coming up short.  He comes to UNC and wins 2 titles in 4 or 5 seasons.  Sometimes you just have to come back home to get it right. 

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I will be rooting for Luke Fickell, but it's hard for me to imagine the OSU Board of Trustees turning over the keys to the top money making program in in all of college sports to a young guy who will have very little HC experience (i.e., one year as an "interim" head coach - a job he never would have gotten even a sniff of if JT had been ousted last December rather than on Memorial Day).

I voted "other" in the poll because I just feel like the obvious choices (Urban, Chucky, one of the Stoops, or Pelini) are just too obvious, and all of these guys have sweet gigs already. Someone we are not expecting will probably become the guy... Like Tressel was when he arrived here from YSU.

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What exactly does everyone have against Urban Meyer?

He's an Ohio guy and he won two championships at Florida.  Are people upset because he wooped our butt a few years ago?  Yeah, that was a painful experience.  But I would love to have him as our head coach.  The only person I would want more is Jim Tressel.  Or Chucky.  

Jon Gruden would be awesome, but that seems like a pipe dream.

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I'm having esophogeal spasms just thinking about his quitting, then not quitting, then quitting again episode(s), but as a football coach - assuming he can keep his shit together - I would welcome having him as our next HC.

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ADDENDUM: I have not heard one peep from anyone regarding the prospect of OSU hiring someone to staff this season to replace JT. Obviously there is room for one new coach to fill one coaching vacancy, as Fickell is now HC... Will they hire someone on the offensive side of the ball? Say a talented, young, offensive minded fellow? I'm pretty sure Fickell is not going to take over the reins of the offense (to replace JT's role as the actual offensive coordinator).

There is no way in hell Bollman is going to run the offense, is there? It's a damn shame Hazell left to go coach Kent...

William's picture

Why not have Stan Drayton run the offense?

741's picture

Is he any good? If so that would be great! Then we can hire a WR coach, or fill some other needed gap (say, special teams).

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This may seem to some of you like dubious praise, but the circumstance that Luke Fickell finds himself in now, is very much like Lloyd Carr in 1995.  Same time of year (May), similar circumstances (a chaotic end -- Gary Moeller's disorderly conduct arrest in a suburban restaurant, under circumstances that might today seem sort of laughable).  A default pick, by a mildly fumbling athletic department, to appoint the lead Assistant Coach, just to make it through the next season.

Lloyd Carr was 50 then, and had been quietly interviewed for the job at Wisconsin that ultimately went to Barry Alvarez.  But he was very much not thought of as the future head coach at Michigan at that time, and was only the interim head coach when he first took the job.

Luke Fickell is only 38.  But I think Fickell's age actually makes him a more attractive candidate than the others on the short list in this post.  Think, for instance, Pat Fitzgerald.

My vote is Fickell in 2012.

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With all due respect - which you certainly deserve as a thoughtful and knowledgable commenter here on 11W - Pat Fitzgerald is not a guy who is primarily responsible for sucessfully running a $100 million dollar per year enterprise. That is the nature of the HC job at Ohio State. But he is a good guy, and is a capable coach of a relatively small time, perpetually underperforming B1G footall team.

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No no no...

I wasn't suggesting Pat Fitzgerald for OSU.  I was suggesting that Fickell could be to OSU what Fitzgerald has been to Northwestern.

I no longer know who and what to believe about whether Fitzgerald was given an offer by Michigan earlier this year.  I don't think he was.

But still another successful comparison for Luke Fickell -- Fitzgerald came into his job under some tragic and unforeseen circumstances.  Promoted from Assistant, in the summertime before the next season, to replace the late Randy Walker.

Of course the essential ingredient is somethig like a ten- or eleven-win season, or a huge B1G Champoinship win, to win Fickell the job for 2012.

Lloyd Carr damn near lost his first game as Michigan's head Coach when Virginia led Michigan by 17 points late in the '95 season opener; Michigan won on the last play of the game.  A lot changed on that one play.

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I know you didn't mean Fitzgerald to OSU... I understand the comparison you are making, and do recall the circumstances surrounding Fitzgerald's promotion. I'm simply saying it's not reasonable to compare Northwestern taking a risk on Fitzgerald to Ohio State "permanently" handing over the keys to Fickell - the dollars being put at risk are not in the same stratosphere.

I like Luke Fickell, and I hope he wins ten or eleven games this year and makes the decision for the Board of Trustees a tough one. We need something like that in this town to rally around.