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What hurt worse?

Losing at Purdue last season
34% (85 votes)
Losing at Wisconsin Saturday night
66% (168 votes)
Total Votes: 253


JakeBuckeye's picture

By far Wisconisn. We still controlled our own destiny after Purdue, but you can't say the same for this year. We don't play Michigan State, and Iowa's the only team standing in their way.

Jason Priestas's picture

Purdue hit me a little harder if only because they were perceived as being so bad heading into the matchup.  The loss was a total shock.

I figured there was a chance we could go down to Wisconsin if we didn't show up.

Powers's picture

Purdue game didnt knock us out of the national championship like last night did

JakeBuckeye's picture

Another thing:

In the long run, Purdue didn't affect the outcome of the season at all. Unless something crazy happens in college football, then this is for sure going to affect the outcome of the season.

Jason Priestas's picture

It's still early. When Purdue went down, we sure as heck thought the season was cooked (2nd loss, just seven games in).

Matt's picture

Purdue Harbor and it's not even close.  Wisconsin is a respectable opponent and Camp Randall is a tough venue.  Purdue finished 5-7 that season and did not go to a bowl game.

That's not to say that the Wisky loss doesn't hurt.  The Wisky loss hurts because of the missed opportunity.  With all due respect to the "anything can happen" crowd, this senior class will leave Ohio State with a Fiesta Bowl bid, at best, and the Brew Crew junior class will likely lose some boneheaded early entries to the NFL draft.  Given the losses on defense and offense with graduations, it appears that the promise of Pryor is going to fade away without a national title.  Maybe Braxton can lead us to the promised land, but that will be three years from now, at a minimum.  It's a tough pill to swallow.

Olentangy's picture

great point. purde hurt a lot more... but the realization that this season is 100% over is sobering. i have no interest in using my ticket saturday for the game. we all had been licking our chops since the clock hit 00:00 in pasadena for this season to arrive and 7 games in it's down the sh!tter. we all thought it was going to be epic especially after the miami beatdown. i credit wisonsin though- one of the best OL performances i've ever witnessed against such a talented DL.

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Buckeyebrowny919's picture

+1 game...this season is far from over and i've seen crazier things happen

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BuckeyeTrack10's picture

+2 Jake...let's all suck it up and not pout about it. We're #10 in the BCS and this season is yet to be completed.